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Sod's Law is at work again
Sunday, February 4, 2007 12:58:06 AM

Hi there, I started my special subject on Friday. I'm doing the Russian Revolution. But on the whole Friday was a painful day. Firstly the bus to Durham was 10 minutes late meaning I nearly missed ...


It was the best day ever
Tuesday, February 6, 2007 9:33:04 AM

Hi there, Today may well knock the monkey forest off the top of best days ever (and that'd be hard to do cos, you know, monkeys). Firstly, I got my mark for my exam. I got 69 which is a 2:1 and though ...


Life On Mars
Wednesday, February 14, 2007 6:39:08 AM

Hi there, I don't usually do blogs about TV shows but last night the new series of life on Mars started and it is one of my favourite ever TV shows. For those of you that haven't seen it, it's about ...


My ear hurts, yet again
Tuesday, February 20, 2007 7:32:50 AM

Hi there, I seem to have picked up an earache; which is a little bit annoying. The last time I had one was five years ago and my right ear spent a week bleeding. Then I had to have yet another operation. ...


Jennifer is not a happy bunny
Thursday, February 22, 2007 7:10:00 AM

Hi there, Today I had to go to the Palace Green Library in Durham to do notes for my dissertation so I went out for the 10am bus. Except it didn't turn up. So I had to wait for the next one so I ...


Doctor Who and the Mighty Boosh
Tuesday, February 27, 2007 7:40:58 AM

I did some doctor who wallpapers but as they're not Firefly related I thought I'd put them here and not in the BSR