New Round of Sweet Charity Fandom Auctions - Ends July 31

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Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:21 AM


Pimping for Lithium Doll since her isp is refusing right now. Please pimp out often.
The Sweet Charity website is here:
It includes a page giving the profiles of all the Ho's as well as links to their works for you to check out if you are so inclined.


Sweet Charity has risen again! Until the end of the month, fannish Charity Ho's (wicked) mad skills are being sold off to the highest bidder in the realm of fics, vids, graphics and more. All proceeds from this round of Sweet Charity are going to benefit the National Marfans Foundation (

Firefly has a contingent of Ho's standing ready, willing and able to gives you custom goodies in return for you donation. Seriously, they're a small army. If you ever wanted it, they're very able to provide it.

A Cunning Hat!

Actually, Tsavorite is offering up to three knitted items, so possibly that could be cunning hats modeled after the one Jayne's ma made him. The important part is to snag her before the Doctor Who scarf lovers get there.

The incredibly fantabulous jebbypal has one fic up for bids and the world is a brighter place for it. One of the best writers in the fandom, full stop. You wants her. You really, really do.

Kurukami is generously offering two fics and not just in Firefly, you want him if you can get him!

LithiumDoll is me. I'm offering one fic, and I've only ever written one drabble in Firefly before. I have good teeth?

The lovely Milly is offering a minimum of 4000 words on anything but smut, and she's willing to work with you to make sure your every whim is catered for. In other words, run, don't walk.

Poisontaster, people!! And right now she's going for a song. More than worth whatever you can donate, plus Poisontaster. Get her or the Supernatural fans will.

SabaceanBabe can usually be found being exceedingly prolific in the BSG and Farscape fandoms but she's offering up Firefly as well and this may possibly be the best thing to happen this week.

Not just a fantabulous graphics maker, Saeva is also a fantablous writer and she's offering one fic to the bidder lucky enough to win her goodie-shaped affections.

Last only alphabetically, Talula is a ridiculously talented and prolific fan ficcer, very much more than able to write whatever you've a yen for.

The exceedingly talented Cassandra E is offering one vid in a variety of fandoms but you want her for Firefly, you really do.

Charmax needs no introduction whatsoever and I suspect I just lost half the people reading this as they've gone to bid. She's offering her insane skillz for one vid. Run, quick, half the site is ahead of you!

Two vidders, Happyme and Fahrbotdrusilla have joined forces to be sold together in a beautiful two Ho's for the price of one kind of way. They're fantastic vidders and this is a chance to get them both.

LithiumDoll is me, again. I have a 'Will vid for donations' sign, somewhere.

Not only a writer, Milly is also offering a vid and is just as concerned with making sure the buyer has full joy of their purchase. Why are you still here?

SabaceanBabe is dangling the promise of one vid before all bidders and, because it's Sabaceanbabe it will be fantabulous.

Talula is a very talented vidder who's only done one Firefly vid before, which may actually constitute a crime. Get her quick before the Gilmore Girls fans do.

It's not just a fantastic plan to bid for yhlee, it's your duty - she needs the excuse to buy the Firefly DVDs. In return for providing a valuable excuse, and a cold hard donation, you will in turn gain the goodie of one of the most talented vidders around. Win and win!

Zeelee is another talented vidder who's not vidded Firefly before. You need to remedy this - not only do you get a great vid to your specs, you'll be doing the fandom a favour. Your karma will gleam.

Aside from a vid, Cassandra E is also offering a couple of graphic sets of massive shininess - this just needs no introduction at all.

Not just a fantabulous vidder, Charmax was lovely enough to also put a graphic set up for grabs - I would recommend grabbing while the grabbing is good.

The inordiently lovely Luridmuse has two graphics sets under the hammer - so to speak - and in lieu of winning both you want at least one. Her graphics are both beautiful and the happiness of many.

Phantomas is also offering two graphic sets and will be the shiny-making of anything at all you want her talented self to make for you.

Last auction SabaceanBabe's mad skillz were snapped up by a BSG fan but Firefly has a second chance.

Saeva needs no introduction so much her introduction needs no introduction. Two sets of her incredibly striking graphics are on auction and, at the moment, are going for a steal. It's like actual thievery.

Talula's skills extend here too and she's offering an incredible themed 100 icon set for her bidder. Yeah, you read that right.

thedothatgir is offering not digital art but instead her very substantial talents in sketching. If you want a pencil sketch in colour or black & white of any of the Firefly characters this is your chance to get it - check out her website for examples and then go bid, marvelling that she's still affordable.






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