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Monday, September 13, 2004 1:02 PM


Alias: Look not there...and no not there either....its in yellow, right next to my avatar...yep that's it right there
Meaning of the alias: Well, in the real world I usually go by 'Stevo' but since on the net that is almost always taken I take my initials (STZ) and turn it into a something similar, hence 'Stizo'. Interestingly enough out of curiosity I looked it up on and got: An adjective used to describe any situation that is undescribable.
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Location: Watertown and sometimes Milwaukee, WI
How did I get to know Firefly: Saw the pilot the night it premiered on TV. Been hooked ever since.
Other things I like: umm…reading, playing my guitar, sci-fi, anime, absolutely love the web comic Megatokyo (check it out:, video games, so on and so forth
My fav FF character: For guys it would be Wash, for girls it would be Kaylee

Conquering the galaxy with terrifying space monkeys, one ship at a time...


Monday, September 13, 2004 1:33 PM


Alias: E221b

Meaning of E221b: E is the first letter of my last name and 221b Baker St. is the address of a certain Mr. Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective. I've been using it as a screen name/e-mail address for a long time now. My father used to read Sherlock Holmes stories to me (with all the voices) when I was a kid, and it stuck with me.

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Where I'm From: New Rochelle, NY

Where I'm Currently: Binghamton University - Binghamton, NY

How I got to know Firefly: Well, about a year ago, an acquaintance of mine told me about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I got hooked on that and Angel and have watched just about every Buffy episode many times since then, and Angel from Season 1 to halfway in Season 3. I had been watching the end of Season 5 on The WB, and when Angel ended I didn't watch any more TV (fiction). I had heard about Firefly and was skeptical (could anything be as good as Buffy?), but I passed a copy of the DVDs at Wal-Mart, bought them, and am now hooked.

Other Things I Like: Reading (Mysteries, Science-Fiction, Fantasy), Writing, Acting, Singing, Film & Television (Technical Aspects and Directing), and watching a good Play or Musical.

Favorite Firefly Character: Today, I'll go with Mal - he's a character that has gone through so many changes and he's wondering if anything really matters anymore. He feels so real to me.

Inara: What did I say to you about barging in to my shuttle?
Mal: That it was manly and impulsive?
Inara: Yes, precisely, only the exact phrase I used was "don't."


Monday, September 13, 2004 2:20 PM


Real Name: Randolph Miller, means shielded wolf in a book on names that I saw once. Doesn't make any sense to me either.

Alias: Theron. An old pen and paper roleplaying joke that has lasted way to long and that I have no intention of stopping. :)

Gender: Male

Age: 30 as of this last July 17th

Where I am from: Chattanooga Tn. Born, raised and still living.

How I got to know Firefly: I first saw the eps. Jayne's Town, and really didn't care for it. Then a friend of mine recorded Bushwacked and brought it over and I gave it another shot, have liked it ever since. Got the DVD set just before Xmas, watched the entire thing in one sitting without stopping (long day at work next morning)

Other things I like: Sci-fi, history, archaelogy, mysterys, anthropology, sociology, The West Wing (the ONLY tv I watch anymore), roleplaying, reading just about anything. And of course Firefly.

Favorite Character: Without a doubt Wash, he and I share quite a few traits with each other. To the point that the 5 people (and counting) that I have Converted have told me that.


Monday, September 13, 2004 3:56 PM


Real Name: Mike

Alias: The Pumaman part came from an episode of the late, lamented TV Series Mystery Science Theater 3000 ( ).. the Redux part I just threw in ...

Gender: hmm .. if the alias doesn't give you enough of a hint ...

Age: old enough :: thwaps self :: ... er 37 in December 2004

Where I'm from: Currently live in New Hampshire .. one of the 50 US states

How I got to know Firefly: Was frequenting a message forum for the company ( ) making the Red Dwarf RPG (yes .. a pen and paper role playing game devoted to the BBC Series and not the horror movie of the same name )and on one of the threads they were discussing Firefly and the coming movie and the release of the DVDs ( ). I put the info about the show into my mind somewhere and at Xmas last year I bought myself the DVDs after not seeing one episode beforehand. I liked what I saw and eventually I watched all the episodes.

other things I like: seeing my 5 year old daughter regularly and my girlfriend, roleplaying online on occasion, reading, movies, DVD watching, MST3K, Family Guy ... etc, etc

Fav character: Wash ...

>> Mike

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. (Alfred Hitchcock)


Monday, September 13, 2004 4:03 PM


Alias: MdnightRadio7L

Meaning of the alias: The bulk of it is from a tune from Hedwig and the Angry Inch called (you guessed it) "Midnight Radio." I created the name so long ago that I can't remember why I cut out the i between the m and the d in "midnight," but the 7L is a tag I tack on to most of my screen names. 7 is my favorite number and L stands for my first name (Lucia).

Gender: Female

Age: 19. Nearing 20. What a freaky thought.

Where am I from: Right outside of Boston originally, been in New York for about a year now.

How did I get to know Firefly: I've been a hardcore Buffy follower since it first aired (Joss can do no wrong). I usually wasn't around on Friday nights for Firefly when it was first broadcast, but my dad and my brother were really into it, so of course when the dvds came out, they both got them-- next thing I knew, I was hooked.

Other things I like: I'm a theatre major, so that's a really big part of the Lucia Experience-- I'm a Shakespeare nut, I act, and I do dramaturgy/dramatic lit. stuff, but big aspirations for the future at the moment are focused on directing. Directing Shakespeare, specifically. I'm also your standard issue English nerd, so I read and write a lot. I like movies. I'm a musician. I love stories-- anything with a story.

My fav FF character: Oh geez, I have to pick just one? I really like them all, each for their own reasons... *thinks really hard for a minute* Ok. I tried to pick one. I really did. I just can't do it. They're just all so very very shiny!

“I loath bus stations. Terrible places. Full of lost luggage and lost souls.”


Thursday, September 16, 2004 10:06 AM


i've always been called that weird girl. just the way it is. Back on the schoolbus. In high school. At college. At work. I guess that means it's true. So I grabbed the domain and here I am, forever known to the cyber world as "thatweirdgirl".

gender: i guess if i were a guy some explaining would be in order.

age: approaching 28, but acting like I'm 10

where: socal girl transplanted at a young age to Oklahoma, i kinda like it here.

How: Jake, my guy, would tivo it back in the day so i could watch after work. Then he bought me the dvds. Ahh, he now regrets creating this monster I've become.

other: I have a bio, and a site if you really want to know more.

fave character: don't want to choose.


Friday, September 17, 2004 2:50 AM


Alias: Zombiecran
Meaning of the alias: Zombie is a song by the Cranberries so i just put the song and the first part of the bands name together.... how original of me! lol

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Where am I from: Florida

How did I get to know Firefly: I was a big Buffy/Angel fan so i was convinced to buy this on dvd by a friend.

Other things I like: writing, playing rpg games (heroclix, d&d, vampire etc), reading, watching movies, listening to music... thats it pretty much

My fav FF character: It would have to be River

No power in the verse can stop me - River


Saturday, September 18, 2004 7:45 PM


Alias: monkey__tail
Meaning of alias: few years ago a friend of mine was referring to me as a monkey, and got laughing so hard about something, and accidently called me monkeytail. It stuck.

Gender: male

age: 21

where from: NY originally. Now in (ugh) TN

How I got to know FF: saw a bits of a couple episodes when it was on, but never managed to see a full episode. New that if it was made by Joss it had to be good, bought it on dvd as soon as it came out.

other things I like: Angel, Buffy. Feeding my dvd addiction which currently includes Dog Soldiers, Ginger Snaps, and many chinese dvds. I've been listening to Liz Phair (Exile in Guyville) alot, playing the xbox, reading various comic books (Fallen Angel rocks), writing, although I generally view anything I write as crap after prolonged exposure with my thoughts (very bad thing), eagerly awaiting Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, and who doens't like Star Wars.

Favorite FF character: Wash. Coincidentally its the character I'm most like, being as many have put it, The King Dork, Ross (from friends), t-man, or as I prefer, just your average dvd addicted nerd. (adjusts glasses) hehee

On a good day, hell can look alot like LA.-Playing God


Monday, September 20, 2004 9:15 AM



Originally posted by monkeytail:
I'm most like, being as many have put it, The King Dork, Ross (from friends), t-man, or as I prefer, just your average dvd addicted nerd. (adjusts glasses) hehee

Ahha! I knew I had a good feeling about you, you're a dork too. yea! Just make sure you wear your glasses when you serve the margaritas.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004 6:34 PM


Alias: dingoaction

Meaning behind it: It's from Buffy, Oz's talking about getting his band to play-- "Yeah, I think I could score some Dingo action." Seth Green's got great delivery.

Gender: female

Age: 22...23 on April 22. I've never had plans for my birthday this early. Excited would be one way to put it.

Where I am from: Michigan, USA

How I got to know Firefly: I love Buffy and Angel, heard Joss had a new show, watched/taped from The Train Job. I was in love the moment I realized Zoe didn't just clock the guy, she used her shotgun to do it.

Other things I like: reading (Alex Garland, Jasper Fforde, Orson Scott Card), writing, TV, movies, music (big fan of The Corrs, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw).

Favorite Character: Zoe, because she could kill you with her little finger, and she's hysterical. Wash and Mal, too, because, well, "fry cook opportunity," and Mal's such a well-developed character. Although it's tough not to love them all.


Wednesday, September 29, 2004 1:58 AM


Alias: CosmicFugitive
Meaning behind it: I wanted a good, subtle, name relating to the show. Although it sounds a bit like a Glam Rock band.
Gender: Male
Age: I'm 22.. 23 on the 7th of October.
Where am I from: Scotland.
How did I get to know Firefly: By accident- and through a lot of curiousity. I love Buffy and Angel and read about it in a Sci-fi mag.
Other things I like: Drawing. Reading. Cinema. Most Sci-fi fantasy tv or movies. Attending gigs. Most music.
My fav FF character: It's a tough one... They're all good. It would have to be Kaylee though.






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