The Mid-Fic Cuckoos

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 2:24 AM


Anyone else get these? That is to say - half way through a fic,
(either writing or posting)
do you go a bit, well - loopy?

I do. As one of them peeps as finishes a fic before posting (apart from the final touches) I get to go mad twice...

but is it just me?

it's hard to describe but i get mood swings, confidence crises, midnight moaning (and not in the, y'know, fun sense), bad hair and wild eyes before finally taking to the streets yelling "Why me?" or possibly "They're here aready!"

In a nut shell - I get pretty much unbearable.

And then, (as now) - once I get onto the finishing stretch, I get all benign like some dime store Fisher Price 'my first dali lama'.

When I'm done posting - I get the post-fic come down and take myself off for a good weep. That gets bad - but it aint but nuthin compared to the mid-fic oddness when I go plain cuckoo. (and the mid chapters of my fics seem to reflect this!)

tell me i aint alone.

(alternatively you can just point and laugh - it's your call.)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008 2:47 AM



See, I just pointed, no laugh cuz', well it would just be rude.

During writing I tend to get the 'lazies' I get stuck and have no idea where to go from there, like I've painted-myself-into-a-corner feeling.

I spend a lot of time rolling the idea around in my head trying to find a new angle.

Ya, I get self doubt too. "It's lacking something", "It sounds too...well too amateurish", "It's aimless and meandering". But I found in my class, the ones I've liked the least had the best responses. I guess it's because I didn't like it, I kept tweaking it and in doing so tightened it up to a good piece.

My biggest problem is the 'completion syndrome' where I can't wait to have people read it. It's exhilerating, but at the same time, depressing when I realize I've run out of people to read it.

So, what I'm saying is that artists, whether it's writers, painters/sketchers/computergraphics, sculpters musicians are a strange breed. I blame the creative bug. So just adjust your beret and enjoy the ride.

"Got a headful of lightning
And a heart full of rain
And I know that I said
I'd never do it again
Oh and I love you sweet baby but I always take the long way home."


Tuesday, March 11, 2008 4:43 AM


I knew this was going to be you, just from the title.

All the symptoms you describe, present and correct...ain't life grand? (Except the bad hair. I have very good hair.) But the crisis of confidence, big time. (for further examples, see blog.) Anyhow, I'm taking heart from the fact that other people rock and twitch. And my husband says that I am downright peculiar when racked with an idea, but better when in the zone than I am when suffering writer's block. That is a case of the total blue (sun) meanies.

Sometimes I miss coffee. It made the world all bright and shiny. But then all the voices came at once...

edit: and you didn't mess with my idea, I'm just thinking that you've been doing it better than I would.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008 7:49 AM


That would be me as well.

About midway I ALWAYS for some damn reason either get too overly fluffy, or too aderniline pumped and I have to stop myself and take a break. If I don't break and I just go nuts and post, it's never pretty.

I have no advice for it though, just when you have a crazy idea, write it somewhere else and take a break. Then a month later you can go back, read said crazy plot/dialog/whatever and go 'frack that's insane... what's wrong with me?'

Your Indian Pirate Lord,


Thursday, March 13, 2008 1:50 AM


*snerk* When it comes to crazy plot/dialogue etc, I usually just edit it and post it later. I have some things in the AnJLverse that are downright worrisome. (But if someone else wants to write the crackfic that has Kaylee and River bringing a tribble on board, go wild.)

I'm actually breaking up and re-writing my present fic before I post it, having done the whole make-it-up-as-you-go-along thing before - the last few chapters of CCM were a little limp in places. Streamlining the ideas, and rationing out the seriously bonkers elements might well make for a longer fic writing career. Plus people don't start chasing you with those nice coats - "go on, give yourself a hug..."


Thursday, March 13, 2008 4:47 AM


I'm not going to point and laugh. I'm going to throw an arm around you and give you the one armed shoulder hug. Supportive yet not too familiar.

I know just what you mean about the crises of confidence. My problem isn't where the story is going. I almost always know that. It's usually how it's going to get there that gives me the most problems. I'll have points A, B, D, G, M, N, O, X, and Z perfected in my mind but all those letters in between don't get worked out until I start typing them. So my greatest anxiety is that I'm setting up key plot points with highly contrived situations and dialogue.

But the internet is great because we can take solace in the relative anonymity it affords us. In a way it should free you more than, say, a literature class. We should be pushing the envelope. We should be trying all kinds of crazy shit. This is the place for it!

For that reason I don't get too uptight. I do, however have difficulty in saying when enough is enough and actually posting the story. Lately for me it's been around 3am on work days. But that's okay. It's crappy work. The biggest cause of this is the need to justify every piece of information in my fic within the fic. I believe this is utter folly especially in a series of chapters and stories. Lots of famous and acclaimed authors and writers don't do this at all. They just tell their story. That's something that I need to learn.

So take heart. We all have our hang ups and mental blocks. It's not just you.







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