Schiff Pranked By Russians Offering Naked Pics Of Trump With Moscow "Special Service" Escort

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 18:46
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Wednesday, February 7, 2018 4:08 PM


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Ranking House Intel Committee Democrat Adam Schiff appears to have fallen for a prank by famous Russian comedy duo "Vovan" and "Lexus," posing as a Ukrainian politician who claimed to have photos of President Trump having sex with Russian model Olga Buzova after the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

In an audio recording of the April 10, 2017 phone call, Schiff can be heard discussing the Russia investigation with Vovan who was impersonating Andriy Parubiy - chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament.

"I would caution that our Russian friends may be listening to the conversation so I wouldn't share anything over the phone that you wouldn't want them to hear," said Schiff at the beginning of the call.

Undeterred, "Parubiy" continued:

“In November 2013, Mr. Trump visited Moscow, he visited competition Miss Universe, and there he met with Russian journalist and celebrity Ksenia Sobchak,” Vovan said in a heavily accented English, going on to explain that in addition to having ties to Putin, Sobchak is “also known as a person who provides girls for escort for oligarchs. And she met with Trump and she brought him one Russian girl, celebrity Olga Buzova.” Schiff asked for clarification, and Parubiy kicked it up a notch, telling Schiff that Sobchak is a “special agent of Russian secret service.”

Olga Buzova

Buzova “got compromising materials on Trump after their short relations,” Parubiy said. “There were pictures of naked Trump.”

Schiff then asks “And so Putin was made aware of the availability of the compromising material?” to which Vovan replied "Yes, of course," adding “all those compromising materials will never be released if Trump will cancel all Russian sanctions.”

The biggest bombshell: He had obtained a recording of Buzova and Sobchak talking about the kompromat while the two were visiting Ukraine. He told Schiff, “We are ready to provide [those materials] to FBI.”

The prankster also told Schiff about alleged meetings between Trump's former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, saying that he met with Russian pop star who they alleged was Kremlin operative in a café located in Brighton Beach, NY frequented by Russian immigrants.

“they used a special password before their meetings.” said Vovan. “Weather is good on Deribasovskaya.” The right response was “It rains again on Brighton Beach.”

Schiff thanked the prankster for the call, after which his office engaged in correspondence to arrange for the transfer of the "classified" material.

Listen below:

Russian pranksters "Vovan" and "Lexus"

The Russian pranksters, "Vovan" and "Lexus" - who previously tricked both John McCain and Maxine Waters into believing that they were the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and spoke of the need to increase sanctions on Russia.

During the call to Maxine Waters, the duo convinced her that the Russians had rigged the elections in Limpopo - a fictional land from a Russian children's fairy tale. Waters promised to lend assistance to the deposed President of Limpopo.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018 6:46 PM


America loves a winner!

So, Schiff ( Democrat ) colluded with Russians, got caught and then lied about it ?


Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen

I'm just a red pill guy in a room full of blue pill addicts.

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