100,000 + Military casualties of war...Many Dead & not even counting civilian. Both Ukraine and Russia are going through almost a 911 loss of young men each week

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022 8:30 PM


We had many old thread on Ukraine here, talk of the USSR, the Soviet Union coming back, Bush and Putin, Obama and Putin, the 2010s, Transnistria War of the 90s and other years, 2012s, 2014, in February and March 8 years ago Russia invaded and subsequently annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. we have a thread called UKRAINE'S BLOODIEST DAY...this thread and other old discussion with the level of death do not have meaning compared to the horror and bloodshed of today.

Are they on either side equipped for winter? I'm not sure but one problem I see both sides with their fingers and hands almost frozen stuck to metal and guns, they both are wearing summer time Camouflage as the Landscape is now surrounded by White Snow.

Casualties are defined differently by each nation, they are less defined by exact definition than outright death but there is a general agreement as to what a casualty is, a person unable to carry out their duty, lost to a military unit by having died of wounds, injury or disease, having received wounds, or having been injured but not mortally. Both Ukraine and Russia might have a new future of a 'Lost Generation' refers to the war trauma the "disoriented, wandering, directionless". What is a Casualty in war it can be wounded, missing, sick, some guy who has lost sight in eye, they need constant meds and they guy has a shaking hand or a limp and a leg that drags, maybe they can be fixed by a expensive procedure or should have a prosthetic need or they are in a wheelchair for life.

Russia was imperialist and Putin acted like an evil dictator and invaded, Russia it damages infrastructure its Russian men die and Ukraine is angered by Western media today because people have talked about deaths. The region is now a magnet for bad people Dumbass muzzies arrive as Mercs shot by bullets covered in pigs blood but willing to be guns for hire and switch sides depending who pays more to kill? Russia invades Ukraine, in a counter offensive Ukraine fought back but it looks like Russia will perhaps have some land to the South and East. Ukraine went into massive Anger Over Von Der Leyen's Unverified '100,000 Dead Soldiers' but facts show both sides are losing A LOT of men, Russia might be paying more blood and Russians losing more than Ukrainians are. USA, Britain, France, Sweden, Germany NATO seem to have the more up to date weapons which will find a path to the hands of a Ukraine solider, Putin will continue throwing his men into the meat grinder?

If you want to take Refugees or Immigration or Exodus, take California for example 650,000 + flee because of crime or an economic down turn...however California is not in a state of War people from Venezuela or Mexico or some place still arrive in California so in theory with a functional economy it can survive as a State its loss is smaller at –170,000 people. Over - 7.8 million refugees fleeing Ukraine have been recorded across Europe, expect some thousands of people to arrive on the border, willing to get smuggled out to anywhere else.

On the Loss and Casualties of younger healthy men.

To put this in perspective in most Wars the USA nor any other recent nation in recent war did not truly ever see losses of a lot of men on this level, for example Afghanistan the USA lost something like a figure almost as high as 2,500 men over a very long period if you count Iraq numbers are higher and today you have accidents and other events and medics and doctors who can save people who are very badly injured on the battlefield but over a 20 year period it still does not compare anywhere near Ukraine, the War in Vietnam was a big loss of US life but you have to go all the way back to the American Civil War, World War II to see deaths on the Level that both Ukraine and Russia see today, the death for both Russia and Ukraine HUGE! I have shared clips outside the mainstream here and Some film I have seen more recently looks Grim, like the trench warfare horror of World War One. Each few weeks both sides seem to face a 911 count of loss. This is not to even begin to talk of the mental and physical trauma civilian survivors face if and when the dust settles.

Ukrainians made up almost 70-75% of the total population, while Russians were what 15% ?? and all the other foreigners and ethnic groups who were there when it all kicked off perhaps had the sense not to die in a conflict where little changes only the numbers of dead? Two Hundred Thousand Men Dead On BOTH Sides is what the USA and others admit, there will be wounded, missing, some granpa or kids who got lost, some grandmother who froze to death...neither Russian who voted for some anonymous break away Russian occupied thing nor Ukrainian who voted for a national party will be the same people, they will not be sound of mind or correct in their head mentally, this might only be the start and looking at the timeline of conflict we are not even a year inside this escalation of war.

Brave stay and fight, some fight for their own landm it is difficult not to feel for either person facing those horrors.

Keep in mind that BOTH Russia and Ukraine are both trying to play down the number of men they lost in conflict.

This region will Never Be the Same Again


Wednesday, November 30, 2022 8:46 PM


NATO and Raytheon love dead Ukrainians.


Growing up in a Republic was nice... Shame we couldn't keep it.


Friday, December 23, 2022 8:23 AM


Is it 200,000 + Dead?

Reports 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers taken out in conflict said EU

Ukraine Fires Back at 'False' 100,000 Death Toll, Releases Official Figure

At least 41 civilian foreign citizens from 20 countries are confirmed to have been killed during the war. At least 193 combatants and volunteers, perhaps mercenary, foreign citizens or foreign-born, killed during the war.

Supplied by NATO, Europe, USA countries providing tech military aid to Ukraine since 2022


and a break away Donetsk People's Republic
Luhansk People's Republic
Supported by Belarus since 2022 with Russia using Belarussian attacking from the North of Ukraine

100,000 people damaged and broken if not outright killed on both sides, Russia is probably losing more.

however if you put it in perspective, America has also due to drug deaths lost 100,000 + Americans to hard drugs smuggled across the border

Russia they say will hit a grim milestone of close to 100,000 killed since start of brutal war with Ukraine

Almost 100,000 Russian soldiers killed in war, Ukraine says






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