How did you come to love Firefly?

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Thursday, April 6, 2006 6:55 PM


Forgive me if someone has posted this before but I am new on this site and I really would love to hear how everyone found Firefly.
My own ,I guess you'd call it an obsession, began when the movie Serenity was released in Australia. I saw the shorts for it and then heard that it was part of a TV series. At that stage I wasn't that interested but then late one night I was switching channels and just happened to catch the first episode of Firefly, and that was it, I was hooked. I stayed up late every week for my fix and then came the devestating news, all to soon I was watching the series final, there was no more! It was then I knew that I would have to buy everything Firefly and find a bunch of likeminded people who share my obsession.
Looking forward to hearing all your stories...........


Thursday, April 6, 2006 7:49 PM


A friend of mine called me one day and spoke about FF and how he had taped the 8 episodes that aired on Scifi channel marathon. So, my wife and I invvited him and his girlfriend, plus another mutual friend, over for a FF marathon.

He gave us a brief background about the series and away we went. It was a gorram wolly time from the start. Mal had us bent over, ROFLOL, at his "Hungh!",(the end of Serenity part 1).

We had to stop the tape while we recovered.

Ever since the first episode, I was hooked, and so were we all. Now I can't get enough. I'm on here more than I check my e-mails. At least here, I got a Shiny browncoat!

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Zoe: Planet's coming up a might fast.
Wash: That's just 'cause I'm goin' down too quick. Likely crash and kill us all.
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Thursday, April 6, 2006 8:14 PM


I started out as a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan long before I found Firefly (which was very recently - I'm actually a totaly newbie, having just gotten on this site a day or two ago).
When Firefly came out, I had a alittle bit of interest cause it was a Joss Whedon show, but I work evenings and was in college. I figured I'd just check out the show later. (Big mistake, obviously).
Anyway, fast forward to Serenity. I saw the trailers and just from the tiny snippets of dialogue there, I knew I had to see the movie. Unfortunately, I live in New Orleans, and was all preoccupied with being a storm refugee during Serenity's theater run.
I'm just getting back into the swing of life and decided to check Firefly and the BDM out on Netflix. By the time I had watched the first disc of the series, I was hooked. I went out and bought the series and movie and have been watching them pretty much constantly ever since - and lurking around here to feed my obsession when not in front of the TV :)

WASH: Psychic though? That sounds like something out of science fiction.
ZOE: You live on a spaceship dear.


Thursday, April 6, 2006 8:41 PM


I was desperately bored flipping through channels and i came upon the scene from Shindig where Mal and Kaylee arrive at the party. I changed channels back and forth a few times Then i caught the part where Mal punched Ath and that kinda caught my interest. At that point though i still was assuming it was just another cheesy show mildly more interesting than all the other crap i watch when nothing is on. then came the sword fight and by the end of that i thought "this is one of the coolest shows ever".

Somewhere there exists a note i made to myself of what time it was on and really cool show but as with most random notes i make for myself i lost it. Never knew what show it was. I knew of Firefly as i was a Joss Whedon fan but i never thought much of it and i had no idea that was what i watched until many years later when my fiancee made me buy the series on dvd. It was really cool when we watched Shindig and i realized what it was. So yeah Firefly is great


Thursday, April 6, 2006 9:04 PM


Hey all,
Im from Australia too. Anyways I was 'discouraged' by a friend not to see serenity so i waited a while then was flippin thru the new releases at a vidio store and it was my first yeah and then i saw the firefly dvd's for sale and bought them all. Aint it amazing how one thing can cause an obsession.
Oh and the friend who told me not to see serenity...well lets just say he is nagging me for the rest of the Fire Fly series...

~~~~~~~ Kaylee, grab the kid dirt sleepin with baby jesus, we need a hood ornament


Thursday, April 6, 2006 10:00 PM


By chance I saw maybe 8 seconds of the trailer
on TV (I don't watch TV unless trapped at someones
house). Saw River running... and I knew this
was special. Googled it, found out it was a former
TV series, bought the DVDs and watched them in 3
days. Then saw Serenity on the second day after its
release. Then saw it again, and again. 8x on the
big-screen. Latecomer yes. Lifer? Definately.


Thursday, April 6, 2006 10:47 PM


Well, I didn't have a TV back in 2002 when the series aired, plus I was never a Buffy or Angel fan, so the name Joss Whedon didn't mean anything to me. I loved Sci-Fi and had caught a few episodes of Andromeda, so when my brother [who lives in another state] started telling me about this cool Sci-Fi show with this large cast, one being a mercenary type, I thought he was talking about Andromeda. No, he tells me, it's called Firefly. Honestly couldn't tell him I'd seen it -- maybe I had, maybe was confusing it with Andromeda.

Anyway, this was just around when the BDM was going to come out, and I saw a TV ad for the release date. Went and saw Serenity "cold" without knowing anything about FF, and loved the movie. Especially liked the way the people talked -- Mal's line: "You can collect your onions and be on your merry." I thought was just the coolest -- peopl;e actually having a different way of speaking, cutting off their endings cuz they were understood / inferred. Hearing the Chinese was cool, cuz I took two years in college and was all into the Chinese language, culture, martial arts thing.

What struck me right off was what I conjured was a distinct Civil War influence -- not just a simple Western thing. Then of course I immediately rented the series from Netflix and the music was even more Civil War inspired, I thought, and when you look at Mal's character as being essentially a Southern Gentleman who isn't racist but is bound by his sense of honor and doing what's right, it was a powerful thing to watch.

So now, I'm just like y'all -- bantering dialog back and forth with my [only other so far] fellow Browncoat friend, getting back into my Chinese so I can swear with the proper intonations, devoting my time to composing Filks, doing Photoshop stuff and hopefully soon, some FanFic, and of course, scouring Thrift stores and Army Surplus stores for my very own Browncoat, all the while trying to infect as many others with my FF malady as I can. Try showing Firefly to a Bengali Muslim {friend of mine] who has zero cultural awareness of Sci-Fi and anything on the sophistication of Firefly and you can see the task ahead of me. Plus there are certain episodes [Jaynestown for example with its Lesbian scene] that are just way beyond the sensibilities of your average non-Americanized Muslim. (The word "Haram!" comes to mind, actually...)
But what can I say -- I'm a convert, so there's a lot [especially since I grew up in Las Vegas] that doesn't shock me.

So here I am -- on the raggedy edge with all you fellow FF crazies out there.
Can't stop the Signal -- especially when you got a DVD player...
-- Jonathan M.A.Ghaffar
ex-Taosist-turned-Ahmadi Muslim Browncoat
and proud of it. Plus I can swear correctly in Mandarin.

Jonathan M.A.Ghaffar:


Thursday, April 6, 2006 10:48 PM


A friend of mine has an older sister who we've learned has impeccable taste in entertainment. One summer the Firefly DVDs were lent to us so we sat down on said sister's recommendation that we watch it. We watched the pilot first (as it was meant to be!) and the hook was in. We didn't stop there, however. We watched a few more episodes that evening, and eventually every episode, in order, right through to the end. Then we got together periodically and watched them again. My friend's dad (whose house we were at watching all the time) eventually got to coming into the living room and asking "What are you guys watching *looks at the screen* AW NOT THIS -AGAIN!?!?!-". Hilariously, I was told that after he was dragged to the movie he was heard saying "Oh they better bring this back to TV!" So ironic, so funny... shiny :D

As for that first watch-through, Serenity was super solid, but I think the lot of us were fully immersed by Our Mrs. Reynolds. The fact that it just remained golden after that point sent our admiration into pure bliss at having found this one-of-a-kind work. Much cursing FOX happened during that summer, and the crazy excitement when we heard a movie was being made is burned into my memory forever.


Thursday, April 6, 2006 11:06 PM


I fell in love with it entirely by chance i saw the film and then saw the box set in my MVC while looking for a film, noticed that it had the same cast and a picture of Serenity on the front so i went home and checked it up on the internet and found out it was a series they made before the film and so decided to get it. Now im trying not to watch it over and over again because when i first got it, it took me two days to get through it all. AND NOW I LOVE IT!!!!

"Love, you know all the math in the verse but if you take a boat in the air, you dont love she'll shake you up sure as turn of the worlds" Mal


Thursday, April 6, 2006 11:25 PM


Well, this is an entirely new thing for me... joining a discussion group on the net.
But Firefly made me do it!
Anyway, the series aired here in Belgium a few weeks ago and me and my husband were amazed!
This was the first time we ever stayed home to watch a series.
We love it!
Then we started searching the net and found out there was a movie... but not available here in Belgium (being a very small country and all..).
So we went to the UK to purchase it.
After seing the 'introduction by Joss Whedon' I was really moved. I didn't know the show was cancelled (how could they do that! ) and I did't know there was such a large group of fans!
So now, I'm doing my part in warming up my friends to watch the show and the movie. I hope that someday 'Firefly' will have it's second season but until then, I'll do my best to spread the word


Thursday, April 6, 2006 11:57 PM


Wow, it seems that just like me, most of you were hooked after just one episode.
Like you Arya, I have never been part of a group like this but everyone here seems so nice, I can't help but come back. Plus the fact that being here allays my FF withdrawals.
For now I am out there spreading the FF word, lending the series to anyone who will listen to me. I havn't found anyone who hasn't liked it yet.


Friday, April 7, 2006 12:26 AM


Sorry to go off-topic, but Arya mentioned Belgium.
That's where the guy who makes elive is from!
It's an operating system code-named Serenity that
I have been recommending:(I can't help it!)
:runs away:


Friday, April 7, 2006 12:59 AM


Small country, big minds...

(excluding: belgian politicians. Including: guy who invented Belgian Chocolates! That must've been a genius!)


Friday, April 7, 2006 1:05 AM


The first time I saw Firefly was on TV when it first came out. I caught the end of Train Job when Mal put the guy through the engine. I thought it might be something different & I was right.


Friday, April 7, 2006 1:59 AM


I'd heard (good) rumors via various waves about Firefly back when it was in production, and thought I'd eventually catch an episode & see for myself.
Surfing channels a few years later (just before the BDM came out), I catch a glimpse of some old guy being stopped with a derringer in his pocket (interesting), followed in short order by Mal & Kaylee making their entrance. Mal looking all 'Wild, Wild, West' (from the original series), I stopped to watch.
As soon as Mal and Inara began talking together, I understood pretty much everything (He's the Capt., Inara's for hire, Kaylee works for Mal (but not for hire...) personalities, implied back story (I have an active imagination, and Joss puts in such meaningful detail)), and was hooked.
My wife asked what it was, and was hooked. Our daughter is a hold-out, but only to be difficult; I know she likes it.
Then we found out Firefly had been canceled.
Bought the DVD's & watch them over & over.
Does anyone know if you can wear out a DVD?

Do you know what your sin is Captain?
Aww hell. I'm a big fan of all seven.


Friday, April 7, 2006 2:00 AM


Knew about it during the short lived TV run, but was literally traveling too much (still do) and never was able to connect with it since I was usually on an airplane whenever it was showing. Of course, if FOX hadn't jacked the schedule around I might have been able to catch a few eps, but that's a moot point.

Anyhow, once it disappeared from the small screen it faded from memory, though it would come back around to the forefront now and again for no apparent reason. I would occasionally find myself thinking that it sounded like a great show and that I really wished I could have seen it. Apparently, even though I had never seen anything but a few brief ads on FOX, I had been smitten.

Fast forward a bit. My kid comes down with the flu and can't go to school, therefore there's really no way for me to concentrate on writing that day because I need to tend to her. Get her settled in on the couch, switch on the set and surf the channels for a few. Eventually I land on Sci-Fi and much to my delight they are smack in the middle of a midday Firefly marathon.

The munchkin and I watched the 4 or 5 episodes that were being aired and were both immediately hooked. Less than a week later I purchased the FF DVD's and the Serenity DVD. I've lost count of how many times I've watched them at this point.

As an odd side note: I have a Serenity keychain that I picked up from a freebie table when doing a guest author appearance at a Sci-Fi/Fantasy con right around the time the movie was being released. Somehow, though, I had never put two and two together and didn't realize the connection between FF and Serenity until after the fact.



Friday, April 7, 2006 2:32 AM


I was hooked right away. I bought the series at Bestbuy,I found it on accident,I told a few people. They thought a western in space sounded stupid. I lent them the series and they were instantly hooked .For some reason it's a big hit across the board with different group's of people.


Friday, April 7, 2006 3:41 AM


Wow! What a trip to see how many people have come new to the 'verse, and how gratifying to know that I was not wrong in the beginning! If only Fox had given you all a chance to find the show. I saw the commercials for it before it ever aired on Fox and waited 3 weeks for the first episode! When it came on, I was in front of the screen waiting. I was not a huge Whedon fan, just thought the show looked really cool. For the most part, I watched every episode, but I missed a couple due to time change, pre-empt, etc. I was always so ticked to realize I had missed an episode. (Actually, the only ones I missed were "Bushwhacked" and "Jaynestown". But "Jaynestown" for crying out loud! That was one of the best!) Anyway, I was totally fed up with Fox before they ever cancelled the show. But I really thought things would get better once the basketball was over and they could really give Firefly the attention it deserved. Alas, it was not to be. Anyway, I bought the DVD's as soon as they came out and immediately watched them all. I then hooked my mom and my daughter. When Serenity came out, we had 3 generations of Firefly-lovin' women at the theater on opening day. As we were leaving, I saw my sister-in-law (who I also lent my DVD's to, until she bought her own.) She was with her own group of converts. HeHe. Sometimes I feel like I've joined the Jehovah's Witnesses, my need to spread the word is overwhelming!


Friday, April 7, 2006 4:10 AM



Originally posted by FlatTop:
Does anyone know if you can wear out a DVD

I have, FlatTop, wore out my first set, have since replaced it and going to get another set.
For backup. Gotta have backup.

Like everyone here practically, I fell in love with Firefly the first time I saw it. Was waiting for SciFi Fridays.. SG-1, and there it was. And I was hooked. First time I saw Mal.
Bought the series right away. Watched it all back to back.. couldn't stop, didn't want to. Then went and saw the BDM at the theater multiple times, each time leaving the theater reluctantly. I googled Firefly right away after my first viewing too, and wound up here at this shiny place. It's home. And I'm never leaving.

" You hold. Hold til I get back." Mal


Friday, April 7, 2006 6:41 AM


My best friend told me about it last year shortly before the movie was released. I didn't manage to go and see it but my friend was joined in another one of my friends in virtually harrassing me: "Go on, buy Firefly. You'll love it. You have to see it first before you can watch the movie. Now go on, buy it. It's a great show" and so on. So I finally gave in and ordered the box set.

I had no clue what to expect; all my friends had told me about the show was that it was by Joss Whedon (knowing very well that I love Buffy and Angel) and that it was a SciFi-western-hybrid. So I started watching the show, starting with the pilot and having some severe problems understanding every single word (I refused to buy the German version because usually the dubbing is just plain awful) resp. following the story line. Also, it was very, very confusing to have nine equally important characters - and I must admit that I was confused enough to mix up Jayne and Kaylee, thinking "Jayne. Girl's name. Must be that mechanic."

Anyways, I watched the pilot, moved on to "Train Job" and "Bushwacked". By then, it was about 1 a.m. and I had to force myself to switch of the dvd-player although I really wanted to see more. The following evenings were dedicated to "Firefly" *g* I tried to make it last as long as possible, knowing there were only 14 episodes, inwardly cursing Fox all the time and desperately hoping that the movie would be out on dvd soon. Well. Long story short, I'm addicted :)


Friday, April 7, 2006 7:28 AM


Had heard of Firefly for a while, then heard it got cancelled and at the time, it didn't mean much to me* (apart from Fox Network killing YET ANOTHER show off!)

Then I heard about a movie called Serenity coming out, sounded interesting, and a friend who was a Firefly fan told me I HAD to watch this show before the film came out. I wasn't sure, took a chance and bought it one lunchtime, got home that night and watched the pilot, then the next two episodes....then in 3 days I'd watched the whole show, was totally hooked and was also totally gutted there was no more (how could they cancel something so gorram good?!!!!) Then the film came out and I saw it twice in one day, and now I'm trying to do my part to spread the word around in the hopes that we'll get to have more of the good stuff. Already got most of my friends into the 'verse, and am sending the rest Firefly DVDs as birthday presents (none shall escape!!!)

(*Now I know the error of my foolish ways!)

- Shiny. Let's be bad guys.

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