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Sunday, July 1, 2007 11:30 AM


the movie is not the Series. Only the facts have been changed, to irritate the innocent; the names of the actors and characters remain the same

YT 13 (7:44:54 AM) has entered the room.
lemmingonadetour (9:58:46 AM) has entered the room.
YT 13 (9:58:52 AM): Howdy Lem
NinjaKat5021 (10:00:58 AM) has entered the room.
NinjaKat5021 (10:01:12 AM): I is here
YT 13 (10:01:16 AM): Hey Kat
YT 13 (10:01:22 AM): Good to see you
YT 13 (10:02:07 AM): I invited some others
NinjaKat5021 (10:02:20 AM): not many have arrived
YT 13 (10:02:26 AM): but I think their invitations are just about to time out
YT 13 (10:02:41 AM): DarkJester should be here
YT 13 (10:02:47 AM): but he hasn't logged on yet
MovieChic3 (10:05:18 AM) has been invited.
YT 13 (10:05:33 AM): One more
YT 13 (10:05:53 AM): Btw, do you see the invitations I've sent?
NinjaKat5021 (10:07:15 AM): me?
YT 13 (10:07:24 AM): Yah you
NinjaKat5021 (10:07:34 AM): ya, I was in the shower though
NinjaKat5021 (10:07:50 AM): and mine don't time-out
YT 13 (10:08:20 AM): Invitations sent from AIM 6 time out
YT 13 (10:09:26 AM): It's a reasonable idea
NinjaKat5021 (10:10:14 AM): they might time out, but trillian doesn't drop them
YT 13 (10:10:15 AM): though it does mean I have to remember that, though Isabel Evans just logged on, I had already invited her during this session
Invitation result for buddy MovieChic3 : Invite or request timed out
NinjaKat5021 (10:10:35 AM): I can try inviting
YT 13 (10:10:52 AM): Can you actually invite folk from Trillian?
YT 13 (10:10:57 AM): I never could
NinjaKat5021 (10:10:58 AM): I can try
TheLaw314 (10:11:51 AM) has been invited.
NinjaKat5021 (10:12:04 AM): invite attempted
Blinksgurl99 (10:12:13 AM) has been invited.
YT 13 (10:16:46 AM): Isabel is immitating a Jack In the Box
Invitation result for buddy TheLaw314 : Invite or request timed out
Invitation result for buddy Blinksgurl99 : Invite or request timed out
YT 13 (10:18:44 AM): Well, this is sure embarassing
YT 13 (10:19:20 AM): Any response to your invitation, Kat?
NinjaKat5021 (10:19:41 AM): nyet
YT 13 (10:21:07 AM): First time in well over a month that DarkJester hasn't shown up
YT 13 (10:22:41 AM): Are you, by any chance, up for watching an ep?
YT 13 (10:22:58 AM): Lem never watches
YT 13 (10:23:05 AM): rarely speaks
NinjaKat5021 (10:23:16 AM): he's on a detour, that's why
YT 13 (10:23:25 AM): 'xackly
YT 13 (10:25:02 AM): So, 'sup wi' you?
YT 13 (10:25:15 AM): I just saw Die Hard on Friday
YT 13 (10:25:32 AM): Great
NinjaKat5021 (10:25:50 AM): the latest one>
NinjaKat5021 (10:25:50 AM): ?
YT 13 (10:25:55 AM): Yup
YT 13 (10:26:37 AM): The one costarring the sherrif from Deadwood & the kid from the Mac commercials
YT 13 (10:26:58 AM): oh, & Maggie Q
NinjaKat5021 (10:27:09 AM): dunno anything about It really
NinjaKat5021 (10:27:29 AM): dunno how much harder bruce willis can die though
YT 13 (10:27:39 AM): LOL
YT 13 (10:28:37 AM): He does spend much of the movie blood-soaked
YT 13 (10:31:31 AM): I liked the movie
YT 13 (10:31:50 AM): & it gives me hope, for
YT 13 (10:32:04 AM): OK, I'm gonna invite Isabel again
YT 13 (10:32:26 AM): Wait, do you have Isabel Evans on your Buddy List?
NinjaKat5021 (10:33:25 AM): ya
YT 13 (10:33:32 AM): Invite her
NinjaKat5021 (10:33:47 AM): tried already
YT 13 (10:34:10 AM): Did she reject your invitation?
YT 13 (10:34:18 AM): or just not accept it?
NinjaKat5021 (10:34:29 AM): I din't get anything
Isabel Evans 83 (10:34:40 AM) has been invited.
YT 13 (10:35:18 AM): It occurred to me that she may be popping in & out because she didn't notice my first invitation in time
YT 13 (10:35:47 AM): & wanted someone to notice & invite her again
YT 13 (10:37:09 AM): M, B@tR
NinjaKat5021 (10:37:31 AM): there, tried again
YT 13 (10:37:40 AM): the latest Die Hard gives me hope for
YT 13 (10:37:52 AM): LOL, she just logged off again
NinjaKat5021 (10:38:36 AM): maybe my invites kill her IM
YT 13 (10:38:58 AM): Doubt it
YT 13 (10:39:16 AM): I used to use Trillian, & tried inviting folk
Invitation result for buddy Isabel Evans 83 : Invite or request timed out
YT 13 (10:39:57 AM): They never joined my room but, didn't get bounced out of AIM space
YT 13 (10:41:18 AM): Lethal Weapon 5, & Indiana Jones 4
BrokenGriGri (10:41:29 AM) has been invited.
shinyebonezer (10:42:06 AM) has been invited.
NinjaKat5021 (10:42:12 AM): hmm?
shiny ebonezer (10:42:19 AM) has entered the room.
YT 13 (10:42:27 AM): Howdy E
shiny ebonezer (10:42:30 AM): hello kids
shiny ebonezer (10:42:39 AM): how are we on this beautiful sunday morning?
YT 13 (10:42:45 AM): Cool
MovieChic3 (10:42:56 AM) has been invited.
YT 13 (10:43:07 AM): though well on the way to hot
shiny ebonezer (10:43:31 AM): yeah
shiny ebonezer (10:43:40 AM): hopefully it wont be as bad as yesterday though
shiny ebonezer (10:43:44 AM): yesterday was SO bad
YT 13 (10:43:53 AM): How's weather in Coachella V?
shiny ebonezer (10:44:02 AM): Indio was the hottest place in america yesterday
YT 13 (10:44:10 AM): OW!
shiny ebonezer (10:44:15 AM): (thats about 20 miles away from me)
shiny ebonezer (10:44:24 AM): yeah, its pretty wonderful
YT 13 (10:44:58 AM): 'tis the season for a cable car trip
YT 13 (10:45:18 AM): Every weekend
shiny ebonezer (10:45:22 AM): neato
shiny ebonezer (10:45:23 AM): oh
shiny ebonezer (10:45:33 AM): speaking of weekends, you wanna hear about last weekend?
shiny ebonezer (10:45:36 AM): its pretty awsome
NinjaKat5021 (10:45:39 AM): tis the season for....throwing rocks at windows in abandoned buildings.
YT 13 (10:45:50 AM): ROtFL
shiny ebonezer (10:45:59 AM): i work at a coffee shop, and last week Sean Maher came in
YT 13 (10:46:00 AM): & Yes, E, I wanna hear
shiny ebonezer (10:46:11 AM): it was pretty much the best day ever
YT 13 (10:46:19 AM): LOL
YT 13 (10:46:26 AM): Honestly
shiny ebonezer (10:46:29 AM): seriosuyl
Invitation result for buddy BrokenGriGri : Invite or request timed out
shiny ebonezer (10:46:34 AM): *seriously
shiny ebonezer (10:46:37 AM): that happened
shiny ebonezer (10:46:45 AM): he walked in and my manager was helping him
shiny ebonezer (10:46:57 AM): and i was like, "no effing way"
NinjaKat5021 (10:46:59 AM): who's Sean Maher?
shiny ebonezer (10:47:05 AM): Simon
NinjaKat5021 (10:47:20 AM): *facefault*
YT 13 (10:47:35 AM): Didn't you get, "It was the best day ever", Kat?
Invitation result for buddy MovieChic3 : Invite or request timed out
NinjaKat5021 (10:48:05 AM): Inever remember names....
shiny ebonezer (10:48:11 AM): It was funny cause he looked at the menu board in the same way that he looked at Jaynes statue in Jaynestown
shiny ebonezer (10:48:40 AM): No worries NinjaKat, when i was finaly like, "omg your..."
YT 13 (10:48:47 AM): With hand to cheek, & his mouth open?
shiny ebonezer (10:48:49 AM): i couldn't remember his first name was sean
shiny ebonezer (10:48:52 AM): yeah
shiny ebonezer (10:48:55 AM): just like that
NinjaKat5021 (10:49:13 AM): that's it!
YT 13 (10:49:14 AM): He must have recognized you
shiny ebonezer (10:49:17 AM): and i sort of stumbed through, "Omg, your...uh, firefly, the doctor...Sean!"
NinjaKat5021 (10:49:26 AM): we're watching Jaynestown
shiny ebonezer (10:49:29 AM): haha
NinjaKat5021 (10:49:33 AM): if I can find my dvd's.....
shiny ebonezer (10:49:34 AM): it was awsome
shiny ebonezer (10:49:46 AM): my manager made fun of my all afternoon cause i got so fangirl geeky
YT 13 (10:50:07 AM): Jaynestown it is
YT 13 (10:50:24 AM): E, do you, by some miracle, have your DVDs today?
shiny ebonezer (10:50:28 AM): nope
shiny ebonezer (10:50:30 AM): ok
shiny ebonezer (10:50:33 AM): here's the deal
shiny ebonezer (10:50:44 AM): i lent them to the boyfreind last year
shiny ebonezer (10:50:55 AM): who lent them to the guitar player in his band
YT 13 (10:51:04 AM): Oh boy
shiny ebonezer (10:51:05 AM): who lives in fullerton and not in palm springs
shiny ebonezer (10:51:08 AM): and they are gone
shiny ebonezer (10:51:09 AM): BUT
shiny ebonezer (10:51:20 AM): derrick then bought another set of disks
shiny ebonezer (10:51:25 AM): BUT he has them
shiny ebonezer (10:51:32 AM): even though he said he bought them for me
YT 13 (10:51:40 AM): LOL
YT 13 (10:51:53 AM): This is about the fifth time you've done that to me today
YT 13 (10:52:01 AM): Thanks E
shiny ebonezer (10:52:11 AM): yeah, i'm a funny lady
shiny ebonezer (10:53:25 AM): he's comming to see me now though, and there's a chance they might be in his car, cause he's crazy like that
YT 13 (10:53:43 AM): In his car, in the Coachella Valley?
shiny ebonezer (10:53:44 AM): but my freind lent me BSG and demanded that i watch it so i might settle down to that
shiny ebonezer (10:53:47 AM): i don't know
shiny ebonezer (10:53:54 AM): yeah, he's not the smartest sometimes
shiny ebonezer (10:54:02 AM): i'm pretty sure thats not where they are
YT 13 (10:54:05 AM): He better damn well get them out of his car
YT 13 (10:54:30 AM): or get another set
YT 13 (10:54:32 AM): for you
shiny ebonezer (10:54:44 AM): haha
shiny ebonezer (10:54:52 AM): we're going to be living together soon
shiny ebonezer (10:54:54 AM): so we can share
YT 13 (10:55:05 AM): Congrats
shiny ebonezer (10:55:32 AM): oh, i need to find a dress for a wedding
shiny ebonezer (10:55:33 AM): not mine
YT 13 (10:56:00 AM): I seem to recall a picture of you, in a very attractive dress
shiny ebonezer (10:56:20 AM): but this is sort of a summery outdoor sort of wedding
YT 13 (10:56:30 AM): 'course, if it ain't your wedding, I do b'lieve etiquette calls for not upstaging the bride
shiny ebonezer (10:56:40 AM): and that was sort of a black indorry winter sort of dress
shiny ebonezer (10:56:43 AM): brides
NinjaKat5021 (10:56:44 AM): probebly if I met Jewel Staite i'd be pretty much "I'm sorry ma'am, I can't remember your name because all I can think about right now is strawberries."
YT 13 (10:57:02 AM): ROtFL Kat
shiny ebonezer (10:57:21 AM): hahaha
YT 13 (10:58:06 AM): I was like that with Morena
YT 13 (10:58:21 AM): during the Q&A after Way Off Broadway
shiny ebonezer (10:58:33 AM): omg
shiny ebonezer (10:58:40 AM): that was the best movie
shiny ebonezer (10:59:01 AM): i met he in a Q & A after that movie too
YT 13 (10:59:18 AM): Well, I wouldn't say I met her
YT 13 (10:59:36 AM): wanted to avoid the possibility of choking
shiny ebonezer (10:59:43 AM): i went up to her after and shook her and and such
YT 13 (10:59:46 AM): But I did ask a coupla Qs
shiny ebonezer (10:59:47 AM): she was totaly sweet
shiny ebonezer (10:59:58 AM): *shook her hand, that is
YT 13 (11:00:16 AM): It was funnier the way you first said it
NinjaKat5021 (11:00:50 AM): qued
YT 13 (11:00:56 AM): Me too
YT 13 (11:01:24 AM): E, what time do you expect Erik?
shiny ebonezer (11:01:27 AM): where did you see the screening?
YT 13 (11:01:28 AM): Derrick?
shiny ebonezer (11:01:32 AM): derrick
shiny ebonezer (11:01:34 AM): i dunno
YT 13 (11:01:34 AM): Fairfax
shiny ebonezer (11:01:36 AM): soonish
NinjaKat5021 (11:01:58 AM): we could chill till then I suppose, or you could wathc the second one with us
NinjaKat5021 (11:02:09 AM): or jump in the middle
NinjaKat5021 (11:02:15 AM): there are many options
YT 13 (11:02:15 AM): Oldish triplex
YT 13 (11:02:23 AM): in Little Israel
shiny ebonezer (11:02:28 AM): don't wait for me
shiny ebonezer (11:02:36 AM): i doubt he has them with him
YT 13 (11:02:50 AM): Count us down Kat
NinjaKat5021 (11:02:55 AM): okies
NinjaKat5021 (11:02:59 AM): 5
NinjaKat5021 (11:03:01 AM): 4
NinjaKat5021 (11:03:03 AM): 3
NinjaKat5021 (11:03:06 AM): 2
NinjaKat5021 (11:03:07 AM): 1
NinjaKat5021 (11:03:10 AM): go
YT 13 (11:03:41 AM): He even does the eyes thing right
WormyWyrm (11:04:37 AM) has been invited.
WormyWyrm (11:04:42 AM) has entered the room.
YT 13 (11:04:48 AM): Hey Worm
WormyWyrm (11:04:54 AM): hi!
NinjaKat5021 (11:05:03 AM): 2 minutes into jaynestown
YT 13 (11:05:06 AM): We're 1 or 2 mins into Jaynestown
WormyWyrm (11:05:07 AM): i cant watch firefly, im in a completeellyy empty house no television
YT 13 (11:05:14 AM): Ah
WormyWyrm (11:05:14 AM): aww thats one of my favourites too
NinjaKat5021 (11:05:23 AM): but you've got your computer
WormyWyrm (11:05:24 AM): lemming afk like always?
WormyWyrm (11:05:35 AM): true! but i dont have my dvds
NinjaKat5021 (11:05:40 AM): good to see you've got priorities
WormyWyrm (11:05:41 AM): i just got internet set up!
WormyWyrm (11:05:52 AM): the modems just sitting on the floor in my empty room
YT 13 (11:05:56 AM): We're watching in honour of Ebo, who saw Sean Maher last week
NinjaKat5021 (11:05:57 AM): I've got nothing, but at least I've got my computer.
WormyWyrm (11:06:17 AM): ohh thats awesome
shiny ebonezer (11:06:24 AM): i know
NinjaKat5021 (11:06:28 AM): "At least I have Chicken."
YT 13 (11:06:30 AM): Ain't no excuse for having one's computer, by no discs
YT 13 (11:07:02 AM): Gorram it E, next time you get your hands on them discs, rip 'em to your hard drive
WormyWyrm (11:07:11 AM): haha
WormyWyrm (11:07:27 AM): yeah i should really keep back ups in my backpack, and in my wallet
WormyWyrm (11:07:29 AM): and in my car
WormyWyrm (11:07:38 AM): and in one or two body cavities
WormyWyrm (11:07:46 AM): then this wouldnt happen!
shiny ebonezer (11:08:22 AM): i've been meaning forever to put the eps onto my ipod
YT 13 (11:09:08 AM): I recommend DVDshrink for backups
YT 13 (11:09:21 AM): Oh, here it comes
YT 13 (11:09:35 AM): Kat, look @Simon
YT 13 (11:09:55 AM): Oh, no hand to cheek
YT 13 (11:10:01 AM): I misremembered
NinjaKat5021 (11:10:08 AM): kinda squinted, studying, ya
YT 13 (11:10:12 AM): That must be in the saloon
YT 13 (11:10:24 AM): LOOOOOve this song
NinjaKat5021 (11:10:33 AM): you can't take the sky from meeee~
NinjaKat5021 (11:11:07 AM): there it is!
YT 13 (11:11:09 AM): Oh, that's what I wuz rememberin'
YT 13 (11:12:07 AM): Marita Grabiak had been tapped to direct ep #15, afore it got cancelled
YT 13 (11:13:35 AM): Wow, that was a fabulously well judged facial expression, when Higgins says "I only make the people I own use my title"
YT 13 (11:14:22 AM): It's not so much that her expression changes, but somehow the life goes out of her eyes
Mrs K Borg (11:21:07 AM) has been invited.
YT 13 (11:21:28 AM): Comp'ny, I hope
mrskborg (11:21:43 AM) has entered the room.
YT 13 (11:21:50 AM): Hey MrsKB
YT 13 (11:22:02 AM): We're into Jaynestown
mrskborg (11:22:19 AM): Hey Yt, evening all
NinjaKat5021 (11:22:26 AM): *waves*
YT 13 (11:22:26 AM): Chapter 5, 19 min's
YT 13 (11:23:00 AM): Jayne's just been discovered by the mudders
mrskborg (11:23:01 AM): only staying a short while I have a jet lagged child to see too lol
YT 13 (11:23:20 AM): How is the Borgette?
YT 13 (11:23:27 AM): aside from jet lagged
mrskborg (11:24:21 AM): yeah she's fine, had a great time apparently but can't get much else out of her at the mo
mrskborg (11:25:55 AM): hows everyone?
YT 13 (11:26:01 AM): I'm good
NinjaKat5021 (11:26:02 AM): I moved
shiny ebonezer (11:26:09 AM): i met sean maher
NinjaKat5021 (11:26:18 AM): and in three months I move again
YT 13 (11:26:22 AM): & Ebo's on cloud nine
shiny ebonezer (11:26:25 AM): i'm moving soon
NinjaKat5021 (11:26:35 AM): aye, she did, and that's why we're watching Jaynestown
YT 13 (11:26:42 AM): I guess that'll be cloud ten?
mrskborg (11:26:47 AM): wow.....
YT 13 (11:27:34 AM): Specifically, it's because, when she met 'im, she thought "it was the best day ever"
NinjaKat5021 (11:27:48 AM): 'caue apparently his expression when looking at the coffe menue resembled when he see's Jaynes statue
mrskborg (11:28:02 AM): lots of moving there, Ninja, lol I'm pretty sure if I met Sean it would be my best day ever too
NinjaKat5021 (11:32:12 AM): Ok, it's nice and all, but this guy is making wayyyy to big a deal out of losing his virginity
YT 13 (11:33:29 AM): Well, it was not only anticipated, but planned
YT 13 (11:33:36 AM): Sounds like a big deal
WormyWyrm (11:33:41 AM): i usually skip those parts
WormyWyrm (11:34:46 AM): some scenes with inara arent up to the quality of the rest of the series
YT 13 (11:35:05 AM): Blasphemy
YT 13 (11:35:16 AM): In this ep?
WormyWyrm (11:36:13 AM): yeah in this one especially
YT 13 (11:36:37 AM): Reckon I must keep missin' those scenes
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JMBlosser (11:37:28 AM) has entered the room.
YT 13 (11:37:35 AM): Hey DJ
YT 13 (11:37:38 AM): 'bout time
JMBlosser (11:37:39 AM): Wow, a crowd!
YT 13 (11:38:02 AM): We all just dropped by to wonder in awe @Ebo
JMBlosser (11:38:06 AM): MrsK, Kat, Ebo
JMBlosser (11:38:19 AM): lem and worm, hey
YT 13 (11:38:39 AM): Well, as usual, you prolly won't get a peep outa Lem
JMBlosser (11:39:30 AM): so what's up? What have I missed?
YT 13 (11:39:45 AM): Ebo met Sean
YT 13 (11:40:01 AM): C'mon E, speak up
JMBlosser (11:40:23 AM): coolness!
YT 13 (11:40:27 AM): Maybe Derrick showed up
NinjaKat5021 (11:41:48 AM): Ebo met sean so we watched Jaynestown.
YT 13 (11:42:47 AM): @a place (coffee shop?) she works
YT 13 (11:43:16 AM): She said he looked at the specials menu the way he looked at the statue of Jayne
mrskborg (11:43:31 AM): soz, was getting Borgette to go to bed, she got confused apparently and sort of fell into mine
JMBlosser (11:43:33 AM): LOL
YT 13 (11:43:37 AM): & she thought "it was the best day ever"
NinjaKat5021 (11:44:11 AM): also he made an expression while looking at the menue that looked like the scen n Jaynestown when they see the statue
YT 13 (11:44:45 AM): So, we had to watch Jaynestown
mrskborg (11:45:23 AM): sounds reasonable enough to me
NinjaKat5021 (11:45:34 AM): yay! my logic makes sense!
NinjaKat5021 (11:45:45 AM): doesn't happen often.....
YT 13 (11:45:58 AM): That makes it special
NinjaKat5021 (11:46:03 AM): which is not necessarily good, being an analyst and all...
YT 13 (11:46:10 AM): LOL
YT 13 (11:46:40 AM): Over
JMBlosser (11:46:45 AM): As long as it's internally consistant, it's all good
NinjaKat5021 (11:46:54 AM): but I sharpened my knife this weekend, now I can almost shave with it.
YT 13 (11:46:55 AM): Anyone up for OMR?
NinjaKat5021 (11:47:04 AM): woot!
JMBlosser (11:47:09 AM): mememe!
mrskborg (11:47:22 AM): oh yeah I havent watched that in a while
JMBlosser (11:47:27 AM): gotta get my fix, even though I'm late today
YT 13 (11:47:53 AM): I'm cued
mrskborg (11:48:10 AM): argh wait for me gotta get discs
YT 13 (11:48:29 AM): We'll be happy to wait, MrsKB
NinjaKat5021 (11:48:33 AM): OMR is on the same disc so I am qued now
YT 13 (11:48:37 AM): We don't get to see you often enough
shiny ebonezer (11:48:52 AM) has left the room.
YT 13 (11:49:11 AM): Yah, I reckon Derrick has shown up
mrskborg (11:49:30 AM): I know, my bad, life gets in the way too much
YT 13 (11:49:45 AM): I've noticed that
YT 13 (11:49:56 AM): Btw, happy Canada Day, everyone
JMBlosser (11:50:20 AM): Didn't know it was, eh?
NinjaKat5021 (11:50:53 AM): it's canada day?
YT 13 (11:50:57 AM): Used to be called Dominion Day
JMBlosser (11:51:01 AM): ready
mrskborg (11:51:05 AM): guys I'm gonna reboot - I will be back
YT 13 (11:51:20 AM): Canada bein' a Dominion & all
NinjaKat5021 (11:51:21 AM): Dominion Day, sounds like a holiday violently enforced by an evil overlord
mrskborg (11:51:22 AM) has left the room.
JMBlosser (11:51:29 AM): Gary Numan has a song called Dominion Day - never knew it was an actual holiday!
YT 13 (11:52:13 AM): Well, if the song came out within the past decade, maybe two, it's no longer an actual holiday
YT 13 (11:52:27 AM): or @least it's no longer the name of the holiday
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mrskborg (11:54:26 AM) has entered the room.
YT 13 (11:54:34 AM): Is it working?
mrskborg (11:54:38 AM): nope
YT 13 (11:55:13 AM): Wanna keep trying, or just hang with us?
mrskborg (11:55:16 AM): my dvd drive is gubbed go ahead start without me, I will watch in my head
YT 13 (11:55:30 AM): DJ, wanna count us down?
JMBlosser (11:56:58 AM): ok, off we go
JMBlosser (11:57:00 AM): 5
JMBlosser (11:57:02 AM): 4
JMBlosser (11:57:04 AM): 3
JMBlosser (11:57:07 AM): 2
JMBlosser (11:57:09 AM): 1
JMBlosser (11:57:10 AM): go
YT 13 (11:58:49 AM): I remember first time I saw this ep, maybe the second ep I saw
YT 13 (11:59:01 AM): I did not have a clue what was goin' on
mrskborg (11:59:29 AM): oh man, gonna cry now, my DVD drive may isn't even showing as there
YT 13 (12:00:09 PM): I have to chuckle. Few weeks back, my hard drive wasn't there
mrskborg (12:00:30 PM): now thats clever
YT 13 (12:00:31 PM): The bigger one, that is
mrskborg (12:00:58 PM): well neither my dvd drive nor my cd burner are apparently there tonight joy
JMBlosser (12:01:23 PM): Maybe they are Canadian?
YT 13 (12:01:51 PM): After you visit with us, prolly time to crack the case, and check on them there connexions
mrskborg (12:02:15 PM): yeah, Kborg can do that..........
YT 13 (12:02:29 PM): Love my song
mrskborg (12:02:29 PM): me I don't touch the innards
mrskborg (12:04:24 PM): he he, hmmm she wasn't sleepy lol, out cold
YT 13 (12:04:44 PM): Borgette?
mrskborg (12:05:27 PM): yup, out cold five minutes flat, must be a new record
YT 13 (12:07:05 PM): Now why can't Alan Tudyk do his Chinese dialogue that well?
danregalff (12:07:48 PM) has been invited.
mrskborg (12:08:44 PM): so I decided to listen to Arcade Fire at BBC while you all are watching OMR
NinjaKat5021 (12:08:53 PM): ack! I miised the countdown!
YT 13 (12:09:05 PM): ROtFL
mrskborg (12:09:10 PM): lol
YT 13 (12:09:16 PM): You missed it by 12 minutes
JMBlosser (12:09:25 PM): not so bad, really
YT 13 (12:09:26 PM): Special hell
NinjaKat5021 (12:09:41 PM): man, jumped right too it, I rock
YT 13 (12:11:08 PM): "By the stove"
YT 13 (12:11:15 PM): Where's the stove?
NinjaKat5021 (12:11:22 PM): isn't nubile kinda the wrong word there? I mean
NinjaKat5021 (12:11:27 PM): there's a stove?
JMBlosser (12:11:45 PM): Remember Inara making tea in TTJ?
YT 13 (12:11:47 PM): Never saw one
YT 13 (12:12:22 PM): I do, but thought she must have been using something more like a microwave
shiny ebonezer (12:12:33 PM) has been invited.
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YT 13 (12:13:31 PM): & actually, I thought "nubile" was a great word, there
YT 13 (12:14:30 PM): Somebody wrote a story 'bout that time six men came to kill Jayne
YT 13 (12:14:47 PM): Posted it in the Blue Sun Room, on Fff.n
JMBlosser (12:14:56 PM): any good?
YT 13 (12:15:01 PM): Pretty good
mrskborg (12:15:14 PM): well, kinda counts me out still never got that one fixed
YT 13 (12:15:15 PM): I'd say better'n average fanfic
mrskborg (12:15:42 PM): and I cant find a decent proxy either
YT 13 (12:16:44 PM): Not, you know, on the order of Xmas Cargo, or Can't Go Home Again (may have that last title wrong)
YT 13 (12:17:25 PM): (but it was read recently on Tales From the 'Verse)
NinjaKat5021 (12:17:28 PM): I've never read these fics, where can I find them?
Invitation result for buddy shiny ebonezer : Invite or request timed out
YT 13 (12:17:56 PM): All three are in the Blue Sun room
YT 13 (12:18:33 PM): & the last two I mentioned have been read on the Tales From the 'Verse podcast
JMBlosser (12:18:43 PM): not really a 'fic fan - I'll leave it to them that are
mrskborg (12:19:07 PM): I've come across the odd one or two that are pretty good
YT 13 (12:19:16 PM): I'm definitely not a fic fan
YT 13 (12:19:49 PM): For instance, I have no interest in any fanfic that isn't Firefly
mrskborg (12:19:50 PM): I have to say it was mostly of boredom at work in my last job lol that I ended up reading them
NinjaKat5021 (12:20:10 PM): I wanna read this bible of hers.
YT 13 (12:20:10 PM): & little interest in that
YT 13 (12:20:43 PM): But I used to check out the fanfic mentioned in the Firefly Talk Fanfic Revue
YT 13 (12:21:08 PM): & a high percentage of that was good
JMBlosser (12:21:50 PM): I did read the "Kaylee's Lament" series, though. And yeah, Amy at FFTalk does her job finding good fic
JMBlosser (12:22:42 PM): Problem is, she's going into grad school, and is passing on the Fic Corner to someone else in a few weeks
YT 13 (12:24:40 PM): For a mo' there, I thought of volunteering
mrskborg (12:25:00 PM): brb
JMBlosser (12:25:10 PM): why didn't you?
YT 13 (12:25:22 PM): but I reckon that the Fics Amy has mentioned are prolly the best of the bunch
YT 13 (12:25:51 PM): & she must have to read a lot that aren't that good, in order to come up with her recommendations
JMBlosser (12:26:14 PM): yes, I've heard her complain!
JMBlosser (12:28:48 PM): hmm, Serenity's engines burning as Saffron leaves in the shuttle...
YT 13 (12:28:59 PM): Missed that
JMBlosser (12:29:35 PM): I look for it now, since you mentioned it a few weeks ago
YT 13 (12:30:53 PM): So here's the third example of someone having to get into a sealed compartment
NinjaKat5021 (12:31:41 PM): Jayne, nobody wants to know where you kiss'em Jayne....
YT 13 (12:31:43 PM): & like the other time when they have secure footing, they use a torch
mrskborg (12:31:51 PM): back
JMBlosser (12:31:53 PM): true
JMBlosser (12:33:35 PM): did ALL of River's lines get cut in this episode? We see her, lurking, but does she say anything?
YT 13 (12:33:50 PM): Can't recall any
YT 13 (12:34:12 PM): & yes, I did notice her in the background, when Inara was talking
YT 13 (12:34:27 PM): Noticed her for the first time, I think
YT 13 (12:35:00 PM): & wondered what she was thinking, what she knew, about Inara
mrskborg (12:35:34 PM): sorry, was just waxing poetical about last nights Dr Who lol
JMBlosser (12:35:45 PM): I wondered too
YT 13 (12:36:03 PM): Dumbass scene
JMBlosser (12:36:51 PM): pretty though, Serenity going through the ring
YT 13 (12:40:39 PM): Shindig?
JMBlosser (12:40:49 PM): why not?
mrskborg (12:40:50 PM): gorramit, trust my dvd player to be on the blink
YT 13 (12:41:16 PM): NK, you up for one more?
JMBlosser (12:41:17 PM): no standalone, or MrK's available?
mrskborg (12:41:30 PM): hes killing things at the moment
mrskborg (12:41:51 PM): W O bloody Warcraft
YT 13 (12:42:01 PM): LOL
JMBlosser (12:42:14 PM): ah! addiction rears it's Orcish head...
mrskborg (12:42:31 PM): dont I bloomin well know it
mrskborg (12:42:57 PM): been trying to get him to watch a couple of movies with me this week, like trying to get blood outa gorram stone
NinjaKat5021 (12:43:16 PM): nyar, I'm writing now for MegaTokyo,
YT 13 (12:43:19 PM): You might suggest Die Hard
mrskborg (12:43:25 PM): though he did manage all of Walk the Line in one sitting b4 the cll of the 'puter struck
YT 13 (12:43:49 PM): Oh, movies on DVD
JMBlosser (12:44:11 PM): is Die Hard out in the UK yet?
mrskborg (12:44:17 PM): nah we have the V+ thingy, record them watch them when we have the time
mrskborg (12:44:25 PM): comes out this week I think
YT 13 (12:44:45 PM): I saw it, and liked it a lot
mrskborg (12:45:17 PM): am debating whether or not we go too see Shrek 3 this coming weekend
JMBlosser (12:45:25 PM): brb
YT 13 (12:45:29 PM): Gives me hope for Lethal Weapon 5 & Indiana Jones 4
mrskborg (12:45:40 PM): theres LW 5??
mrskborg (12:45:46 PM): NOOOO...............
mrskborg (12:46:50 PM): am still trying to catch up on films of the last 6 months and to be honest I'm really not impressed anymore
YT 13 (12:47:50 PM): I've heard good things about Waitress
YT 13 (12:48:14 PM): & the recent Tony Hopkins one was good
mrskborg (12:49:13 PM): oh dear, last film I saw in the Cinema was Hot Fuzz and thats now out on DVD lol
YT 13 (12:49:37 PM): I have the feeling I've seen more good movies within the past 6 months, but I'm drawing a blank
YT 13 (12:50:31 PM): Whatever you do, avoid Epic Movie
mrskborg (12:50:35 PM): hmmm good movies is like good TV at the moment, non-existent
YT 13 (12:50:39 PM): @all costs
YT 13 (12:50:58 PM): John from Cincinnati
mrskborg (12:51:07 PM): with the notable exception of BBC's Life on Mars
YT 13 (12:51:07 PM): Starter Wife
mrskborg (12:51:50 PM): saw the ads for Epic Movie and avoided like the plague lol
YT 13 (12:52:08 PM): Friend of mine writes for Painkiller Jane, but I regret to say it isn't great
JMBlosser (12:52:49 PM): I have a 13-year-old, HAD to go see it Epic Movie - even he thought it was childish
mrskborg (12:53:26 PM): I thnk we got Shrek 3, Die Hard 4, and not much else at the minute
mrskborg (12:53:41 PM): oh no wait 28 weeks later
YT 13 (12:53:42 PM): To paraphrase from a Fish Called Wanda, calling Epic Movie childish is an insult to children
mrskborg (12:53:44 PM): wow what a choice
mrskborg (12:55:17 PM): Borgette went to see the 3rd Pirates film - she's 14, "how was it" says I "hrmph" says she
YT 13 (12:55:47 PM): Anyway, IMDb doesn't have anything on Lethal Weapon 5, so it's no more than a rumour
mrskborg (12:56:29 PM): I'm sure I saw an ad for HP No whatever, I got a raised eyebrow when I asked if she was going to see it, guess that answered my question...........
YT 13 (12:56:40 PM): but here's what they have on IJ4
mrskborg (12:57:47 PM): I'll go see that, outta curiosity if nothing else
YT 13 (12:58:06 PM): Friend o' mine saw Pirates 3. Her review: the first two had great characters & great story. What're the chances they could do that three times in a row
YT 13 (12:58:34 PM): Just figgered out what HP was
YT 13 (12:58:47 PM): I disliked the first one
mrskborg (12:58:48 PM): well I suppose yu could put it that way lol
YT 13 (12:58:54 PM): couldn't sit through the second
mrskborg (12:59:12 PM): 1st one was Ok 2ns was ok, 3rd sucked donkeys and as for the 4th
mrskborg (12:59:28 PM): got half an hour and switched off lol
mrskborg (1:00:19 PM): oh The FLying Scotsman - I prolly go see that one
YT 13 (1:00:28 PM): 'though I do understand the lead chick has growed some
JMBlosser (1:00:29 PM): My ex's daughter was a HUGE fan, so my son and I always go to the HP movies
mrskborg (1:01:01 PM): I think the Philip Pullman films are due to start coming out this year as well
mrskborg (1:01:40 PM): apparently the girl who plays Hermione is not going to do the next film
YT 13 (1:01:44 PM): Jonny Lee Miller?
mrskborg (1:03:22 PM): good grief I havent even seen Spiderman 3 yet, how'd that happen???
YT 13 (1:05:32 PM): Me neither
YT 13 (1:05:40 PM): Just one o' them things
YT 13 (1:05:48 PM): Scheduling
mrskborg (1:05:52 PM): yup guess it is
JMBlosser (1:05:54 PM): your pop culture points are lagging behind, both of you!
JMBlosser (1:06:11 PM): LOL
YT 13 (1:06:21 PM): 'specially since it's no longer playing on any good screens
mrskborg (1:06:22 PM): hey, not so I'm going too see Arcade Fire, and this band are gonna be HUGE
YT 13 (1:06:51 PM): Second time I've heard that name in this chat
YT 13 (1:07:05 PM): Did you mention 'em afore, MrsKB?
mrskborg (1:07:47 PM): Might have, possibly, but they are gona be huge
YT 13 (1:07:50 PM): Hokey Smoke, they're Cannucks
mrskborg (1:07:56 PM): yup
mrskborg (1:08:15 PM): well actually 2 brothers are Americans who live now in Canada
mrskborg (1:08:25 PM): from Houston I believe
JMBlosser (1:09:53 PM): never heard of them before
JMBlosser (1:10:01 PM): good, I take it?
mrskborg (1:10:17 PM): they are fantastic
NinjaKat5021 (1:10:19 PM): You know, untill you really listen to it, closely, you don't really realize how complext metal music can be.
mrskborg (1:10:35 PM):
YT 13 (1:10:41 PM): Wikipedia shows Butlers Win & Wm, & Regine Chassagne, from Montreal
mrskborg (1:10:52 PM): I have known this for many years Ninja
YT 13 (1:11:13 PM): & Richard Parry, Tim Kingsbury & Jerry Gara, who I think of as from Toronto
mrskborg (1:11:45 PM): I listened to them being interviewed the other night and they def saud they hailed originally from Houston but went to school in Montreal,
YT 13 (1:11:58 PM): Oh, wait, you mean the Butlers are from Houston?
mrskborg (1:12:19 PM): yeah Win Butler from Houston
mrskborg (1:12:32 PM): forgot his name there for a mo lol
mrskborg (1:12:59 PM): thye played at Glastonbury last week as well
YT 13 (1:15:05 PM): Awright, who was it said they'd brb?
YT 13 (1:15:12 PM): Was that you DJ?
YT 13 (1:15:24 PM): Like half an hour back?
NinjaKat5021 (1:15:58 PM): I think it was MrsK
mrskborg (1:16:22 PM): I did like ages ago
YT 13 (1:16:41 PM): Well, I wasn't waiting on MrsKB, 'cause I know she isn't watching with us
NinjaKat5021 (1:16:46 PM): well yours is the only brb Ctrl+F found
YT 13 (1:17:00 PM): I think DJ said he'd brb
YT 13 (1:17:20 PM): Check again
NinjaKat5021 (1:17:58 PM): JM
YT 13 (1:17:59 PM): DJ said it, after MrsKB
YT 13 (1:18:06 PM): & it was a half hour back
NinjaKat5021 (1:18:23 PM): [21:49] JMBlosser: brb
JMBlosser (1:18:26 PM): yo
NinjaKat5021 (1:18:35 PM): hmm.....
JMBlosser (1:18:39 PM): sorry, been back a while
mrskborg (1:18:43 PM): lol
YT 13 (1:18:46 PM): So count us down, DJ
JMBlosser (1:19:00 PM): 'k
JMBlosser (1:19:05 PM): 5
JMBlosser (1:19:07 PM): 4
JMBlosser (1:19:09 PM): 3
JMBlosser (1:19:10 PM): 2
JMBlosser (1:19:12 PM): heb?
JMBlosser (1:19:14 PM): 1
YT 13 (1:19:14 PM): so we can get on with our increasingly eerie ass day
JMBlosser (1:19:16 PM): go
YT 13 (1:19:46 PM): LOL, I wasn't Cued!!!
YT 13 (1:19:59 PM): So I'll be a few sec's behind
JMBlosser (1:20:14 PM): we can re-start, no prob
YT 13 (1:20:37 PM): No, I'm @1min in
JMBlosser (1:20:42 PM): (careful what you wish for and all that!!)
JMBlosser (1:21:01 PM): why is Jayne drinking from a doggie dish?
YT 13 (1:21:26 PM): Capuccino?
lemmingonadetour (1:21:44 PM) has left the room.
YT 13 (1:21:56 PM): Thought he'd never leave
YT 13 (1:22:17 PM): Prolly couldn't stand the thought of me saying I LOVE THIS SONG
YT 13 (1:22:22 PM): for the third time today
JMBlosser (1:23:10 PM): to quote Louis Gosset Jr, "Truth is Truth"!
YT 13 (1:23:26 PM): "This is This"
JMBlosser (1:24:26 PM): why do some pictures disappear when Inara touches them, and others expand?
YT 13 (1:25:35 PM): I didn't want to mention it again but, her same touch appears to access both live calls & recordings
JMBlosser (1:25:49 PM): yup
YT 13 (1:26:06 PM): Unless she was being rude to that first kid, & just hung up on him
JMBlosser (1:26:36 PM): I still think that was a recording, and there was a little beep letting her know Ath was on the line
YT 13 (1:26:38 PM): Though now that I notice it, for the first time (wow, like that doesn't happen too often)
YT 13 (1:27:04 PM): Atherton was on the first line, whereas the kid was on the second line
YT 13 (1:27:35 PM): So maybe the top line was incoming calles, while the rest of the screen was messages
JMBlosser (1:27:43 PM): could be
YT 13 (1:28:28 PM): & could be as you said, DJ
YT 13 (1:28:37 PM): I think there might have been a beep
JMBlosser (1:29:06 PM): have to check for sure, next time I/we watch!
YT 13 (1:29:23 PM): Something to look for'ard too
YT 13 (1:29:33 PM): to, too
JMBlosser (1:29:57 PM): nah, just the once!
YT 13 (1:30:50 PM): Towel head
mrskborg (1:31:44 PM): well folks, I gotta git going, work 2 moro after 2weeks off, that'll be fun
YT 13 (1:31:57 PM): Oh yah
JMBlosser (1:32:11 PM): day after vacation's over - no fun!
mrskborg (1:32:11 PM): all kinds of hell but there you go
YT 13 (1:32:26 PM): Thanks for droppin' in
YT 13 (1:32:35 PM): & visitin' for awhile, MrsKB
mrskborg (1:32:37 PM): will try drop in more often
JMBlosser (1:32:40 PM): nice seen' ya, mrsK
mrskborg (1:32:52 PM): take care folks g'night
YT 13 (1:32:53 PM): S'long
mrskborg (1:32:55 PM) has left the room.
JMBlosser (1:32:57 PM): night
YT 13 (1:36:03 PM): Dumbass round cards
JMBlosser (1:36:22 PM): do look silly
YT 13 (1:38:03 PM): Not so much that they look silly, but how does one shuffle them?
NinjaKat5021 (1:39:02 PM): umm....I think those are coasters.......
YT 13 (1:39:54 PM): Well, the Joss & the actors are trying to make out they're cards
NinjaKat5021 (1:40:48 PM): apples? pears? I think they just made a card game from scratch out of coasters is the intent here......
YT 13 (1:46:09 PM): Nate does great with lines that are difficult to say
YT 13 (1:47:15 PM): Now that one makes sense
JMBlosser (1:47:40 PM): which one?
YT 13 (1:47:48 PM): Jayne jacking a shell into the chamber of the shotgun
YT 13 (1:48:06 PM): No need to have it chambered up to that point
JMBlosser (1:48:24 PM): 'cept he just did it again...
YT 13 (1:48:25 PM): ''o course, that second one makes no sense
JMBlosser (1:48:31 PM): lol
YT 13 (1:48:45 PM): But then, neither does that doorknob
JMBlosser (1:49:20 PM): who needs a key - just carry the doorknob to the locked dooe
JMBlosser (1:49:25 PM): door
YT 13 (1:50:28 PM): Right, instead of a key, which has been close to two dimensional for a millenium, & has gotten closer within the last century, let's carry a sphere
YT 13 (1:51:22 PM): What will probably come out, I'd guess within the next decade
YT 13 (1:51:45 PM): is keycards with keypads
YT 13 (1:52:11 PM): so nobody would ever have to carry more'n one key
YT 13 (1:52:50 PM): They'd just key in, on the keypad, the code for the lock they wanted to open
YT 13 (1:55:45 PM): The cards could even incorporate a thumbprint reader
YT 13 (1:56:00 PM): though that would prolly take longer to perfect
JMBlosser (1:57:46 PM): you're prolly right, though I'd start to worry about hackers, not just lockpicks
YT 13 (2:00:04 PM): Hotels are already confident enough in our current 2nd gen card key tech to have given up on hard keys
YT 13 (2:00:49 PM): & they have a larger liability than any homeowner
YT 13 (2:01:03 PM): who doesn't have a private security force
NinjaKat5021 (2:01:05 PM): that's true, but the technology already exists to grant the right (or wrong) person the ability to scrample those kinds of locks and open them easily and quickly.
NinjaKat5021 (2:01:58 PM): picking a hard lock takes a bit of skill, all an electronic lock takes is a little piece of equipment and a software package.
YT 13 (2:03:22 PM): Picking a typical 5 or 6 pin house lock takes a pick gun & two seconds, with hardly any practice
YT 13 (2:04:01 PM): Well, it's been a slice
JMBlosser (2:04:23 PM): has indeed, thanks
YT 13 (2:04:32 PM): I just checked &, though I found my log for last weeks chat,
YT 13 (2:04:42 PM): this week didn't seem to generate one
YT 13 (2:04:47 PM): Waah
YT 13 (2:04:59 PM): This one I really wanted to be able to post
YT 13 (2:05:19 PM): both cause it was crowded, & fun
YT 13 (2:05:32 PM): and because of Ebo's story of meeting Sean Maher
JMBlosser (2:06:18 PM): bummer!
YT 13 (2:06:28 PM): Indeed
YT 13 (2:06:39 PM): Well, thanks guys
NinjaKat5021 (2:06:49 PM): later
YT 13 (2:06:49 PM): Back to RL
JMBlosser (2:06:53 PM): next week mayhaps?
YT 13 (2:06:56 PM): Wait NK
NinjaKat5021 (2:07:08 PM): nyur?
YT 13 (2:07:26 PM): Just a reminder: y'oughta check out Tales From the Verse (podcast)
NinjaKat5021 (2:07:35 PM): don't have a pod though
YT 13 (2:07:36 PM): for some great Fireflyfanfic
YT 13 (2:07:46 PM): I don't have a pod
YT 13 (2:07:56 PM): Just download it to your computer
YT 13 (2:08:02 PM): 's what I do
YT 13 (2:08:13 PM): I listen to 'em all @home
YT 13 (2:08:34 PM): Yah DJ, next week
YT 13 (2:08:42 PM): War Stories
YT 13 (2:08:57 PM): & Objects In Space, if we have time
YT 13 (2:09:48 PM):
JMBlosser (2:09:58 PM): sounds good
JMBlosser (2:10:05 PM) has left the room.
YT 13 (2:10:55 PM): Later NK
YT 13 (2:11:02 PM): Glad you could make it today
NinjaKat5021 (2:15:29 PM): see ya
NinjaKat5021 (2:15:31 PM): I'm off
NinjaKat5021 (2:15:36 PM) has left the room.

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