Serenity Breaks Even...............

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Thursday, February 5, 2009 11:24 PM


This may be old news, but as I dug around I found this article from late August 2006..........

The bottom line is the bottom line, especially in Hollywood.




Friday, February 6, 2009 3:28 AM


It's odd to think that it clearly didn't do too badly, and yet no one is yet to realise that money could be made off a sequel, especially since Firefly/Serenity is becoming increasingly popular. The amount of times I've heard people saying "oh, I checked out this show recently, called Firefly that I heard about from a friend."

My dad called me the other day and said "I was just out with some of my friends, and we were discussing things we'd recently seen on TV, and someone mentioned they'd been told about a series called Firefly, which they rented, watched in 2 nights, then proceeded to buy and also purchase the film Serenity." Now, I know this won't mean much to you, but the point is that my dad's friends don't watch new TV. They watch the 'classics' or they watch the History Channel, or the sport. So for one of them to have loved Serenity, is a big deal, and just shows how far spread that it's becoming.

(If anyone's wondering, yes, I managed to get my dad to see Serenity when it came out, following which, he watched the series.)

This post went way off my original topic.
About a month till I can give Universal more of my money and more incentives to make a sequel, when I buy Serenity on BluRay in Aust (March 4).


Friday, February 6, 2009 6:45 AM


Yeah, I managed to drag my dad along to the opening night of Serenity in theaters... then he wanted to finally sit down and watch the series with me, after I'd been harping on him to watch it for absolute AGES!!!

I caught most of the series when it was first aired on the network that will not be named, and since I received the boxed set of DVD's for Christmas way back in 2002, I've probably watched the entire thing 140 some odd times... Just glad to be doing good works, and getting more folks into our 'verse...

I'm still holding out hope for a second series... which I highly doubt will ever be made, but I've still got hope

... and talk about off topic... my bad


Friday, February 6, 2009 7:22 AM


And that was a few years ago.. so it's just been a money tree since then. Sure.. it may not have racked up a $100 million in one weekend.. but in this economy.. breaking even is better than anything on wall street.

Where's our sequal???

That's the problem with publicly owned companies.. most individuals would be more than happy with a 10% percent return on their investmment, wall street wants 100%+ returns.


Friday, February 6, 2009 7:36 AM


I don't think break even is a big shining star. Especially since sequels are assumed to pull in some smaller percentage than their predecessors as far as I've heard. Couple that with the fact a lot of the BDHs have increased their star power since Serenity and you have a bad situation. Increased budget + decreased box office = bad idea. I don't think the fanbase has grown as much as we would like to think it has.

So, where's our sequel? It will be in the comics. I think that's where it's going to stay.


Saturday, February 7, 2009 4:33 AM


sequel ? only in our wildest dreams unfortunatly i think...i know joss has said firefly/serenity has been his favorite creation...but i can tell by the tone of what he says that he doesn't believe their will ever be a sequel,and that is a shame...
he "created" us browncoats...
yes, we will go on,but hollywood has gone on to make some failed sequals...
Serenity2 would Not Be A Failure...
money talks these days i guess...i'll keep hoping but in the meantime i got my firefly/serenity on blu-ray to keep me company till then...

Wash: What do you expect me to do, Mal?
Mal: Whatever you have to! And if you can't do it from here, then get a suit on and go outside on the side of the boat—
Wash: And what?! Wave my arms around?
Mal: Wave your arms around, jump up and down, divert the navsats to the transmitter… whatever.
Wash: Divert the— Right! Because teenage pranks are fun when you're about to die!
Mal: It'd give the beacon a boost, wouldn't it?
Wash: Yes! It would boost the signal. But even if some passerby did happen to receive, all it would do is muck up their navigation!
Mal: Could be that's true.
Wash: Damn right it's true! They'd be forced to stop and dig out our signal before they could even go anyplace.
[Mal stares at Wash. Wash stares back, realization dawning and still shouts:]
Wash: Well, maybe I should do that then!


Saturday, February 7, 2009 6:28 AM


Break even is the worst you can do in this business. Almost nothing has ever lost money, but no one is in the business to break even. If you can invest 50 million in a project that will break even, or one that will make 100 million, which would you do?

Waterworld cost $180 million, and returned $264 million, and is considered a disaster. It returns money longer term as DVD release, etc. Almost the only things which lose money are the ones which never get finished. I think speedracer might've lost money.

The film failed to reach a non-fanbase audience, which was a failure in planning. Joss was jonesing to tell the story, lost sight of the marketing.

Not to be mercenary about the whole thing, but a story on paper is on thing, on film, it's a far more expensive operation.


Monday, February 9, 2009 1:50 PM


Despite my post I'm still optimistic and hopeful that someone, some brilliant exec, will see the growing numbers of fans and how us Browncoats will not let this go - which in the long run means cashy-money to those who can make the BDS a reality.

Even if it goes straight to DVD, which is where they have made the most coin. Somehow this story will get told to them that want it most, namely us. We just got to keep on going. Anywho, how many times can they squeeze this puppy for another DVD set? (Serenity 3D!?).

The odds don't look good, but you know what the Captain says: "that's what makes us special."








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