Woohoo! Completed My Firefly Set! So, Some Thoughts...

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 23:09
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004 12:35 PM


Okay, so today I watched "Objects In Space" and thought it was fantastic. River was amazing, and that whole dream sequence was really cool, and that enabled us to see how things are for River, from her point of view.

Early is very creepy, when he's talking to Kaylee, - sick bastard.

But River just takes over, and saves the day, and really earns her place as a part of Serenity.

Sadly I don't recall the Inara-leaving thing being wrapped up either way, or did I miss that?

And I watched all the special features, except not the commentaries. And I'm very pleased to see that all nine characters contributed to them (even summer!) this is someting of a rareity, as I can't think of one Buffy box-set in which every regular cast member healthily contributed.

But I'm confused. When written, was it known that "Objects In Space" would be the final episode of the season? Was it planned to be a 14 episode season, and that was it. Or, was it planned to be more like 24 episodes, and this one just happened to be the last?

My favourite character is still and I hope always will be River!

My favourite moments are River's shooting of 3 of Niska's henchmen in "War Stories", and all of her in "Objects In Space" everything in the hopsital in "Ariel", and the deleted scene from "Our Mrs Reynolds" with the "We can take care of each other. I'll knit." and from "JaynesTown" "There's too much hair!" And many other I can't think of right now.

Now I'm gonna watch all the commentaries, then re-watch all the episodes again!

Questions; I've seen and fallen in love with WiccanSlyr's new Video, and want to know if anybody can gimme links to more Fan-made videos!

And, does anybody know where I can find screencaps from the eps??


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"We can take care of each other. I'll knit!"


Tuesday, November 23, 2004 1:33 PM


Two Fan-vid links you might find useful:

First is - This is a Really Useful Site in many ways:

Then Succatash has some of the best stuff on his StrangeFinger site:

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004 4:06 PM


Nearly every damn screencap from every damn episode. Very cool.



Tuesday, November 23, 2004 5:02 PM


I wanted to reply to some of your questions.

No, the issue with Inara leaving was never resolved.

When the show was originally aired, "Objects in Space" was the last episode shown. Trash, The Message and Heart of Gold were scheduled to run afterwards, except the show got cancelled.

When Joss decided to release the episodes on DVD he thought that "Objects in Space" made a better ending episode than Heart of Gold (or The Message, the original order of the last three varies a bit), so he changed the order a bit. That's why there's the alternate dialogue for Objects in Space, originally there was no reference to Inara leaving.

A lot of questions were left unresolved by the cancellation. A few of them may be answered in the upcoming movie.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004 3:42 AM


And yes, it was supposed to be more than just 14 episodes, no matter which one you finish with. Joss had been heard to mutter "seven years" about Firefly's duration.

And do listen to the commentaries! Joss's one for Objects in Space is particularly interesting.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004 4:04 AM


Thanks for your responses guys! And I'm gonna start with the commentaries tonight!!! Also, does anoybody know what plans Joss had for the rest of the Season then?


"Two by two, hands of blue."
"We can take care of each other. I'll knit!"


Wednesday, November 24, 2004 2:14 PM


the movie is not the Series. Only the facts have been changed, to irritate the innocent; the names of the actors and characters remain the same


Originally posted by PsychicRiver:
Also, does anoybody know what plans Joss had for the rest of the Season then?

Joss & Tim. Maybe a couple or more of their regular writers. The rest of us, here, wander from inference to wild guess.

I infer that Inara would have tried to leave Serenity, and perhaps succeeded for an ep or so. Yet although this could have been a rather typical season ending cliffhanger, I think Joss started it too early to carry it on that long (another seven or eight eps), so I guess Inara would have been with Serenity @the end of S1.

I infer from Joss's commentaries that the Blue Sun Corp would have become a larger presence; I guess it might have been made more concrete with a new character who could appear, or @least be mentioned, every few eps.

I guess there would have been more clues to Book's past, probably eliminating some of the possibilities we've discussed here on FfF.n But I don't think Joss would have explained all by the end of S1.

I guess we would have seen Badger in @least two more eps, with perhaps one ep in which Mal turned the tables on Badger, but not so much that Badger couldn't serve his usual purpose in S2.

I guess there would have been terrific temptation to use Niska again in S1. Problem is, the way things escalated between Train Job & War Stories, I don't see how Joss could avoid killing him, if he actually appeared in a third ep, and we'd all miss Niska when he's gone. I'm sure his name would be used in @least another couple of eps in S1, whether he gets killed or not.

I guess one ep would be kicked off by Book, either his past or a chance planetfall encounter.

I guess that Zoe & Wash would have had marital difficulties, perhaps stemming from War Stories.

YoSafBridge could appear again. Wouldn't it be cool if Badger needed Mal & crew to bust her outa jail?

I infer that Joss would have created @least two new characters (stories), in S1, with the power & presence of Saffron & Early.

Joss had been thinking about this concept for a while, and he had lots of time & money to produce the pilot. The next four eps, everyone seemed to be finding their way. I infer that the rest of S1 would have been as good, on average, as what we have from Our Mrs Reynolds on.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 11:09 PM


Yeah, Badger's wife YSB is always getting him in trouble. At least she has good teeth.