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Friday, April 25, 2008 12:04 PM


*I'm half listening to the conversation when Brit flies off the handle and throws her spoon across the room almost impaling my merc. I start to say something but Mobbex, running his mouth, keeps me in my seat. He's becoming a problem. I don't mind other people’s opinions, so long as they understand mines the only one that matters on this boat.*

*Abbey rises to follow Brit and puts her hand on my shoulder. I freeze. Should I say something? I would normally. Don't want to draw attention though. Before I make up my mind she's left the room. Damn... this is more trouble than if I just kissed her outright in front of everyone.*


Mobbex: That's the second time she throws a fit on me. *aims his fork at Colt* There ain't gonna be third one.

*I ignore him. Still distracted by Abbey. How is this going to work? Can't go around ignoring each other.*


Even y' can't miss it! But that's assuming' y're not too busy makin' out with your renter!

*That gets my attention. This ends now. I order him the bridge. Once he leaves I ask Sky to wait for me in the passageway and tell Spots to follow me.
We head to the engine room*

*I'm rummaging through Spots tools when he enters*

Spots: What are looking for?

*I hold up a small spanner* Not hefty enough. Prob'ly just piss him off.

*Spots catches on and hands me a rather large wrench*

Thanks. I'll bring it back. *tucking it the back of my pants.*

*I meet Sky in the passageway to the bridge.*

Sky: When should I step in and pull him off of you.

What makes you think you’re going to need to? *we exchange looks* I might surprise you. *She doesn’t look convinced* Fine. If I start losing to bad, jump in.

Sky: And if you I can't pull him off?

Shoot him.

*I enter the bridge and Mobbex is looking far too comfortable. The conversation goes as expected.*


Mobbex lowers his stance and flashes his gap-toothed grin.

Mobbex: Y' wanna go, captain?

*He wastes no time closing the gap between us and lands a hard right to my head. I turn with the blow and return one to his ribs. He brushes it off and grabs me in a bear hug. I feel the wind rush out of me as he squeezes*

*I think Sky is about to step in when Mobbex feels the wrench on my back. His eyes open wide and I smile. I plant my knee firmly between his legs. This time the air shoots from him. His grip relaxes and I head butt him in the nose. He lets go. I hit the ground and swing the wrench hard at his head. He goes down like a rock*

*It takes Sky and I both to squeeze Mobbex into the storage locker. We wedge him in tight so he can't move when he comes too. I cut loose the vents so he can see out. After an half hour he wakes trapped in the locker*

Seems you have a problem with the way I run my boat. And seeing as it's not likely to change, I got a situation. You’re big on giving your opinion. I'm thinking I space your sorry ass as soon as we break atmo. What do you think?


Friday, April 25, 2008 3:54 PM


Well capt. When I was to be married I paniked. I was all dressed up in the dress. for some reason I just could not do it. I mean I loved the guy I just couldn't do it.SO I geuss you could imagine me running down the isle in a white dress.

and him running after. I told him I couldn't do it. he told me to take my time and he would be waiting when I came back.

three days later the war started And I join the independance as a fighter pilot and I have not gone back since

************ jumps and the sound of the fight going on runs out to help hold mobbex down.****************

I am a leaf on the wind


Friday, April 25, 2008 4:32 PM


Mobbex can see Colt's lips move through the vent but can't make out the words because his head is resonating like a bell.

Mobbex: You... you stuffed me in the pantry? Wuo duh tian ah, Colt... turn's out there's some steel within that flabby carcass o' yours after all. 'Hadn't reckoned with your strapping on the... whatever that was you hit me with. Tha' was kinda cunning... *tries to squeeze himself into a more comfortable position* Hmmph... *grunts* It's kinda tight in here, y'know. When're y' lettin' me out?



Friday, April 25, 2008 5:48 PM


Let him out Sky.

*She looks at me like I'm crazy, but unlocks the locker.*

*Mobbex steps out and leans agaist the door, showing his big toothless grin.*

Mobbex: Didnt see that coming.

I bet you didn't. We need to go over who's boat this is and who you work for?

*He shakes his head no*

Go have the Doc check you out.

*He leaves and Sky is clearly annoyed.*

Sky: You letting him stay? He going to kill you first chance he gets.

He'll fall in line.

Sky: You and your second chance bull$&@. Better hope your right this time.

Look on the bright side. If I'm wrong you get the ship.

*She doesn't look thrilled at the prospect. Hard to tell if its concern for me or she just doesn't want the headache of this crew*

Wash get us up in the air. Stan make sure the load secure. Spots here's your wrench back.

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Friday, April 25, 2008 6:31 PM


*Stan stands up quickly and tosses his plate down by the sink. Stopping to glance inquisitively at the Captain as he hands the hefty wrench back to Spots.*

Stan: "Sure thing, Captain. Right away."

*He hurries quickly down the aft corridor and down the stairs to the catwalk. He approaches Abbey as she stands on the catwalk outside her shuttle berth.*

Abbey: "Is something wrong? Stan, right?*

Stan: "No, well.. really I don't know. Captain wants us in the air. Asked me to secure the load."

Abbey: "Alright."

Stan: "How's your door? Spots did most of the fixing, I hope I didn't mess up what little I touched."

Abbey: "No, no it's actually better than it was before. I swear the parts you two found had to be newer than half of the rest of the ship."

Stan: "You know, you're probably right. Thanks Abbey, I'll tell Spots if I see him."

*Stan nods politely and hurries past down the gangway and to the lower deck. He walks around the lumber and other cargo, checking the various straps, knots and locking bolts. He looks around for some extra multi-strap for the lumber, not really thinking it's secure enough. The engines start to whir softly and quickly build to a low rumble felt more than heard. After a couple minutes searching the cargo hold he decides it'll have to do and heads back up to the galley to strap in.*

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Friday, April 25, 2008 7:20 PM


(Puting Wrench back in his tool bag, then moving to to galley to clean up)

whats a few dishes between friends (sweeping up the plate shards) and puting them in the trash)

**thinking to him self** i wonder if well every have a normal dinner

(sky comes huffing down to the infirmary)

Sky What is it spots **clearly not amused**

well, it looks like you need to relax a bit, and i have something that can help take the edge off ( hands her a small bottle)

Sky: wow water how nice

oooh it aint water trust me try it youll see

(she takes a swig, her face contorts involuntary because of the burning in side of her)

Sky: the hell is that

well i call it moonshine, but its the makeings of a whisky with out the ageing in an oak barrel.
i made a distillery out of some old engine parts

Sky : wow thats some mighty strong stuff there spots (handing the bottle back)

no thats for you keep it. call it a gift of trust.

Sky: what does that mean??

that i trust you but you need to get cleaned up. good night Sky im glad to have you here. ( moving toward his bunk)


Saturday, April 26, 2008 2:48 AM



Originally posted by Colt999:
Go have the doc check you out.

Mobbex brings a hand up and prods the swelling on the back off his head.

Ow... 'might be worth her checkin' it out. 'Can't hurt... 'less she starts poundin' at it with a scalpel or somesuch...

He gives a mental shrug and leaves the bridge, heading for the galley.

Mobbex: *walks up to Oram* Hey doc? Cap'n hit me in the noggin with a spanner. Would'y mind havin' a look?



Saturday, April 26, 2008 3:03 AM


*The galley is mostly empty, having its share of ‘adventure’ for the evening. Oram is left to her own devices, and is making her way slowly through her half-eaten meal, the blinding migraine is replaced with a bearable headache; the nausea is still tangoing in her stomach, hence the slow eating. She glances up and jumps back in fright as Mobbex is standing in front of her. She pauses in her eating as he asks…

Mobbex: Hey doc? Cap'n hit me in the noggin with a spanner. Would'y mind havin' a look?

*Not sure if he’s using it as a ruse to get her to a ‘quiet’ place so he can knock her out and leave her where she’ll neve see the light of day again, Oram watches him for a second or so before nodding in reply*

I suppose I could…

*She gets up from her table and, leaving her dinner behind, moves off to the infirmary for what is going to be an awkward examination*


Saturday, April 26, 2008 3:24 AM


***Message Incoming***

I hear your VFF, I'm LT's job contact, if your in need of a job send LT a wave.

***Message Ends***


Saturday, April 26, 2008 4:27 AM


Sounds like my buisness just got more buisnessy.
'Least i beat him here by 3 days. [profile check]


Saturday, April 26, 2008 7:17 AM


Mobbex is walking behind Oram as they enter the infirmary.

She flips on the lights and directs Mobbex to the table with a quick nod.

Oram: Take a seat, I need to have a clear look at it.

Mobbex lifts his bottom onto the stainless steel counter and stoops his head. Oram pulls on a pair of blue nitrite surgical gloves and starts feeling the lump on Mobbex's head.

Mobbex: *winces as Oram is fingering his wound* So, huh... Is it bleedin'?

Oram: Nope... it ain't pretty though. What did you say he hit you with?

Mobbex: 'Ain't exactly sure to be honest. My guess is it was one of Spots's hydro-spanners. 'Thing had a weight to hit, 'knocked me senseless in a flash.

Oram: Oh... *tries to hide her gleeful grin* So, hum... captain knocked you out?

Mobbex: *nods* Uh-huh. Captain's a scheming gent, 'had a plan. Me, I just went in thinkin' I could taunt him into lettin' the gloves go... 'played right into his hands.

Oram: So... you're sayin' he outsmarted you. Well that's a shocker...

Mobbex: *chuckles* I misjudged him is all. 'Didn't figure him for a down'n dirty type o' customer.

Oram: *frowns* Come again?

Mobbex: Well, huh... *clears throat* I've done some competitive boxing in my youth, back on Lilac. But I got turned off with all the rules'n stuff, so I picked up street fighting! *chuckles* 'My first time out, I got trounced...

Oram: *arches her eyebrows* Really?

Mobbex: Oh yeah... I mean, even then I's probably stronger and fitter than any guy they could throw at me, but... Y' see, back in the ring, y' come up against a fella' y' can't beat, you lose. But down on the streets, when you can't beat'im... you cheat. 'Guy threw a fistful o' dirt at my face and hit me in the temple with a rock. Knocked me right out. That's down'n dirty for you...

Oram: I see...

Mobbex: 'Course, I came right back and beat the living out o' the guy not even a week after...

Oram: *gives a half smile* Of course...

Mobbex: *chuckles* Yea, I bet his ears are still buzzin' from that pounding his head took that day... anyway. Tha' was an important lesson.

Oram: Yeah, reckon it was.

She pulls a flashlight out of her pocket and sets about inspecting Mobbex's eyeballs.

Oram, mumbling to herself more than anything: No sign of excessive photophobia... Pupils are even sized...

Mobbex: Huh?

Oram: *switches the flashtlight off and tucks it back into her pocket* How's your vision? Is it blurry? 'You seeing any bright lights?

Mobbex stares at her for a moment, looking a little unassertive, then shakes his head no.

Oram: Okay... are you filling dizzy or nauseous?

Mobbex: *grins wryly* Not any more than usual.

Oram: *giggles* Yeah, good one. How's your motor coordination? Are you having difficulties balancing and such?

Mobbex: *shrugs* I got here fine, haven't I?

Oram: *nods and takes a step back* Well, you look fine to me. Just be sure to check in if symptoms crop up within the next few days.

Mobbex: *gets to his feet* Thanks doc, I will. *gives her a nod of salute and walks out*



Saturday, April 26, 2008 7:23 AM


*Mobbex runs into abbey on the stairs.*

Mobbex: What do you want?

abbey *smiling*: I just wanted to say thank you.

Mobbex *confused*: Huh?

abbey: For being nicer to Oram. I heard you down in the infirmary.

Mobbex *slightly uncomfortable*: Whatever… No big.

abbey *motioning towards her shuttle*: I have something for you. Will you follow me?

*She starts up the stairs and he reluctantly follows her.*

Mobbex: You’re not going to yell at me are you?

abbey: No.

Mobbex: You thinking on shooting me?

abbey *chuckling*: No!

Mobbex: Whacking me in the head with a hydro-spanner like the Captain?

abbey *stopping abruptly and turning around*: He hit you in the head with a hydro-spanner?

Mobbex *shrugs as they start back up the stairs*: We had a disagreement. I don’t know which is worse, that or the fact he stuffed me in a locker afterwards.

abbey *stopping again*: He put you in a locker? Do you even fit?

Mobbex: I think Sky helped him.

*abbey suppresses a laugh and starts again up the stairs.*

abbey: I think this might brighten your day then.

Mobbex: Shiny!

When they got up to her shuttle, she went behind the curtain where her sleeping quarters were. Mobs really wanted to know what it looked like back there but stayed where he was. He looked around the room.

abbey *from behind the curtain*: I got these from a dealer on Ariel. They are supposed to be very good. My customers like them.

Mobbex notices that there is a very large intimidating lock on her bar now. He smirks. The place looks a lot different now that he’s had time to look around. There is a couple of snazzy looking end tables and a sofa up against the wall. There were two large cabinets on the opposite wall. Other than that, it seems kinda simple.

Mobbex: Where’s all yer stuff? Though you’d have more. Life you lead and all.

*abbey comes back out to where Mobbex is. She points to end tables.*

abbey: Those are the tables for card games. That one is a roulette table.

Mobbex: Don’t look like one I’ve ever seen.

abbey: New models. All electronic. By the time they come together, you’d never know they had ever looked like this.

Mobbex *still looking at tables, amazed*: Huh!

abbey: I keep the chairs, cards, other accessories in the cabinets.

Mobbex *grinning at her*: What about the loot?

abbey *laughs*: I’m not telling you that. Let’s just say that it is safe.

*She hands Mobbex three really nice, fancy cigars. Mobbex gapes at them.*

Mobbex: Are those what I think they are?

abbey *nods head*: Yes they are.

Mobbex *excited*: SHINY!

abbey: I just really appreciate it… And I was a bit dramatic in the infirmary the other night.

Mobbex: Ah… Knew you didn’t mean it.

abbey: Didn’t say that. I meant it. Just I came across a little…

Mobbex: Scary?

abbey *amazed that she pulled off intimidating a man the size of Mobbex*: Really?

Mobbex: Yeah. Scary abbey is a little… unsettling. Caught me off guard.

abbey *changing the subject*: Well, I thought that you might like them.

Mobbex: Do these have hearts on them somewhere too? *abbey rolls eyes*

abbey *pointing to door*: Out!

Mobbex chuckles as he tucks the cigars gently into his pocket. He closes her door behind him as he leaves. He passes by Colt on the way to his bunk.

Mobbex *with a sloppy grin on his face*: With perks like these, I might just like having her around. *looks straight into Colt’s face* She give treats like this to everyone?

*Mobbex keeps walking towards his bunk leaving Colt on the catwalk. Colt looks over at the doorway to leads to abbey’s shuttle. He could feel his anger rising.*

Colt: Perks?


Saturday, April 26, 2008 11:03 AM



* I walk in Abbey's shuttle without knocking*

Whats going on in here?

Abbey: What are you talking about?

* I look around her shuttle, not sure what exactly I'm looking for.*

Mobbex said...

Abbey: Said what?

What was he doing in here?

Abbey: I was just thanking him. He.... Why is this your business?

Thanking him how? I mean for what?

Abbey: I think we're finished here Captain Colt.

* her formal dissmissal, doesn't go unnoticed.*

You think we're finished here? Did everyone here forget this is my goram boat?

Abbey pushing me towards the door: I understand its your boat but this is my shuttle. So until I'm behind on the rent, your authority ends at this door.

You think so? *The door shuts in my face*

Abbey: What is wrong with that man? What did he think I was doing with Mobbex? *suddently realizing * He wouldn't. He couldn't . Either he has a very low opinion of me.....or he it couldn't be he agreed it was an accident. He couldn't be jealous.

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Saturday, April 26, 2008 11:22 AM


* I'm fuming as I leave her shuttle. Shut the door in my face. I should have Spots rip the damn thing off again. Oram sees me passing through the cargo bay.*

Oram: Captain did you really hit Mobbex with spanner?

Pretty sure it was a wrench.

Oram: You can't go around hitting people in the head with wrenches. You could have killed him.

He'll live.

Oram: Yes he will no thanks to you.

* I spin around and get in her face* is it that much different than you throwing a book at Abbey? She has a bruise big around as her head now. What was that all about?

* She looks at me horrified and starts to cry.*

Thought she was your friend *rubbing it in for no reason but pissed*

Just patch up my crew Doc.

* I leave her crying and head to the galley*

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Saturday, April 26, 2008 11:57 AM


*abbey hears a commotion coming from outside of her shuttle. She comes out to see Colt leaving and Oram in tears. She rushes up to Oram.*

abbey *angrily*: What did he say to you?

Oram *sobbing*: He told me that your bruise was as big as your head! Tell me that’s not true!

Abbey *hugging her tightly*: Wish I could mei mei. It is pretty nasty, but don’t you worry none. It’ll heal. I’ll be good as new. *Oram pushes abbey back a little and looks under the collar of her shirt to see the bruise. Her eyes grow wide.*

Oram *horrified*: I am so sorry! No wonder he said that I wasn’t a good friend. *lays shirt gently back into place.* I’ll go get you something for the pain.

Abbey *anger rising*: No need to. I’m fine. *She looks toward where Colt had disappeared to.* It is him that won’t be. *She turns back to Oram.* Now go down to your room and rest. I will take care of him.

*Oram nods and goes down stairs. Abbey walks briskly into the galley, where she catches Colt alone. He is pouring a drink.*

abbey *angry*: What in the Hell is wrong with you? *Colt snorts in response as he downs his drink quickly before refilling. She crosses her arms and continues.* You enjoy making Oram cry?

Colt: You enjoy doing… whatever it was you did with Mobbex?

Abbey *anger rising more*: What do you think happened?

Colt: I don’t want to know.

Abbey: I gave him some cigars to thank him for being nicer to Oram. She doesn’t need the added stress.

Colt *nearly choking on his drink*: Cigars?

Abbey: Cigars. *She crosses the room to stand straight in from of him.* What exactly do you think I am?

Colt: I don’t know.

Abbey: I can tell you what. I am a Gamer and a dear friend of that young lady down there. I can tell you that I am NOT a whore or anything along that lines. I do not do things like that on a whim. I have standards.

Colt: Like that Grayson fellow?

*abbey smacks Colt hard across the face. He is stunned.*

Abbey: I am not going to dignify that with an answer. *she points her finger in Colt’s face* And if you ever hurt Oram again. I’ll… I’ll…

Colt: Why do you defend her?

Abbey *yelling*: Because it is my job!

Colt: Your job? What does gaming have to do with holding the hand of someone who would do that *gesturing at her shoulder* to you? Does she even appreciate you?

Abbey: You don’t understand what we have been through. What we have given up! *her eyes get wide and she stops abruptly*

Colt: Can’t be much. Life you lead. Money you make. You could have anything you want.

*That comment cut more than Colt could ever know. She turns to start to leave, but Colt grabs her arm.*

abbey *softly*: Just leave her alone.

Colt *not yelling anymore*: She hurt you. *He turns her around to face him. He is surprised to see tears welling in her eyes.*

abbey: That’s enough, Colt. Please drop it.

Colt *losing the anger he had pent up inside. It has gone past that*: What exactly did you do to make her think she can hurt you?

abbey *pleading*: Please drop it. That’s in our past, Colt. Oram’s and mine. I don’t owe you an explanation.

Colt: But she…

abbey *wiping away the first of many tears that are now streaming down her face*: Please? For me? Please just leave this alone?

*Colt opens his arms to pull her into an embrace, to try to comfort her, but she pulls away from him.*

Colt *softly and with concern*: abbey…

*abbey’s eyes are filled with pain and emotion. Wanting to avoid any further conflict, she retreats quickly and runs from the galley.*


Saturday, April 26, 2008 1:09 PM


Mobbex climbs up the stairs to the aft hallway and takes a left, heading for the engine room.

Mobbex: Spots? Y' in there?

Spots: *waves a hand at Mobbex from under the engine core* Down here!

He worms his way out and stands up.

Mobbex: Huh... hey. Would'y happen to have some scrap metal lyin' around?

Spots: *scratches the back of his head* Well... sure, there's the offcuts from the old starboard shuttle hatch... *nods toward a heap of rubbish piled up next to the hatchway* What for?

Mobbex: Well, as my pa used to say... *grabs a sheet of quarter inch plating roughly the shape and size of a dish plate* "Only a foolish tree leaves his roots for all to see." Thanks pal.



Saturday, April 26, 2008 1:48 PM


****hits com****

rodger that capt. we are air borne

****** notices brit walk in and sit in the next chair************

So how are you?

I am a leaf on the wind


Sunday, April 27, 2008 7:13 AM


*I walk onto the bridge and stand behind Wash. She has us on course and everything seems fine. I move to my seat. Brit looks worried but before I can ask her about it she leaves.*

You ever regret leaving that guy at the alter?

Wash: Not so much regret. More wonder what my life would have been.

*I nod an understanding*

Wash: I like the life I’ve carved out. If I had stayed I would have never learned to fly. I like to think I did a good job in the war, so, no regrets. *she gets up to remove one of her wandering dinos form my console. I wave her back to her seat and pick up the plastic dino. What about you Captain? Ever marry?

Not the marrying type.

Wash: Mind if I ask you a personal question?

Isn’t, “ever marry” kinda personal?

*She grins*

Go ahead.

Wash: Is Colt your first name or last?

*I sit for a few seconds just staring at the stars* Both….neither.

Wash: Oh I love riddles. Did you hear the one about the guy that dies and goes to hell and there are two doors…

*I look at her and she gives me an easy smile*

Ok…Colt’s the name I’ve had since the war. The one before doesn’t matter anymore.

Wash: What did you do in the war?

I was Alliance.

*Shocked* Wash: ALLIANCE?

Yeah, joined soon as I was of age. I was on a surveyor ship, spent most of our time out in the Black. Till the war… then I saw the real Alliance. What means they would go to, just to say they won.

Wash: What did you do?

Deserted. Found an Independent unit. Turned myself in. Sat in holding cell at prison camp for a few months till my story checked out. They offered me a commission, made me a Captain in exchange for information. Alliance didn’t take to the idea of me turning on them. Since they couldn’t reach me they reached my family.

Wash: oh…

Yeah... War turned in their favor. We saw the end coming. I had a Major with a similar story. The two of us created our new lives. I became Colt.

Wash: You ever see the Major?

He was in a rush. Didn’t cover his tracks well enough. Alliance caught him.

*she flips a few switches and we sit in silence*

Wash: Takes a big person to do what you did changing sides like that. Most people see a wrong, do a wrong, they just keep on going.

*I think back to my fight with Abbey and the Doc*

*Handing her back her dino* Well you seem to have all this in hand. I got something I need to see too.

Wash: Thanks Captain

For what?

Wash: Sharing this. Shows you trust me.

You’re my crew Wash.

*Later I’m standing outside Abbeys door, thinking about what Wash said about being in the wrong. I knock gently on the door.*

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Sunday, April 27, 2008 9:06 AM


Mobbex strolls down the stairs from the catwalk, an eight foot skipping rope swung around his broad neck.

'I end up stickin' around, I'll prolly be gettin' a threadmill in here somewhere. This rope skipping drill's gettin' wearisome...

He settles on a spot between two stacks of boles and starts doing criss-crosses.

'Prolly should ease off on the tokin', too... but these vintage mocambos are just sweet...

He dips his head in greeting as Sky walks by. She notices the rather atypical knob around his groin area and shoots him a look of disgust before storming off.

Mobbex gives a mental shrug and presses on with his aerobics.



Sunday, April 27, 2008 11:03 AM



Originally posted by Colt999:
*Later I’m standing outside Abbeys door, thinking about what Wash said about being in the wrong. I knock gently on the door.*

*abbey hears someone knock on her door. She knows it is Colt, but she isn’t sure if she wants to talk to him. So she doesn’t answer. He knocks again. Doesn’t he get the point? She hears her door open an inch.*

Colt: abbey? I know you are in there. Can I come in?

abbey: Please go away.

Colt *insistent*: I’m not going anywhere. Let me in. I’m not leaving until you do. *tries to sound upbeat* And you know I am a very stubborn man.

*After a minute, abbey goes to the door and opens it so he can come in. The first thing Colt notices is that abbey looks miserable. Her eyes are puffy from crying. Colt wipes a lingering tear from her face with his hand.*

Colt: I wanted to make sure you were OK. You were so upset before… I’m sorry.

abbey shrugs and retreats further into her shuttle. Colt follows her but she keeps her back to him.

abbey: It was nothing…

Colt: Seemed like something.

abbey: I don’t want to talk about it. *Colt’s hand reaches out and touches the sleeve of her robe. He turns her around to face him.*

Colt: You don’t need to. I just needed to know… if you were OK. I really am sorry.

abbey looks like she is going to cry again. He hates seeing her like this. Without another word, he pulls her into an embrace. This time she lets him and she buries her face in his chest, fisting her hands in the material on his shirt. He exhales and kisses the top of her head.

Colt: I’m sorry. I wish you knew how much…

They stand like that for what seems like hours. Then Colt feels her arms wrap around his waist. Electricity races up his spine. He holds her a bit tighter and kisses the top of her head again. Her hair smells of strawberries. He breathes in the scent, reveling in it. He rubs her back, now noticing that she is dressed for bed. Her robe is so soft, so silky. He pulls back enough for her to look up into his face. Even teary, she is beautiful. He leans down and softly places his lips on hers.

He kisses her and suddenly she kisses back. Their kisses become more passionate, but in the back of Colt’s brain, he is reminded that she had been upset and as much as he doesn’t want to stop kissing her, he knows he has to. He pulls away from her slightly.

abbey: What’s wrong?

Colt: Don’t take this the wrong way… but this ain’t right. You’re hurtin.’

abbey: I’m better now. *Colt sighs and slowly pushes her further away from him. The hurt look on her face makes his heart ache.*

Colt: As much as I would like to, I can’t. It wouldn’t be right.

abbey: I guess so. *Her arms cross in front of her chest. She is distancing herself from him, but Colt didn’t want her to go too far away. He didn’t want to loose this feeling.*

Colt: I do have to say one thing… *he pulls her close again and plants a tender kiss* This wasn’t an accident.

*abbey smiles a bit as he parts and leaves her shuttle. Once he is outside, he leans up against the bulkhead.*

Colt (exhaling): Wow…


Sunday, April 27, 2008 12:30 PM


*Stan heads down to his small passenger dorm. He grabs his duffel and looks around. The room is small and very much spartan, with only a simple mattress for bedding and dull gray walls. A typical passenger berth on a transport of the era when ships like this were far more common. Not even half as nice as the berths he saw on most the transports he took from the border to the rim.*

*He opens his duffel, pulls out his databook and sets the duffel back in the corner. Sitting on the bed he lies back and opens the computer, keying in the security passcode he inserts the encyclopedia key-chip and runs a search."

Stan: "Search Firefly series 03 standard model..."

*A small display screen depicts an image of a standard series 03 and begins to run through a circuit of images, cross-sections and close-ups of various components. A calm, natural, yet formal sounding female voice begins to emit from the speaker*

Universal Encyclopedia: Firefly series 03, commissioned by the Allied Spacecraft Corporation and designed by a team of engineers and specialists under Mandel & Earls, LTD and first built by Firefly Coach Works, LTD in the mid 2450's. It featured more crew quarters, passenger dorms and cargo space than either Firefly model produced before. With a modular section which could optionally house either a secondary cargo hold, passenger dorms or infirmary. A feature which was dropped shortly after initial construction in favor of a more standard design. Several variants on the series 03 were adapted after commission by private companies, organizations and individuals. Most notable of which would be the military variant used by the Independent Faction during the Unification War of the Early 26th century. Several of these were known to exist and all surviving examples were either destroyed by the Alliance since, or refitted for civilian and commercial use. For further information on the Firefly design and construction refer to the Mandel & Earls interactive virtual manual.

Stan: "Well that didn't help me very much... Search.. Firefly Series 03 vessel name 'Book'..."

Universal Encyclopedia: No record of this vessel exists in this library. Please supply more information or search current ship registry via a cortex terminal link.

Stan: "Yeah. Oh well..."

*He closes the book and sets it down on the mattress beside him. He leans back and closes his eyes to rest for awhile*

Stan:*mumbles quietly* "Wish something would happen around here. I'm already bored."

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Sunday, April 27, 2008 12:52 PM


*Brit is pacing back and forth in her bunk. Her eyes are open wide and her hands move in different gestures as she speaks quickly to herself*

Stalking dead sheep... falling into the wrong hands and too much weight on her shoulders. Testing... testing...

*She knocks on the wall* Ok, the testing works...

Leaving us alone? No, that's not right. Nothing makes sense.

Let me go. And they listen? No, it doesn't make sense.

False sense of security. Crawling around like lions to their prey and pouncing us like sheep. And yet they go to rip apart our necks, but quickly stop and turn away... they... TURN AWAY?? Why? I don't understand why!

*She puts her head in her hands and stops pacing, but her eyes widen even more*
No... that can't be why...

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here!" - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Sunday, April 27, 2008 12:52 PM


Wash on the comm.: Captain, better get up here we got a problem.

*I look back at Abbey’s door* Might be a problem.

*I’m still distracted until Wash snaps me out of it*

Wash: It’s the Alliance. They want us to dock.

Chou ma niao

*I run the bridge and sure enough the stars are gone, blocked by the giant ship.*

And how was I not aware of this?

Wash: Sorry Captain. I monitored the traffic leaving Creed but they must have parked behind a moon or something. They just popped up before they hailed us.

*Sky enters: Great, Alliance and us with an illegal load. Have I thank you lately for bringing me onboard?

Just get the fixed papers.

Sky: Colt their 3 months out of date, and even if they weren’t they don’t cover this cargo.

Just get em * I start down the passageway as Mobbex is coming back from his workout.*

Mobbex: What’s this about the Alliance?

Just what it sounds like. *walking past him*

Mobbex: Hey a…wait up. I just…well I might be a…wanted by them.

Oh there’s a surprise. What for?

Mobbex: Not sure. That’s why I said might.

Not sure?

Mobbex: Well I’ve done a lot of things. Not rightly sure who’s looking for me.

Just keep your mouth shut and no guns.

*The Book shudders and Wash comes over the comm.: We’re docked. They want all personnel to the cargo door.

*Everyone gathers in the cargo bay as the door opens, a group of soldiers spread out and cover the room. A tall lanky fella waltzes in behind them. I can tell from the look on his face this isn’t going to end well.*

Welcome aboard Commander…*extending my hand*

*He blows me off*

I’m Lieutenant Fox. *grabbing the papers from Sky. He opens them* You must be Captain Whedon.

That’s right.

Fox: Your papers are out of date. *Still reading* It seems your operating license for this quadrant has been canceled. *He looks at the load of wood and double checks the papers* And you are carrying sanctioned lumber from an Alliance provider. I see no record of that. I have to say Captain. You’re in a world of trouble.

*Turning to his men* Toss the boat. Let’s see what else he’s hiding.

*Abbey steps forward before I can stop her.*

Abbey: I think you’ll find my records are in order sir. I rent the shuttle.

*He looks over the documents unimpressed.*

Fox: A Gamer? I despise gambling.

Abbey: Well sir as you can see I am authorized by the House.

*Fox steps in close to her: Young lady, out here I am the only authority.

*I step between them: Well lets just see what your commander says bout that.

Fox: He won’t be bothered with the likes of you. *He steps back* But maybe he’ll visit you in our brig.

*His men move into Abbeys shuttle and start searching*

Fox: Retina Scan all of them. Let’s see if they are wanted elsewhere.

*I look and Sky, then to Mobbex. Scanning won’t go well for the three of us. If Abbey is worried about it she doesn’t show it. The rest of the crew is behind me. If their worried I cant tell. This is bad*

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Sunday, April 27, 2008 2:23 PM



Originally posted by Colt999:
Retina Scan all of them. Let’s see if they are wanted elsewhere.

Mobbex tenses up and takes a brief look at Colt. Colt is starring fixedly at him, his eyes advising him to stand down. Mobbex is itching to make a move, but the bay is already swarming with purple. He makes a face and throws his hands behind his head.

Mobbex: *between clenched teeth* Mi tian gohn...

'Knew I shoulda gone off... Damn this boat, damn these , damn every last one o' them...



Sunday, April 27, 2008 2:29 PM


*abbey had hoped that Lt. Fox would look at her papers and let her by. She had everything in order, but it didn’t work out that way. He was less than impressed, almost hostile towards her. She was thankful that Colt had interceded on her behalf by stepping in front of her.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
Fox: Retina Scan all of them. Let’s see if they are wanted elsewhere.

Retina scans? Lt. Fox said to do retina scans on everyone. That meant her too. abbey freezes, doing her best to stay calm. Colt looks back at her, but then goes back to dealing with Fox. Oram slides up from behind her.*

Oram *whispering*: You’ll be fine. I’m sure they would have taken care of this kind of thing. *Oram waits a second then doesn’t sound quite so sure.* Wouldn’t they?

abbey *whispering*: I don’t know. Never had one done before.

Oram: Not even for the House? *abbey shakes her head*

abbey: Aren’t you worried?

Oram: Not so much. I’m not the one who is supposed to be dead.

abbey’s windpipe tightens up. At first, she thinks it could be a lingering effect of the Panaflex, but it has been a few days since her last attack. This feels different. This is pure fear. She reaches out to Oram and squeezes her hand hard.

Oram: You OK? *abbey shakes her head.*

abbey: I’m scared.

Oram: You’ll be OK. The Captain will protect all of us.

abbey hopes that Oram is right and that somehow the scan will go fine. The thought of the Captain protecting her, although she knows he really couldn’t do much of anything if things go wrong, makes her feel marginally better. She plants that thought in the front of her mind and then begins to silently pray.


Sunday, April 27, 2008 3:19 PM


*Sky is thinking to herself as the Alliance scatters on board.* Knew I should have got off this gorram boat earlier.

*Whispers to Colt.* So "Captain Whedon," how you gonna save the day this time? Or should I have gotten off your boat a mite earlier?

*Fox mentions something about Retina scans. Sky becomes nervous as Colt looks at both her and Mobbex.*
Retina scans... well this is just going to go just great. Just another reason to make me wanna leave.


Sunday, April 27, 2008 4:36 PM



Sunday, April 27, 2008 7:23 PM


(Walking out of the engine room with wrench in hand just in time to be mobbed by alliance feds)

Fed: Weapon!!! (2 feds grab me and through my arm against the safety rail till my arm breaks and i drop the wrench)


Colt: Hey hes just a mechanic

Fed2: Sir please stay where you are any action you take can be held against you.
(Colt holding back his rage backs down)

(Spots being brought down the stairs to the rest of the crew)

Colt: you ok??

Spots: not really but ill make it


Sunday, April 27, 2008 11:32 PM


*Oram stays near Abbey, feeling calm and collected. Knowing she’s in the clear as she hasn’t done anything illegal in the past 4 years… well, not that she knows of. She feels Abbey squeezing her hand in a death-grip and absently squeezes back, then turns to see a couple of feds dragging Spots down the stairs, noticing that something is wrong with his arm. The doctor in her immediately flares up.*

Hey, you don’t have to manhandle him... you’ve already broken a limb.

Abbey: Oram, quiet!

No.. *sakes her hand out of Abbey's grip* I'm not gonna listen to his go se..

Lt. Fox: I’d hold you’re tongue; you’re under arrest along with the rest of the crew.

Still doesn’t give you the human right to break limbs, badly I might add, for taking people by surprise.

Lt. Fox: My medical team will assess whether his arm is, in fact, broken.

I'm a doctor, and from where I'm standing I can perfectly see it’s broken.

Lt. Fox: You’re a little young to be a doctor.

I passed the Alliance medical examination tests with semi-flying colours.

Lt. Fox: With a high chance that you cheated. I’ll be personally seeing to it that you are stripped of your medical licence if I find that you didn’t cross a T or dotted an I on any exams from the day you first stepped into medical academy.

And I’ll be personally seeing to it that your arrogance is reported to your superior and that you’re stripped of you dinky ship and its tin man crew.

*Without warning, Lt. Fox backhands Oram with enough force to send her onto her arse. She wipes her mouth on her sleave to find blood and that her jaw feels numb.*


Monday, April 28, 2008 2:20 AM



Originally posted by Oram:
*Without warning, Lt. Fox backhands Oram with enough force to send her onto her arse. She wipes her mouth on her sleave to find blood and that her jaw feels numb.*

Mobbex makes a move toward the lieutenant but Colt steps in and lays an arm over his chest, stopping him.

Colt: *muttering* Hold it.

Mobbex, eyeing Fox in a pugnacious manner: That was a lil' out of order.



Monday, April 28, 2008 2:28 AM


*I watch Spots being dragged to the cargo bay, nursing a bad arm. Now their just screwing with us cause they can. Oram gives Fox hell. I try to move that direction but a young soldier steps in front of me. Doc's giving as good as Fox, then the bastard get bent and slaps her.*


*He spins on me* Fox: You are all bound by law. Restrain them.

* IT. I'm killing him.*

*Before I can move Brit steps up to Fox*

Brit: I'm ready to be scanned now.

*Fox motions the soldier with the scanner over. He places the scanner in front of Brits eyes and blue light flashes.*

Fox: That one next. *pointing at me*

*Fox comes to close. I stomp down hard on the top of his boot, crushing bone. Before I can do anything else. His men are on me. The sound of guns charging echoes in the bay.*


That a fact? Or do you need your medical team to assess it?

Fox: Assaulting an Alliance officer. *Limping away from me* SCAN HIM.

*They come at me with the scanner but before they can finish another man enters the bay. He hands Fox a screen.*

*Reading the screen* Fox: This can't be right.

*The other man nods*

Fox: All of them? *clearly upset*

*He turns and those of us paying attention see an image on the screen. It's Brit and below in big red letters it says. NOT TO BE DETAINED FOR ANY REASON*

*Fox grabs his comm. After several minutes of arguing with someone on the other side he hands off the comm. He walks up to me, wary not to get to close.*

Fox: You and your people are free to go.

*They vacate the Book and we are in the clear. Everyone goes about cleaning up the mess. Doc goes to work on Spots arm. No one says much but its clear what everyone is thinking. What the hell just happened?*

*I lock eyes with Brit. She just blinks a couple of times and leaves the room*

Stan: One of his prairie dogs could have outsmarted him.


Monday, April 28, 2008 3:36 AM


*Feels Oram let go of her hand as Spots is brought downstairs. She begins to give Lt. Fox a verbal assault.*


Originally posted by Oram:
Abbey: Oram, quiet!

*Without warning, Lt. Fox backhands Oram with enough force to send her onto her arse.

*Abbey’s hand flies up to her mouth and she lets out a strangled gasp. She knows she should go to her friend’s side, but her feet are rooted to the floor.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
*He spins on me* Fox: You are all bound by law. Restrain them.

*All of us? Bound by law? Abbey sees dark spots float around in her peripheral vision. She feels like she is going to pass out. Brit steps up and volunteers to be the first one scanned. She looks so fearless.*

*Then all of a sudden, Lt. Fox is handed a screen and immediately turns red from anger.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
Fox: All of them? *clearly upset*

*He turns and those of us paying attention see an image on the screen. It's Brit and below in big red letters it says. NOT TO BE DETAINED FOR ANY REASON*

*She notices that no one is watching her now and unconsciously (and slowly) backs up towards the stairs.*

*When they leave she bolts up the stairs and into her shuttle. Only Mobbex notices her leaving, but he looks mad enough to kill the first person that comes within arms length.*

*When she arrives in her shuttle, it has been tossed. The bar has had the one of the doors kicked in because they couldn’t get past the lock. It is leaking alcohol from broken bottles but not enough to have destroyed her whole inventory, her specialty food items that she keeps for customers (cheesecake and other various delights) are thrown carelessly on the floor, some cigars have been thrown from their humidor and her cabinets have been ransacked. Chairs and cards are strewn everywhere. The material that separates her bedroom from the rest of the shuttle has been torn as well. Luckily the tables she has are not damaged.*

*But the damage doesn't even phase her. The pent up emotions from the ordeal take their toll. She could have been in real trouble. She slumps onto the sofa and begins to sob uncontrollably..*


Monday, April 28, 2008 3:38 AM


*Spots has his arm encased in a moulded cast, he’s still able to use his hand, but only marginally.*

I'm sorry that it’s gonna take about 6 weeks to heal… I don’t have an exo-builder, you’ll have to get Stan to help with the ships upkeep.

Spots: Didn’t expect to find one on this ship. So, it was a clean break of the bone?

I don’t even want to think what would’ve happened if it wasn’t... Though, to be safe, I'm giving you a dose of anti-biotics just in case anything wants to play merry havoc with you. I'm sure you’ll be safe, what with all the crawling around you do in this place, your immunity will be stronger than an Ox.

Spots: Thanks Doc.

*He hops off the chair and exits the infirmary heading for the engine room. Oram goes to wash her hands, and sees blood going down the drain. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she swears under her breath at the loss of the bloody stitches again, but forces herself to swallow the bile and rinses the remnants from her finger and palm, wrapping her hand in a clean bandage before heading for the galley, she catches the already purple bruise and swollen cheek in the basin mirror, but almost no emotion is on her face as she examins it before leaving the infirmary*


Monday, April 28, 2008 4:26 AM


Mobbex glowers at Fox's back as he walks out with an uneven gait, then spins around and whirls toward the nearest gangway. His face is contorted into a ferocious snarl, and both Sky an Colt hurriedly backpedal out of his course. Stan, however, is a little slow on the draw, and Mobbex promptly shoves him against a mound of boles.

Mobbex: Get the out o' my way! *notices Abbey's vanishing act as she has already made it to the upper catwalk*

'Bastards must've rifled her place to hell...

He veers to his right and stomps up the stairs to Abbey's shuttle.

With any luck they'll have spared a few goodies...



Monday, April 28, 2008 5:22 AM


*Sky watches everyone leave the room quickly. Abbey is gone, however, before she can even watch her walk away. Brit stares at Colt and then walks away nonchalantly. Oram and Spots rush into the infirmary. Wash heads back up to the bridge. Mobbex stomps viciously up the stairs and out of the room, pushing Stan against the stacks of lumber along the way. Her eyes quickly move from him to Stan who is now on the floor, rubbing the back of his neck, and then she quickly shoots her glare towards Colt.*

What the jiǔ yōu was that all about? Did you see whose picture was on that screen, Colt?

Colt: Yeah. I did.

Do you think she's part of the Alliance?

Colt: I really don't know. But I'm sure as hell gonna find out.

*Colt walks out of the room and the only person left there is herself. She sighs as she walks out of the room as well.*
Well this is becoming one hell of a boat ride.


Monday, April 28, 2008 7:00 AM


****hits comm to the other ship**********

That was down right Chicken Titus Fox!!! Hell Just because I ran out on your GORAM Brother doesn't mean you can harass us !!!

***** comms back( doesn't notice that the capt. and sky are there in the doorwat listening to the exchange)***********

Your one to talk, you left Christian heartbroken . Your worse than that Cheap wanna be compaion !!! He still has not gotten over you.

***** the capt walks quietly closer to wash as does sky***********

Watch what you say about Christian he is more a man than you will ever be you worthless bastard. I still love him .....................

hate to interupt your family squabble but we have got to get going.

*******I stand up Quite embarassed ********

Yes sir, will do

*****turns the ship and heads away from that ship**********

Sky: so Sha'uri care to explain that little problem?

Wash: Yes the man I was to be married to is one of the highers ups in the alliance. ok. his brother tried to court me and failed it was one of the reasons I left now let us get out of here.................

I am a leaf on the wind


Monday, April 28, 2008 10:14 AM


Mobbex hears abbey crying from outside her door. He hesitates, but continues into her shuttle. He sees her on the couch. He hates it when women cry. It makes him uncomfortable. He changes his focus onto the room, which is trashed.

Mobbex: Tzao gao, abbey! You’d think that you were hiding something. *She chokes a bit, making her cough.* You need that inhaler thingy? *looks around a bit more* Not that I could find it anyway.

*abbey shakes her head as she finally stops coughing.*

Mobbex *shrugs*: They really tore this place apart. *He starts hefting the chairs back into the cabinets.*

*abbey is surprised that he is helping her out. Mobbex picks up a smushed chocolate cheesecake, still in it’s package.*

Mobbex: Can I have this?

*abbey nods and he finds an empty box on the floor. It is one that she hasn’t bothered to throw away from a recent shipment she had received. Mobbex drops the cheesecake in the box. He picks up the humidor and puts in on a shelf in the cabinet. There are two bent cigars lying on the floor. They are not quite broken but he is sure that abbey wouldn’t want to give them to her clients. She is still crying but a lot softer.*

Mobbex: Can I have these?

*abbey nods as she continues to cry, wiping tears from her face. Mobbex tosses abbey two sofa pillows that were thrown on the floor. She lays them down next to her on the sofa and puts her head on them, pulling her feet up onto the sofa too.*

*Mobbex pushes the glass from the broken bottles into a pile with his boot. He leans down to see a bottle of Gin sticking out of the damaged door of her bar. He picks it up and sees that there is a chip on the neck of the bottle. It doesn’t go all the way through. He turns to abbey and she lays on the sofa half asleep, still sniffling.*

Mobbex: This one is chipped. Can I…

abbey *sleepily, cutting him off*: You can have anything that’s damaged. Just leave what is intact.

*Mobbex smiles and happily starts putting away items that he can figure out where they go. All the while, he is dropping any damaged goods in his box. He looks over at abbey, who has fallen asleep, with a tear still falling down her cheek. He finishes what he can and turns back to abbey. Her sleep has become somewhat agitated and she is murmuring slightly. He sets his box down and looks around. Through the torn fabric of her divider, he sees a throw at the bottom of her bed. He picks it up and lays it across her. Her hands wrap around it and she cries out.

abbey *softly and barely recognizable*: no… run…

*Mobbex makes a note to mention it to someone. Grinning like he’d won the lottery, he picks up his box of loot and leaves her shuttle.*


Monday, April 28, 2008 11:06 AM


Mobbex tiptoes his way out of the shuttle, his loot in hand, and pulls the hatch shut with a swift tug of his leg.

Sweet gal... 'oughta get herself robbed more often.

He makes his way through the upper deck and and literally bumps into Colt in front of the hatch to his bunk as the latter is leaving the bridge.

Colt: *frowns* Where have you been and what's with the box?

Mobbex: Huh? Jus' stuff from Abbey's shuttle.

Colt, speaking with a somewhat menacing edge: You stealin' from crew again?

Mobbex: *an irritated scowl comes on his face* Would I tell you outright if I were stealin'? I ain't stupid y'know.

Colt: Right...

Mobbex: It's damaged goods, anyhow. 'Told me I could have it. *puts the box down on the grating and throws the hatch wide* Y' might wanna check in on her, too.

Colt, with a hint of concern in his voice: Check in on her? What for?

Mobbex: Well, she didn't look quite right to me. 'Could be wrong, though.

Colt: *rolls his eyes at the ceiling* Define "Not quite right".

Mobbex: *shrugs* I dunno... she was sleepin' most o' the time I's there, mumblin' gibberish'n stuff. Cryin' too.

Colt, his face showing genuine concern: All right, I'll, huh... drop by, see what's with her.

Mobbex: *smirks* Yeah, m'sure you will. *picks the box up, tucks it under his arm and disappears down the ladder*



Monday, April 28, 2008 1:14 PM


******Puts ship on auto pilot. Walks to her Quaters and pulls out a picture of her and Christian and cries*************

**************heads out to the galley to grab something to eat and bumps into mobbex enjoy some finr acholol*********

hey can I grab a drink?

I am a leaf on the wind


Monday, April 28, 2008 1:33 PM


*Oram stops at the threshold, in shock that the galley has been turned inside out and upside down. Holding back the groan for the unnecessary work, she goes in to see what can be salvaged and reused. Halfway through she makes a cup of coffee for herself and sits up on the counter, surveying what’s she’s cleaned, what’s part of the individual crew inventory and a small pile of unsalvageable items.*


Monday, April 28, 2008 4:47 PM


hey Oram need some help.

I am a leaf on the wind


Monday, April 28, 2008 4:52 PM


*Looks up and see's Wash entering the galley*

Nah, I've got it under control... Mobbex is gonna be pretty when he finds they destroyed his *reads from half torn lable* Protien Body Builder.... *throws the empty tin and lable into the bin* Well, least he ain't on steroids, his agression is more than I can handle at times.

*She finishes her coffee and gets back to cleaning the galley*


Monday, April 28, 2008 5:18 PM


*Walks into her bunk and sits on her bed. Her eyes travel downward and look at the floor underneath her bare feet. She begins swinging her legs on the edge of the bed as her eyes travel all around the room and then watch the door for ten seconds before she hears a knock on it*

Brit: Enter, please. *She looks back down at the floor* I was expecting to see you.

Colt: That so? You wanna explain to me what just happened back there?

Brit: Not really.

Colt: Oh? And why not?

Brit: *Her eyes seem tense as she looks at Colt* Because you know as much as I do about what just happened.

Colt: What are you talking about?

Brit: *she looks back down at the ground and swings her legs some more* I mean, I don't know what happened. I just knew they would scan me and leave. I don't know why.

Colt: And how did you know they would scan you and leave?

Brit: *shrugs* I just knew.

Colt: Ah. You just knew. Right. Same answer every time, don't know why I still ask.

Brit: *She shoots her eyes toward Colt, her mouth gaping slightly* You don't trust me. I am not Alliance.

*Colt stares at her for a moment and somehow feels a bit more relieved even though he still doesn't know if she's telling the truth*

Brit: *Tilts her head* Shouldn't you be checking on Abbey?

Colt: *He perks up as he remembers* I, uh... yeah... *He takes a moment to look at Brit and then quickly leaves*

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here!" - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Monday, April 28, 2008 6:12 PM


*Stan picks himself up off the deck. After mumbling at the back of ogre-man gone wrong he heads back out of the Cargo Hold and towards his bunk. Passing Oram and Spots as they enter the Infirmary. Spots' arm bent at a disturbing angle as he holds it tenderly.*

Stan: "What did I get myself into... more Alliance trouble, what's the deal with that girl? Wonder what other mayhem my road has in store."

*His room is a mess. The mattress tossed against the far wall and his duffel upturned and his clothing and gear strewn across the floor. He grabs a sock outside his door as he walks in and begins to pick up his clothes then stuff them unfolded into his duffel.*

Stan: "What's this? I forgot I even packed this."

*Stan smiles as he picks up pair of somewhat battered, drabby slate-blue colored coveralls with a collection of various old patches.*

Stan: ".... Nelumbo. Was it home? I hardly remember my folks anymore."

*He runs a thumb over a white Lotus flower patch emblazoned with a blue N on the left sleeve then folds the coveralls and puts them on the floor next to the door. After finishing "putting away" his clothes and laying the mattress out on the floor he grabs the coveralls, a pair of shorts and a dull orange t-shirt and heads toward the shower. He walks out of the corridor just as Sky passes the Infirmary door on her way to the stairs.*

Stan: "Hello."

Sky: "You the new crew? *not waiting for an answer* I haven't gotten a chance to welcome you aboard myself."

Stan: "I've been keeping to myself, somewhat. Thanks."

Sky: "Might be a good idea, keeping to yourself. Alot of trouble on this boat..."

*She claps him on the back and heads up the stairs toward the main deck. Stan glances after her a second then continues on to the passengers head.*

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Monday, April 28, 2008 6:30 PM


*Images are flashing randomly through abbey’s mind. She is dreaming*

*In the background, a puppy’s bark is heard as a deserted building looms ahead…*

abbey *nearly unintelligible*: snickers…

*A hand leans on a window frame as they look in a window. A woman screams.*

abbey *moaning*: oh God…

*Running through a field. Heavy footsteps are heard in background. Falling.*

abbey *arms slightly held up in a defensive position*: hide… nooo…


Tuesday, April 29, 2008 4:09 AM


Mobbex utters a lengthy string of expletives as he takes in the state of havoc in which the feds have left his room. He then sets the box down next to the ladder and gets down to assessing the damage.

Only a handful of furniture items are still somewhat salvageable, starting with his sturdy gunlocker, which displays scorch marks and other signs of potent abuse.

Hah... gonna take more than one measly blowtorch to get your mitts on my ordnance.

His bunk is also right where he left it (the metal framework is still firmly bolted to the flooring). However, the mattress looks like someone went after it with a power-saw.

Aw... why didn't they just torch it to bits, would've saved me the trouble...

He tears the mattress off the bed frame and tosses it against the nearest bulkhead.

While doing so, he notices that the wooden crate in which he keeps his pet prairie dogs is missing.

Mobbex: Oh... don't. Don't you dare...

He looks around the room and spots a jumble of wooden planks heaped up against the opposite wall.

He scrambles to his feet and rushes over to it, only to realize that the flesh-eating chipmunks are nowhere to be seen.

Mobbex: This... *gulps* This ain't good...

===============A handful of minutes later===============

Mobbex is flopped down on a ladder back chair in the dining area, holding on to his head with one hand and clenching the neck of a bourbon bottle with the other.


Originally posted by WASHRULESBABY:
hey can I grab a drink?

Mobbex: Over my *hic!* dead body... *hic!* sister.



Tuesday, April 29, 2008 1:43 PM


*In the engine room. Stan is on his back, his body half inside a maintenance crawl-way. A variety of tools scattered on the deck beside his legs. Spots sits leaning against the wall next to them.

Spots: "Do you see it yet?"

Stan: " wait. Yes there it is. Clockwise at full torque?"

Spots: "Counter-clockwise."

*Stan tightens the wrench and turns the bolt counter-clockwise. A small drop of horrid smelling grease drips from the fixture onto his right cheek.*

Stan: "Alright, done deal."

*He glances around one last time to make sure he hasn't let a tool and slides out of the crawl-way.*

Spots: "Good work. Not much else around here I can't do single-handed.. heh. Thanks for the help."

Stan: "No problem. How's the arm by the by?"

Spots: "Hurts like a bitch but it'll get better." *He mutters something incoherent under his breath*

*Spots grabs the bulkhead rail one-handed and pulls himself up easily. He walks over the the engine core and leans over it, prodding something with a small magnetic driver and nodding. Stan begins to put the tools back in the old wooden box when a shadow seen out of the corner of his eye catches his attention.*

Stan: "... what was that?"

Spots: "eh.. what now?"

Stan: "I thought I saw someth... nevermind. We're on a ship. What could it be, anyway?"

Spots: "Are you sure those Alliance goons didn't break your head or something?"

Stan: "Hah ha. It was just a shadow or something. Nevermind."

*Stan leans over and looks down the crawl-way before sliding the panel back infront of it and securing the locking bolts.*

Stan: "If you need any help just give me a call. Alright?"

Spots: "You bet. I might need some help later with some routine maint. I'll give you a call over the comm when it's time."

*Stan leaves the engine room and heads toward the galley. He wipes at the grease on his cheek with his left hand, leaving a streak of black.*

Stan "I swear I saw something..... Oh well."

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Tuesday, April 29, 2008 4:29 PM


Why am I here already?

Mobbex is now slumped over the galley table, his head swaying sideways as he knocks back another draft of bourbon.

Mobbex: Good 'till the last drop... *hic!*

He leans back against the chair and tosses the bottle over his shoulder.

Mobbex: That stuff ain't good for ya... *hic!* ...Pa used to say... kills your braincells...

He abruptly loses his equilibrium and crumples to the floor.

Mobbex, slobbering abundantly as he speaks: Pa said the sauce made me mopey... *hic* Awww... *a lone tear runs down his cheek* M'sorry Pa... should've listened... *hic* I nev'r listened...

He rolls over and tries to pick himself up, but only manages to get to his knees before collapsing again.

Mobbex: Y' know, fallin' is such a quiet, effortless thing... It's the landing that really... *hic* ...stings.

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...


Wednesday, April 30, 2008 3:31 AM


*Oram finally has the galley spic and span, and notices that Mobbex has made his way to the dining area with a large bottle of whiskey… She ignores him and his mumblings until he falls to the floor, then she decides it's time to get the Merc to bed.*

Oram: Ok, big man, you’re gonna be passing out any minute now… and I don’t need to break my back from getting your bulk to your bunk, one ruined hand is enough.

Mobbex: You losh your stict’es again’?

Oram: Yeah, landed on my hand in the cargo bay.

Mobbex: You suck with keeping them in.

Oram: Yeah, yeah and you suck holding a decent conversation.

Mobbex: I don’t fall when drunk.

Oram: My observations say otherwise.

Mobbex: You weren’t drinking when you fell?

*Oram just gives him a strange look at his memory loss…*

Oram: I fell when the guy hit me… Remember?

Mobbex: *giving a sloppy grin* Oh, yeah! He left a mark too.

*Mobbex points sluggishly at her cheek, Oram just moves her head from his reach and helps pull him to his feet, he half drapes himself on and over her, and she nearly collapses at his almost dead weight, and she realises they aren’t gonna move anywhere. Then…*

Oram: Mobbex, get your hand off my arse or I'll remove it with a blunt razor.

Mobbex: You don’t *hic* like bein’ touched, do yeh?

Oram: *narrows her eyes at him* What?

Mobbex: Aww, come on doc... prime piece of a man like me, y' can't be sayin' no!

Oram: *knows where this is going and decides to move while it’s still safe* Yeah, you're a stud of a specimen, make me quiver… get to bed.

*She just helps Mobbex to the floor, making sure he’s not in the road. He tries to pull her down with him, but Oram only smacks his wandering hands*

Oram: And Oram says ‘No, means No!’

Mobbex: You’re no fun…

*She goes to get a blanket and pillow, also filling a large cup of water. She gets back to his side and finds that he’s clean passed out, so Oram makes him as comfortable as possible.*

Oram: Night Mr Grabs.

*Then she leaves, taking the whiskey bottle with her and heads for her bunk, leaving a sleeping Mobbex behind*


Wednesday, April 30, 2008 6:21 AM


Mobbex stirs as he comes around from his drunken stupor.

He straightens up and begins to stretch his sore limbs when Oram sets foot in the room.

Oram: Mornin'.

She makes her way to the kitchen unit and sets the coffee pot on the stove.

Mobbex, kneading his stiff neck as he speaks: Ugh... wh... where am I? Wha' happened?

Oram: You passed out.

Mobbex: ...I did? Wherefore?

Oram: 'Drank yourself stupid.

Mobbex: I... I did? Ehr... how bad?

A mischevious look crosses Oram's features.

Oram: Well... very. Bad.

Mobbex, his skin growing paler with every word: Huh... did I... hum, wha' happened?

Oram turns to him, struggling mightily to keep a straight face.

Oram: What do you think happened?

She then walks out, a coffee mug in hand, flashing a grin spanning from one ear to the other.

Mobbex plunks himself back on the floor and stares emptily at the ceiling for a minute.

Mobbex: Jao gao... I ain't ever drinkin' again.

Brit: Steadfast stares and yet he's but a sheep amongst lions. What exactly am I? Oh, wait, that's right... I'm insane...






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