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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:01 PM


Colt: *Over Comm* "...I want Mobbex and Stan to secure as much as possible, make sure nothings going to hurt my ship when it kicks back in..."

*Stan has slowly made his way to the infirmary door when he hears the captains voice. He turns and moves slowly, close to the walls and handholds to the cargo hold. Hoping the entire time that the next gravity hiccup doesn't totally screw with the stability and every one ends up falling to a different "floor" each time it re-engages. As he enters the hold Mobbex is moving along the catwalk at a steady pace as the gravity yet again fails and he propels himself nearly into the bulkhead.*

Mobbex: "You hear the captain? Says we need to safe anything ain't bolted down."

Stan: "Gotcha, what'd we use?"

*Mobbex pushes himself quickly over the catwalk-bridge rail and is about a meter of the deck when the gravity returns.*

Mobbex: "Whaaah. Sht!"

*He lands unharmed but not so gracefully on the lower deck. Standing he points to a locker. Inside Stan takes a tangled mass of rope, elastic cables and thick rough strapping and a battered metal box of metal clamps. They set about securing the various crates and boxes of supplies and miscellaneous gear.*

Mobbex: "Stan get over here and help me with this big one. Stand over there."

*Just as Stan moves around behind the large crate the gravity fails and a small ball of fur drifts up and away from where it was hiding behind a pile of old boxes. The prairie dog's little legs attempting to run despite the lack of anything beneath them.*

Mobbex: "Uh.. Stan just stay back there, keep it steady. I need to get a longer.. strap thing."

*Mobbex looks around the room, glancing everywhere for some way to fix this before Stan sees the rodent flying around. Spotting a pile of old sacks held down by some crates and cords he pushes himself off in that direction and yanks one out. Propelling himself towards the furry critter he opens the sack and scoops it up.*

"What the hell is taking him so long, that strap was long enough."

Stan: *Leaning around the side of the crate* "What are you doing? We're lucky this thing is still wedged against the stairs as it is."

Mobbex: "Yeah.. *Glancing at the writhing sack mostly concealed by his bulk from Stans view*.. I'm coming already, hold it."

*Mobbex shoves the sack roughly between the nearest two boxes just as the gravity returns. luckily he was near to the floor and hardly loses his balance this time. They finish securing the last crate and move up the stairs towards water storage.*

Mobbex: "I got this you just head on up to the Engine room like captain said..." *He glances back worriedly over his shoulder*

*Stan peers quizzically at him*

Stan: "You sure? Those tanks can be heavy."

Mobbex: "Yeah. Just get, probably all secured anyhow. I just gotta check."

*Stan moves off towards the stairs, gripping the railing to keep from floating off as the gravity fails again. As he reaches the steps he braces himself with his feet wide and his hands flat on both walls.*

"What's next? Killer space rats?"

*Stan remembers the furry shadows he's been seeing and glances warily around..*

"What am I doing? I'm just stressed is all, new experience and what not. I just need some time off the ship without guns and fighting."

*He continues on to the engine room.*

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:09 PM



Originally posted by Colt999:
Abbey, Doc and Brit to the Infirmary.

abbey gets on the comm. She reaches Colt on the portable one he is carrying with him. He is in the engine room overseeing Spot’s work.

abbey: Colt, I am already strapped into the cockpit of the port shuttle. I think I’ll just stay here.

Colt: No. That’s too dangerous. There are crates and boxes and stuff in there.

abbey: I tied a cargo net behind me to keep them back.

Colt: It could break. They aren’t built to take the this kind of abuse. I don’t want to take a chance. Plus, I’d like to have everyone in groups so you can help each other out if needed. Would you mind making your way down to the infirmary?

abbey: But I can stay here. I’m perfectly safe. I don’t really need any help.

Colt: It’s an order. As Captain of this ship, I want you to be down in the infirmary with the others.

abbey *defiantly*: I’m not on your crew. Can’t order me around.

Colt *sighing in frustration*: abbey…

abbey *getting to the real reason*: But my skirt!

Colt smiled at that one. The thought of watching her as she fought with her skirt all the way down to the cargo bay was a bit of a temptation, but he had more pressing things to attend to. He backed into the hallway for some privacy.

Colt *whispering*: Will you do it for me? Please?

abbey *pausing first, then conceding softly*: OK. For you. *returns back to her regular voice.* But if I end up mooning everyone, I’m gonna hold you responsible.

Colt *chuckling*: Duly noted, but I have to remind you of the facts. I wasn’t the one who left my undies in your room. You brought this on yourself.

*abbey snorted at him. After a pause, he heard her speak.*

abbey: Colt?

Colt: Yeah?

abbey: I’m really sorry for earlier. It’s just that Oram and I go back a long way. Been through a bunch together. Can we talk about her and Sky later?

Colt: I’d like that.

abbey: Me too.

abbey switched off the comm and looked back into the shuttle. One of the ties to the cargo net had broken.

abbey: OK, so maybe not so safe.

The gravity returned and everything hit the floor. As quick as she could, she started climbing over them in order to get to the door before things got to be floating again.

abbey *making a mental note to herself*: Things to do after this mess is fixed… 1) find boots. 2) retrieve undies. 3) make up with Colt.

*She smiled at the last one.*


Tuesday, May 13, 2008 10:29 PM


*Oram wakes with a sudden jolt, her head is in agony but she feels that something isn’t right, she lays there for a second waiting for whatever it is…. Then, she feels herself begin to lift off the mattress. Not sure what to do, she grabs anything to anchor her to a spot. Which turns out to be a connection of some sort to the roof. Just as she grabs it the gravity kicks back in and Oram is left hanging by the ceiling, this happens a few times, her grip becoming more tighter as the gravity kicks back in*

Oram: *closing her eyes at how high she is* Hello? Anybody? … I'd like to get down now…

*The com then switches on and the Captains voice is heard*

Colt: This is the Captain you may have noticed you feel a little lighter than usual. It ain't because your eating healthier. We seem to be experiencing an Artificial Gravity problem.
I want Mobbex and Stan to secure as much as possible, make sure nothings going to hurt my ship when it kicks back in. Sky I need you on the bridge. Abbey, Doc and Brit to the Infirmary. Get there and strap in till we suss out the problem. I’ll be in the engine room with Spots. Stan when you get things secure we may need an extra set of hands.

*When the com clicks back off, the gravity fails again and Oram take the opportunity to quickly make her way to the infirmary, the bright light stinging as she enters, hurriedly she grabs all currently floating objects and shoves them into various draws and cupboards, before pulling herself onto a chair and strapping herself down, waiting the situation out*

Oram: This mini-adventure is gonna suck…

*She then lays her head back and begins to doze*


Wednesday, May 14, 2008 5:09 AM


*Brit floats around and does a sommersalt in the air, she notices something and pushes herself downwards as the gravity switches back on again. A large smile crawls across her face as she begins to run and leap into the air as the gravity shuts off once again and she pretends to swim as she makes her way to the infirmary. On the way, she sees Simba floating recklessly, trying to find his way to the ground again. Brit pushes herself off the wall and catches Simba in the air before the gravity shuts off again and she falls, rolling so she doesn't get hurt. She continues to walk to the infirmary and eventually makes it there and straps herself in with Simba before the gravity turns back on. She sees Oram as she enters*

Hello Oram. *A large smile crosses her face, Simba suddenly coming out of the strap and floating into the air again. Brit grabs Simba before he gets too high*

Simba likes to fly. It's so unfortunate that he doesn't have wings. It seems he should have been born to fly. Like StrangeBird.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 7:16 AM


* Even one armed, Spots is the best mechanic I’ve seen. He directs Stan and me, as we work on a fix. After the first hour, the on and off problem is solved. We float around the engine room improvising a part to complete the repair. Another hour later and the artificial gravity, is restored. *

*I get on the com and deliver the news to the crew, then head for the bridge. I see the mess in the galley the failure has caused. Pots, pans and food stuffs are all over the floor. I imagine the rest of the ship isn’t any better.*

*On the bridge*

Wash, how long till we hit Persephone?

Wash: Should be on the ground in an hour. We got work here?

Well we didn’t. Abbey was just restocking. But seeing how my boat is a wreck, I guess we’ll be doing some spring cleaning.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008 10:06 AM



Originally posted by Colt999:
Another hour later and the artificial gravity, is restored.

*I get on the com and deliver the news to the crew, then head for the bridge.*

abbey: Thank God!

*She straightens out her skirt and starts up the catwalk. About halfway up, she finds one of her boots wedged in between the bulkhead and one of the rails. With some effort, she pulls it free and places it on her foot. She goes on upstairs to the galley and finds the other one under the table. She crawls underneath the table and grabs it. As she backs up from underneath the table, she spots Mobbex leaning up against the wall, admiring her backside. She stands up and glares at him.*

abbey *cooly*: I’d suggest you take those eyes elsewhere.

*Mobbex merely shrugs and wanders off. She slips her other boot on and hears Colt’s voice coming from the bridge. She walks towards the sound and sees him exiting the bridge. She smiles at him.*

Colt *smiling too*: We’ll be on Persephone in about an hour, if you want to get ready to collect what you need.

abbey: OK. I need to collect something from you first. *Colt looks at her puzzled. She motions toward his bunk with her head. He still doesn’t get it. She rolls her eyes and leans forward to whisper in his ear.* I need my underwear.

Colt *suddenly standing up straighter and looking around to see if there is anyone nearby*: Oh. I’ll go find them. Can you wait… somewhere… not here?

abbey: Oh… of course. *She steps back a couple of steps and looks toward the galley.* I actually think I’m going to brave going into my shuttle. Can’t be wearing the same set of clothes again.

Colt: Well, I’ll get… you know… and I’ll meet you there. Wait for me and I’ll help you.

abbey *smiling*: That would be nice. I’ll see you there.

*They go their separate ways. abbey waits outside the entrance to her shuttle. It takes for what seemed like an eternity before Colt shows up. His one hand is shoved into his pocket while the other one holds a long stick.*

abbey: What took you so long?

Colt *successfully slipping her underwear back to her*: You have no idea how long it took for me to find them. *he looks towards the shuttle door* You ready?

*abbey nods and she tentatively follows him into the shuttle, her hands clutching the back of his shirt. He holds the long stick with both hands, ready to swat at the beast should they come across it.*

abbey *surveying the mess as they got further inside*: Dear God! This is a disaster.

Colt *while looking intently for any movement*: The whole ship is like this. We’ll have to clean it all up before we leave again. That way we could know if anything needs replaced.

abbey: I already placed an order for what I need. Hopefully, I won’t have to place another one.

*As they search for the critter, Colt and abbey pick up stuff and put it away. They check everywhere, but still can’t find it. The last place to look was in her sleeping area. That was the place they saw it first. After further investigation, they are confident that it just isn’t there any longer.*

abbey: where could it have gone? The door was shut tight.

Colt *scratching his head, perplexed*: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have Spots take a look at the seal on the door. It may need some adjustment. Could be a gap we’re not seeing.

*abbey sees a frame laying on the floor. She picks it up and dusts it off. The glass isn’t broken. Colt comes and looks over her shoulder to see what it is.*

abbey: My Gaming Certificate.

*She walks over to the wall and stretches up to affix it back where it originally went. She nearly loses her balance, but Colt holds out his hand to steady her.

abbey *stretching as high as possible with her right hand*: I don’t know how I got it up so high. Must've had higher heels on.

*As she puts the frame into place, her sweater falls off her left shoulder, revealing a tattoo on her shoulder blade. It was simple. A small Chinese symbol meaning “home.” Colt reaches out and touches it as she finishes her work. She stiffens and turns her back away from him.*

Colt: Home?

abbey *nervously readjusts her shirt back to it’s normal position*: I… I got it…a long time ago.

Colt: It’s nice. *He turns her back around and moves the sweater so he can look at it again.* I like it.

*He brushes his fingers across it. She shudders slightly with electricity. Before he can stop himself, he is kissing her neck. She turns around to face him, brushing her lips across his.*

abbey: I’m sorry about before.

Colt: Me *kiss* too. Let’s not *kiss* say anything for *kiss* now.

abbey: Keep it *kiss* to ourselves. *kiss*

Colt: When do *kiss* you have to *kiss* pick up your stuff?

abbey *stopping to look into his eyes*: I’m having it delivered. I don’t have to be anywhere for a while.

Colt picks abbey up and carries her to the bed.

abbey: You *kiss* lock the *kiss* door?

Colt: Yes. *he kisses her deeply as he lowers her onto the bed.

abbey: Good. *she starts unbuttoning his shirt*

Colt *thinking to himself*: God, I hope I did…


Wednesday, May 14, 2008 3:59 PM


*After floating around off and on for a while, Colt finally comes over the comm to say the artificial gravity was restored. Sky let's out a sigh of relief as her eyes wander around. She heads into the galley to see everything out of place. The entire ship is a wreck. Boxes are scattered about in the cargo bay, everyone's bunks are torn apart--everything is just out of place. She shrugs and sighs once again as she begins to move boxes around in the cargo bay, stacking some on top of others and moving them back into their original places. She had a good idea of where they had been before, so she tries her best to put them back correctly. Brit walks in and sets Simba down on the floor as he stumbles before he begins running around the room straight.*

Brit: Would you like any help?

Nah, I'm almost done. *She stacks a box on top of another.*

Brit: Yes you do. You just don't want my help.

Well, sure. I guess you can help if you want but some of these boxes are a mite heavy.

Brit: *She tilts her head as she watches Sky stack more boxes.* So who's help do you really want?

It ain't important. If yer gonna help me I suggest you get to it before I end up finishin' myself.

Brit: *A scowl appears upon her face.* Ok. Fine.

*Sky reaches for another box that Simba is looking at intensely. The little bobcat's eyes are narrowed and he begins to crouch down.*

Brit: Wait. Don't move that box.

Huh? And why shouldn't I? *She moves the box anyway, blatantly ignoring Brit's request. Another giant rat-like rodent scurries across Sky's feet and Simba attempts to chase after it, but it gets away too quickly.* Tā mā de!

Brit: I told you not to move the box.

*Sky grunts.* I've had about enough of this pì huà. Where the hell is the gorram Captain when you need him?!

Brit: Oh, I don't think trying to find him is a very good idea at the moment.

Oh and why not?

Brit: Maybe you should just learn to trust me on this one.

Trust? You? HA! Why should I?

Brit: Uhh... nǎo.

Nǎo? What is that supposed to mean.

Brit: I'm not sure if you really want to find out... *She picks up Simba and walks out of the cargo bay.*

Huh? *She shakes her head and heads up to the bridge.*



Thursday, May 15, 2008 4:26 AM


ooc sorry ive been way im currently in Penn

(finding it suprising easy to work 1 handed in a contant state of falling)

*to colt* ok i need you to turn off the port control panel (he turns to the right) that would be to your left

Colt:oh right

no left

(stan keeps working)

*i float over to the comm* OK every body get close to the floor im gona try to get the grave back

everyone checks in * ok here we go* (flips the switch)

** WHAM as very on flys up to the roof** (crawling back to the comm) ***sorry lets try this again*** flips another switch and the ship rights its self ***ok we'er good people***


Thursday, May 15, 2008 5:31 AM


*** hits comm***

thank you for fixing that

******Gets up and starts to pick up the dinos and puts them in they're spots . Looks up and sees simba walking on the bridge and hops up in the co-pilot seat.********

WASH : Well simba , welcome to the bridge . I don't think you'll need anytrianing to be our co-pilot.

***** laughs to my self (caot. gonna love this***********

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Thursday, May 15, 2008 10:08 AM


*We both smile and she turns he back to me . I use my finger to trace around her tattoo. Home huh?*

*Abbey thinking to her self:* I don’t want to meet with Grayson. He’s not going to like this situation. I shouldn’t have said anything, not this soon. But now he’s expecting me. I wonder if he would come here if I didn’t show. That would be a disaster. * She feels Colt touch her shoulder tracing the tattoo. Emotions from the past surface inside her. She fights the urge to tense her body* No…I have to go meet with him.

*The Book breaks into Persephone’s atmo.*

That time already? I guess I better get up to the bridge.

Abbey: Yeah I guess so. I need to get ready too. I have to…I’m going to check on the supplies.

Thought you said they were being delivered?

Abbey: They are. I just thought of some things I forgot.

Oh…ok. Well I’d best be going.

*A short time later the Book lands on Persephone*


Thursday, May 15, 2008 11:26 AM


*Colt and abbey get dressed. Once they are, he pulls her close and kisses her. Having his arms around her like that just makes her feel… safe.*

Colt: See you later?

Abbey: Of course.

*He places a lingering kiss on her lips and leaves, making sure no one sees him doing so. She looks over at the mirror. She is so tense, she can feel it. She doesn’t know how she hid it from Colt.*

*She is dreading meeting Grayson. She was sorry that she had waved him earlier. Panicking like that should have meant some thinking time on her part, not a wave to him. She goes over and picks up a paper with the address where she is supposed to meet him. She leaves the ship and hails a hovertaxi, which drops her off at a medical building.*

Abbey *puzzled*: A clinic? *She walks in and stops at the reception desk.* I’m here to see Grayson.

*Abbey is directed to the third office on the right. She opens the door and is greeted by three men, one of which is Grayson. There is various medical equipment lying around.*

Grayson: Hello abbey!

Abbey *confused*: What is this?

Grayson *motioning to the first guy*: This is Dr. Wenchell. I know that Oram is probably a fine doctor, but I want him to check you out. Make sure there’s no damage from the Panaflex.

Abbey *rolls eyes*: I’m fine Grayson. Oram has checked me out thoroughly.

Grayson: I’m sure, but Dr. Wenchell is a pulmonary specialist. It will make me feel better.

Abbey: Fine. Whatever.

*Dr. Wenchell puts her through a full battery of tests. When it is all done, the doctor announces that she has some minor scarring in one or two areas, but nothing to worry about.*

abbey *to Grayson*: Told you.

*Dr. Wenchell is dismissed and the next guy comes over.*

Grayson: This is John. He is a retina scan technician. We are going to test what would happen when you get scanned. Just so we know.

*Abbey is actually glad of this one. She wants to be aware of what would happen. The technician scans her and everything comes back OK, except that her age was off.*

John: That would have passed through most checkpoints, but the error may have flagged someone who was actually paying attention. I’ll correct it.

Grayson: The listed age should be 6 years older than what is there.

*John finishes up his work and Grayson shows him to the door. Before John leaves, Grayson whispers a few things to him. John nods and exits the room. That leaves only Grayson and abbey. He motions for her to come sit at a table with him. She does. He is looking at a file as he speaks.*

Grayson questions her about the events since she starting renting the shuttle on the Book. Abbey tells him everything. From the encounter with Fidelis, the shooting, the Panaflex, the kidnapping and then the gravity issues.

Grayson: How are things with Colt?

Abbey: Better.

Grayson *looking over file at her*: Made up then?

Abbey *smiling slightly as she reflects back at their time together*: Yes.

Grayson *almost accusatory*: You sleeping with him?

Abbey *glaring at Grayson*: That’s none of your business. *Grayson snorted at her response. Abbey noticed he was being kinda stiff today. Not his usual self.*

Grayson *flipping to another page in the file*: Too bad. It’s going to make things a lot harder.

Abbey *narrowing her eyes at him*: What are you talking about?

Grayson: I checked out the people on board your ship. Some of them are marginal at best. Including your captain. Some even have criminal pasts. They could flip either way.

Abbey: What does that mean?

Grayson: I’m not satisfied about your safety. Plus it seems the ship itself may not be entirely sound either. It’s luh suh. I’ve already witnessed an artificial gravity failure.

Abbey *getting an inkling of where he is going*: Exactly what are you suggesting?

Grayson: I put in a request for relocation. There is a new ID in progress, we will be putting you up in a safe house on the other side of the world until it is done. Someone will be sent to gather your personal belongings.

Abbey: What?!

Grayson *continuing as if she didn’t say a thing*: I know having Oram on board was a great comfort to you, but it is better that you two part ways. It will be safer for both of you.

Abbey *standing up*: You have no right–

Grayson *standing up to meet her*: I do and you know it.

Abbey: Grayson, I know I haven’t been on the ship long and that a lot of really… strange things have happened in such a short time, but I belong there…

Grayson: I didn’t say that leaving would be easy.

Abbey: I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Oram is nearby. I’ve connected with people on the ship. I’ve even used one of them for protection at a new opportunity.

Grayson: The merc? Mobbex is his name?

Abbey: How did you know?

Grayson: Like I said when you waved me. It is my business to know things. And… how did that end up, by the way?

Abbey *lowering her eyes *: There was a bar fight.

Grayson *smugly*: See? Not safe.

Abbey *closing her eyes, trying to remain calm*: But I feel… happy. For the first time in a long while, I feel safe.

Grayson: What you are feeling isn’t safety– *He crossed the line at that remark.*

Abbey *opening her eyes, she is livid*: How I do or do not feel is not the issue. *she pauses as a thought passes through her mind* Are you jealous, Grayson?

Grayson *yelling*: NO! HE’S JUST NOT RIGHT FOR YOU!

The room falls silent. A few moments later, abbey’s speaks.

Abbey *cooly*: I am going to the restroom until I calm down. You best do the same. Nothing will be solved like this.

Grayson *sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose*: I suppose you’re right.

Abbey exits the room quickly and turns towards the restroom. Grayson sits down and waits for her to return. And waits… And waits… Finally he goes looking for her. All he finds is a note.

Abbey *written*: Cancel the relocation. I’m not leaving. I need to give this a chance. I need to give him a chance. Don’t bother trying to change my mind.

Grayson groans in frustration and goes back to the office and waves her shuttle. She isn’t there. He leaves a message. He does that a couple of times over the next half hour, but to no avail. She should have been back to the ship by now. He decides that he has to make her understand that staying would be a huge mistake in more ways than one. That leaving would be the best for everyone. He grabs his coat and starts out towards the Book.


Thursday, May 15, 2008 12:53 PM


*Stan leaves Spots shortly after the gravity is restored. He heads down to the passenger dorms to shower and change clothes. Afterwards, dressed in clean khakis, t-shirt and his light jacket he passes Sky as she's leaving the Cargo Hold.*

Stan: "Excuse me? How long 'til we reach Persephone?"

Sky: "Not very long, I was just headed to the bridge."

Stan: "Alright, thanks."

*Stan heads back to his room and grabs his databook off the floor and straps the small black case to his left hip. Picking up his duffel and reaches in and pulls out a rolled up boonie hat. Unrolling it he dusts it off, rolls it back up and stuffs it into his back pocket.*

<----Just before Landing---->

*Stan walks through the galley and heads after the Captain who is walking towards the Bridge.*

Stan: "Captain... Captain.. hey."

Colt: *Turning around.* "Yeah, whatcha need Stan?"

Stan: "Do we have a job on Persephone or are is it just a supply stop?"

Colt: "Just for restocking, Abbey needed a few things. Thought we could check the ship for damage, finish cleaning up too."

Stan: "Would it be alright if I head off on my own? I didn't have much when I arrived here, less now. I could also use a few things for my dorm."

Colt: "Oh sure, whatever. Just be back on my boat before we leave. Alright??"

Stan: "Definitely."

Colt: "You can take the mule if you need it. Just fuel it up and don't lose it. Or crash it."

Stan: "Thank you, I'll take good care of it."

*Stan heads off to prep the mule before landing.*

Colt: "Or burn it!"

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Thursday, May 15, 2008 12:53 PM




Thursday, May 15, 2008 2:55 PM





Mobbex comes to in a state of acute discomfort, the throb of his heartbeat spouting ripples of pain throughout his body.

Mobbex, stirring a little: ...Mmmmrhearhhh...

He dares not to move a muscle as his brain slowly catches up on recent events. He recalls gliding along the ladder down to his quarters, and then... nothing, just a blank wall.

I think I broke somethin'...

He slides an eyelid open and finds himself lying at the bottom of the access ladder to his bunk. His left leg is entangled in the bars, causing his knee to curve at an awkward angle, while his head is firmly ensconced in a wall corner.

I must've tripped... god, I think I broke somethin'...

He unshackles himself and gets to his feet as he catches snuffly sounds coming from the deck above.

Wh... I think I broke something.

He grips one of the bars and clambers up the ladder.


Originally posted by StrangeBird:
Stan: "Captain... Captain.. hey."

Colt: *Turning around.* "Yeah, whatcha need Stan?"

Stan: "Do we have a job on Persephone or are is it just a supply stop?"

Colt: "Just for restocking, Abbey needed a few things. Thought we could check the ship for damage, finish cleaning up too."

Stan: "Would it be alright if I head off on my own? I didn't have much when I arrived here, less now. I could also use a few things for my dorm."

Colt: "Oh sure, whatever. Just be back on my boat before we leave. Alright??"

Stan: "Definitely."

Colt: "You can take the mule if you need it. Just fuel it up and don't lose it. Or crash it."

Stan: "Thank you, I'll take good care of it."

*Stan heads off to prep the mule before landing.*

Colt: "Or burn it!"

Colt glances at Stan's back as the latter is stepping away. He then turns around, meaning to go about his captainy business, and... drives his nose into Mobbex's chest.

Colt: BWAH! *jumps back and reaches for his sidearm* Don't... don't do that!

Mobbex: *brings a hand up to brush something on the back of his head* ...I think I tripped an' broke somethin'.

Colt: Well that's... disheartening. You double up with Stan, make sure nothin' bad happens to him while he's rovin' around the docks.

Mobbex: *a variety of expression come fleeting across his face* Stan... right. Hey cap'n, I... I think I tripped an' broke somethin'.

Colt's face goes blank. He detaches his gaze from the mercenary and hoofs it to the bridge.

Colt, shouting over his shoulder: He'll be in the cargo bay!

Stan: Irony is my middle name. Actually... it's Max but I didn't mean literally.


Thursday, May 15, 2008 4:01 PM


*Stan enters the cargo hold and heads over to where the mule is secured. He then walks around the vehicle unfastening chains, pushing the chucks out of the way, checking tire pressure and glancing over the entire thing for damage. Just as he's about to hop onto the drivers seat Mobbex ambles somewhat stiffly into the cargo bay and up to the mule. He seems a bit distant. As if he were hung-over or dazed.*

Mobbex: "Captain says I'm watchin' your back."

Stan: *Not sure how to answer* "I think I'll be fine."

Mobbex: "What... well whatever. I'm with you today. Like it or hate it. Dong lu ma?"

*Mobbex sits roughly, with a strange *clonk*, on the back-facing passenger seat of the mule. He has an intimidating knife strapped to his belt and a large caliber revolver on his right hip. He's also wearing a flak-jacket over a ratty t-shirt.*

"Hopefully he won't need those.. or I this." *He absently checks the strap of the case on his left hip*

Mobbex: *Rubbing the back of his head tenderly* "Well, this thing prepped?"

Stan: "Yeah, let's go." *Walking over to punch the button for the Cargo doors.*

Stan: "Haven't had a chance to take one of these for a spin yet." *Mobbex glances at him but shows no signs of worry*

Mobbex: "Captain ordered me to watch yer back.."

Stan: *Blink* "Yeahhh... alright. Watch my back."

*Stan hops up onto the drivers seat and key's the ignition, bringing the engine to life with an echoed roar in the enclosed cargo hold. He checks gauges and makes note of the various levers and pedals then backs the mule up and steers her towards the doors. Gently gunning the engine he brings the mule out of the ship and onto the wide, bustling and muddy streets of the docks.*

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Friday, May 16, 2008 3:03 AM


*When the Artificial Gravity is finally fixed, Oram unbuckles herself and begins the cleanup of the infirmary, careful of the many broken shards of vials and syringes, more than half of the stock is gone and as she mentally count up the cost of what to buy, and where it's cheapest, her heart sinks as she realises it’s gonna be a small fortune*

Oram: Well… Huh choo-shang tza-jiao duh tzang-huo

*When the infirmary is cleaned up and more or less back to itself, she makes her way to her room and swears even louder at the mess. This time it takes more than half an hour to even remotely get the room looking straight and tidy. Satisfied that her two main areas are clean as can be, Oram goes to break the bad news to Colt, hoping to soften the blow by telling him she can get them cheaply and semi-legally.*


Friday, May 16, 2008 7:25 AM


(Spots comes walking into the infirmary)

hey doc

Oram: do you have an appointment?

yes, yes i do ... its time we get this off( holding up his left hand

Oram: o yeah almost forgot. please sit down

(cutting the cast and then wrapping the skin underneath getting up from the chair)

thanks doc

Oram: no problem just take it easy and keep it wrapped for several weeks

will do thanks again ***walking out of the infirmary***


Friday, May 16, 2008 12:14 PM


*The mule rolls slowly through the throngs of people busily moving from one place to another. Street vendors calling out various merchandise, trying to entice the veritable melting-pot of cultures and classes into spending whatever they have.*

Street vendor: "Chickens, fresh screaming chickens!"

*Stan leaves the docks and heads into the Market District. An area nearly packed with rows of three and four floor businesses and streets lined with stalls, kiosks and more of the loud, barking cart vendors. At the center of the district is a massive twenty-two floor shopping center surrounded by multi-level parking structures buzzing with craft of all shapes and sizes. Pulling up to a battered old building with a sign reading 'Ander's Super Surplus' he parks the mule and shuts it down.*

Stan: "This place looks decent enough. There's one in Vanteel... didn't know it was a chain."

*He hops off the mule and heads up the steps and into the building, the large merc following him close but paying more attention to the sign beside the door stating 'No shirt, no shoes, no problem'. Inside Stan heads straight to the used housewares section and walks slowly along the aisles looking at the cheap but practical merchandise.*

Mobbex: "People buy this crap...?"

*Mobbex walks over to a shelf of tableware and china and picks up an ugly little saucer with a blue and white design. Glancing casually around he slips it under his flak jacket and heads off to catch up with Stan. He passes an end-cap display of cards and various board games and knocks a couple decks of cards onto the floor. Bending over to pick them up he suddenly feels pressure and a snap.

Mobbex: "Whah?"

*Stan turns around and looks at him as he grabs at his chest in shock. Only then realizing that it was the saucer and not a rib. Stan looks quizzically at him. He smirks at Stan then grunts non-apologetically, slipping the cards into his pocket. Turning around he walks back over to the shelf and pulls out three large broken peices of china and sets them back, attempting to place them just so as to look as if they were not broken. Satisfisfied, he glances around again and walks back over to Stan, who is still staring at him with a mix of annoyance and incredulity. Mobbex just blinks and glances over at the shopkeeper, who has now noticed but doesn't seem at all inclined to do anything about it. Stan just shakes his head and continues over to a wall lined with used beds, cots and mattresses. Picking out a small but sturdy old cot he folds it up and hands it to Mobbex, who nods blankly and tucks it under his arm.*

Stan: *In a whisper to Mobbex* "What are you doing?!

Mobbex: *Rubbing his head* "Cap'n said to watch yer back..."

*Stan shakes his head again and continues shopping. About twenty minutes later they're both standing at the counter where pair of rugged calf-high boots, a couple pair of coveralls, a slightly worn but decent looking safari jacket, a wok and two bundles of non-perishable foods lie awaiting payment. Stan pulls out his databook and links to the local cortex feed to transfer funds. He notices a flashing letter at the bottom of the screen that signifies a new wave. He nods to the shopkeeper who is staring at Mobbex with a very obvious look of fear mingled with anger and impatience. They lug the puchases outside and strap them to the mule. Mobbex sits down on the side seat of the mule, again with that odd "clonk" sound."

Stan: "Just a second. I got a wave."

*Stan pulls the databook out of his pocket and taps the letter with his stylus.*

*Personal Wave*
Sender: Joey Li #87642-16733-321-21-7
Recipient: Stanley Enys #87621-15013-332-21-7


Brah! It's been awhile since we last spoke. Just heard last week that you'd left that floating fishbowl. How's the 'verse treating you? Hope all is well when you catch this. Heard about some more riots lately in the Core. Not sure where outs you've headed. Also been some trouble out on the Rim, but when isn't there anymore, eh? I left the resort about one year back. I suppose it must have been shortly before you did. I dunno. Headed off to Persephone where I have cousins. They have a "business" I thought I could maybe get into. Any kine brah, I have something for you. Just came in the post a few days ago. Soon as I heard you weren't on Newhall I thought I'd keep it and send you a wave.
Lokahi ahonui, good luck brah. Mahalo

Joey Li

*Stan finishes reading the wave and reads it again to make sure he's not missing something. He glances up at Mobbex who's eating a bar of chocolate covered marzipan. Apparently from the stall beside the mule.*

Mobbex: "What? Is it girlie pics?"

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Sunday, May 18, 2008 11:03 AM


*After giving the Doc the credits she needed to resupply the infirmary, Sky and I set about straightening up the cargo bay. We almost have the place cleaned up when Abbey’s delivery shows up. I check the invoice and after the delivery man assured me for the 3rd time that signing for it, did not mean I had to pay for it, he was on his way.
We’re looking over the assorted boxes when I hear someone stomping up the ramp.*

Grayson: Where’s Abbey?

*Turning to meet him* She’s not here can I help *recognizing Grayson* YOU!

Grayson: I’m here for Abbey’s things. Which shuttle is hers?

Sky: Starboard side *smiling at me*

Stay out of this Sky *I shoot a few daggers her way then turn back to Grayson.*

And you, you’re not taking anything Miste…..*choking*

*Haven’t been punched in the throat in a long time. Funny how you can forget how much something like this can hurt. Grayson walks past me like he’s on a stroll. He starts up the stairs.

Grayson: I’ll take her personal items now and send someone for the rest.

*He no sooner finishes the sentence than the small wooden box from Abbeys delivery smashes the back of his head. He crashes to the stairs. I close the gap fast and grab his ankles. I take some satisfaction, hearing the “Thonk” “Thonk” “Thonk” sound his head makes on each step, as I drag him back down. We reach the bottom and he spins to his back and draws his knees to his chest. Then he exploded with a kick to my gut. I fly back into a crate. I recover in time to see a clumsy right hook heading at me. I duck it easy and I’m about to give him a left to the ribs when I realize he suckered me.
He snaps his right elbow back into my temple and I go down. *


*Grayson turns to look at Sky who has her gun trained on him*

Grayson: I thought you were staying out of it?

Sky: That’s when I thought Colt was going to mop the floor with your ass.

SKY *kicking Grayson in the back of the knee* ITS MY FIGHT.

*The fight changes quickly. Finesse moves are replaced with head butts and eye gouging as each of us try to gain the advantage to take out the other. Grayson gets there first. He smashes my head into the floor repeatedly. I start to see stars.*


*He does. *

Abbey: Leave. We’ll talk later.

*He starts to protest but hold his tongue and limps off the ship*

*Sky helps me up and Abbey comes to my side. She puts her hand on my shoulder but I brush it away.*

Guess he was one of things you forgot.

Abbey: It’s not what you think.

Then what is it? Tell me.

*She looks at me, then to Sky. I see something in her eyes that makes me think she’s going to actually tell me, but her mouth doesn’t move.*

I’m going to see Badger about a job.

Sky: By yourself? Think that’s wise.

Come if you want. *Walking down the ramp.*

Sky to Abbey: That fella came looking for you. Said he was taking you off the boat. If that’s your plan maybe you should be gone by the time we get back.

*Sky head out after me*


Sunday, May 18, 2008 1:13 PM


*abbey watches Colt until he and Sky disappear around the corner. Things had gone really south, really fast and there was one person behind it all: Grayson. She walks down the ramp and when she reaches the bottom, she calls out to him.*

abbey: I know you are still here. Let’s talk.

*Grayson comes out of the shadows. His head is bleeding, he has a busted lip and he is trying to wipe the blood from his knuckles.*

Grayson *smugly as he takes a step towards the ship*: You ready to leave now?

*abbey pulls back her fist and clobbers him. Grayson falls to the ground, rubbing his jaw.*

abbey *fuming*: Now you listen to me…

Grayson *interrupting her, his voice firm*: You ready to leave now? There’s nothing here holding you back.

abbey *trying to fight the urge to clock him again*: I knew it. You came here looking for a fight.

Grayson: I came here to try to talk some sense into you. I just found him first. I’d say the fight was worth it. You are worth it.

abbey *moves to stand in his personal space, her voice soft, but threatening*: I want to thank you for watching over me for so many years. I have learned to trust your opinion…

Grayson *interrupting her again*: FINALLY! Now let’s go get your stuff.

*Grayson tries to take another step towards the ship, but abbey moves to stand in his path.*

abbey *continuing her thought*: BUT… This time is different. This time, you went beyond the scope of your job. This time, you purposely went out of your way to destroy the first good thing that I have had in my life in a long while.

Grayson *stepping back a bit*: abbey, he’s not right for you. His history is spotty at best. There are big gaps where nothing has been documented. He’s probably hiding something from you.

abbey: And I’m not doing the same to him?

Grayson: You deserve someone from the Core! Not… Not… Not some low life from a Border Planet!

abbey: And what does that make me? Or Oram? We grew up in places on the Border as well. *Grayson knows he has again crossed the line. He has gotten used to her identity and forgot where she was originally from.*

Grayson *reaching out and touching her on the shoulder – she slaps his hand away*: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…

abbey *looking him straight into the eye*: I have something important to say to you. *she pauses* Are you listening?

Grayson *nodding*: Yes.

abbey: I am not leaving this ship. You will cancel the relocation. I don’t want to hear from you unless it is something important. Don’t schedule any games with me.

Grayson *sadly*: abbey…

abbey *holding up her hand signaling him to be quiet*: And I will do the same. Don’t expect me to call unless I’m really in trouble.

Grayson *objecting*: abbey, that’s not smart…

abbey: If you try to interfere again, I will petition for reassignment. Do I make myself clear? *Grayson nods in defeat.* Good. Now leave. I want you out of my sight.

She watches until he is gone, then walks back into the cargo bay. Her delivery is there, except that a box of liquor has been smashed in the scuffle. It will have to be replaced. She goes over to the comm.

abbey: Wash? I’m going to go back into town. I have something I need to pick up. Don’t leave without me, OK?

Wash *oblivious to what had happened earlier*: Will do.

abbey wanders back into town to a liquor store not far from the ship. She sits down at the counter and orders her replacement product. While she waits, the storekeeper pours her a glass of orange liquid.

abbey *picks up the drink and sniffs it*: What’s this? It smells good. Like orange blossoms.

Storekeeper: It is called “d'Orange.” I read the information that came with this product. It’s made from some specially grown oranges. You should see the size of them! *uses hands to make a basketball sized circle.* Anyway it is new. This is the first shipment I have received.

abbey *taking a sip of the drink*: It’s good. Throw in a case of it too. It’s not the usual choice for my clients, but I like it. *She pays for it.* Could I have it delivered to my ship?

Storekeeper: No problem. You’ll have it within an hour.

abbey thanks the storekeeper and makes her way back to the ship. She sits on a crate at the entrance of the cargo bay and waits for Colt to return.


Sunday, May 18, 2008 2:27 PM


*Stan blinks twice then looks back down at the wave. Attached is an address and short description of where to find Joey.*

Stan: "... The Leaky Tiki?"

Mobbex: "What'a hell is a tiki?"

*Stan ignores him.*

Stan: "Looks like we'll be cutting this outing short and taking a... detour before heading back to the ship."

Mobbex: "... I'm s'posed to watch yer back."

Stan: "Sure."

*Mobbex takes another bite of his marzipan and tosses the rest onto the muddy ground. Stan climbs aboard the mule and keys the ignition. Twenty minutes of crowds, dead-ends and side-streets later they park outside a fairly nondescript building with a flashing sign depicting a nude woman dancing beneath a palm tree to the backdrop of a sunset and a large sailing ship of some ancient sort. Below are the words "The Leaky Tiki" in flickering neon lighting.*

Mobbex: *Hopping off the mule* "Is it a nekkid bar?"

Stan: "No...."

Mobbex: "Because that'd be my kinda place."

Stan: "..I don't think so anyway."

*They walk through the battered doors and into the foyer. Other than a handful of patrons both the bar and the seating areas are vacant. The entire place is decorated with various odds and ends. All with a tropical style from Earth-That-Was. Directly infront of the doors a small old woman is seated on a tall stool. Her feet nearly three feet from the ground. She smiles and greets them. Asking if they'd like to be shown a seat or if they're just here for drinks. Stan smiles back.*

Stan: "Actually I'm looking for Joey Li."

*The little old woman looks surprised for a moment then suspicious.*

Old lady: "I'm very sorry, there isn't anyone here named Joey, or Li for dat matter. Dere's a nice booth in da corner dere."

Stan: "Again we're not here for drinks ma'am. My name is Stanley Enys. I'm here looking for my friend Joey. He sent me this address. He said he had something for me..."

*A young man slightly shorter than Stan walks around the corner*

Man: "Stan?!"

Stan: "Joey? Hey!"

Joey: "What da hell you doin' here, brah?"

Stan: "What'd mean? You invited me!"

Joey: "Yeah, but eh I didn't think you'd be comin' so soon. I sent dat wave only a week or so ago. I hope you didn't go outta your way just to come see me."

Stan: "I actually just got it about twenty minutes ago. We only landed here recently."

Joey: "We?"

*Joey glances at the behemoth of a man, decked out in rough clothes and various weapons. He leans in close to Stan.*

Joey: *In a slight whisper* "Who's the moke?"

Stan: "This is Mobbex... he's.... an associate."

*Joey glances at the gun and knives..*

Joey: "Right, well we gotta talk, brah."

Stan: *Turning to Mobbex* "You stay here, have a drink or two on me... don't steal anything or.. break anything. Alright?"

*Mobbex looks confused then just grunts and walks over to the bamboo-framed bar. Sitting on the stool with his back to the bar.*

Joey: "An den, yeah.. here."

*Joey leads Stan into a room behind the bar that appears to be a break room. Then up a flight of stairs to the second level. At the top of the stairs is a hallway with doors leading to private rooms. One of them is Joey's. They enter.*

Joey: *Digging through a drawer* "Aright then... da kine 'round here somewhere.... here!"

*He pulls out and old, battered parcel. Small tears in the outer wrapping and some scorching on one corner.*

Joey: "I know. Beat ta hell, eh? This how it got here though."

Stan: Taking the thick envelope* "There was no return address..? Who delivered it?"

Joey: "It came with the post. Someone could have slipped it in though, I s'pose."

Stan: "Thanks Joey... How are you? It's been awhile since we talked."

Joey: *Leaning against the dresser* "Oh, well I'm plenny fine here. Got work, which is great. And I got family. Like ma granma down there. An' lots of cousins."

Stan: "I thought she looked familiar. She used to live on Newhall, on Vanteel right? Remember that summer we spent there?"

Joey: "Yeah, after yer folks... a eh. Any kine, how'd you get here? You got yer own boat now?"

Stan: "What? ..No. Just a job, on a ship."

Joey: "Eh? Wha' kine job?"

Stan: "I get to pilot a shuttle, check cargo, help load and unload cargo. They also let me cook some."

Joey: *Grinning* "Cargo? You aren't gettin' in foa anything illegal, brah, are ya?"

Stan: "Since when are you concerned with the legality or something?"

Joey: *Chuckling* "Fair enough, just worryin' 'bout my braddah is all."

*Stan grins and grabs Joey in a tight hug.*

Stan: "It's been nice seeing you after so long. I wish I could stay longer."

Joey: "You gotta be goin' so soon den?"

Stan: "Yeah, I'm sure I'll be back here often enough. This sorta job takes you around alot."

Joey: "Well you always welcome here. Your family."

*They leave the room and head back downstairs to the main floor. Mobbex is still sitting at the bar wearing a cheap plastic flower lei and sipping at a cocktail with two tiny little umbrellas. The bartender is still rubbing at a spot on the far end of the counter.*

Mobbex: *To the bartender* "What'd you call this?"

Bartender: "A.... a Zombie."

Mobbex: "It's..*Sip*'s good."

*Stan and Joey walk up*

Stan: "What are you drinking?"

Mobbex: "It's a Zombie. It has rum in it... I like rum."

Stan: "Whatever, just finish it. We have to be back to the ship before it leaves and I don't want to keep the captain waiting."

Mobbex: "Right, this has rum in it.."

Stan: *Glancing at Joey* "Nevermind. Take your time then."

*Stan orders a gin martini, dry with no granish and sits at the bar with Joey, they talk about old times and things that have happened between now and the last time they saw each other. A little over an hour later Stan decides they really do have to leave. Stan pays for the drinks and Joey walks them to the Foyer. The little old lady has gone.*

Joey: "You take care of yourself. *He glances at the merc* Seriously, don't get in over yer head, ok brah?"

Stan: "I won't. Same to you Joey."

*The walk outside and board the mule. About thirty minutes later they arrive back at the ship and unload all of Stan's new belongings. Mobbex still proudly wearing his lei. Stan leaves his purchases in the hall outside his dorm and heads back to secure the mule.*

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 8:17 AM


You think he only gave me the job cause I looked so beat up?

Sky: He gave you the job because you’re stupid enough to take it.

It’ll be fine.

Sky: It’s risky.

This is the kind of work I promised the crew when I hired them. Dangerous work pays better.

Sky: This goes beyond dangerous. You’re being reckless. I wonder why that is?

You got something to say, spit it out.

Sky: That business on the boat, seems a lot of trouble to go through for a renter.

He hit me first. Self defense.

Sky: Self defense? Not sure you understand the concept. Most folk try to keep their head from getting smashed in the floor. But you always were a slow learner…*realizing something* Oh…Oh gorramit your rutting around with her aren’t you?


Sky: What she dumps you for that prissy fella so you go stick your neck into a world of trouble to get over her. Seen this before.

It ain’t like that. We got an advantage that Badger don’t know about.

Sky: Advantage?

*I fill Sky in on the way to the boat. By the time we arrive she’s on board. *

*Walking up the ramp we see Abbey* Sky: You didn’t answer my question earlier.

*I ignore her and put on my don’t give a damn face for Abbey*

Abbey: Can we talk?

Sorry, kinda busy now.

*As I walk past he infirmary Oram steps in front of me.*

Oram: Heard you took a beating. Let me check you out.

Took a beating? *looking back at Abbey* I’m fine Doc. *She shines a pen light in my eyes. I push it away* I know your doing your job but not now.

*I make it up to the Bridge * Wash, set a course for New Hall. You can wave Abbey’s shuttle let her know we’ll be there 3 days.

Wash: You don’t want to just tell her at dinner?

No, wave will be fine.

*I walk back down to the dorms. I pass Abbey talking to Oram. We don’t speak. I knock on Brits door.*

Brit: It’s open Captain.

*I walk in. I see a drawing pad covered with scribbles on her desk. Strange, it’s all the same doodle. A Blue Sun logo with big angry X’s scratched through them. *

How are you doing today?

Brit: Better than you. It’s not her fault. You should listen. She didn't know.

See that there, is the kind of spooky thing we need to discuss.

Brit: You have a job.

Yes I do and...

Brit: And its time I earn my keep.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008 11:44 AM


*Oram pulls up on the back of a mule, driven by a less than savory individual. The mule is pulling along a small fortune in medical items and drugs behind it. They are carefully concealed under a tarp, but abbey knows what they are. Oram has him pull into the bay so she could slide her purchases onto the floor. She tosses him a couple of coins. He merely grunts and drives away.*

Abbey: You get everything you needed?

Oram: Took some doing, but I did. Got a decent price even.

Abbey: You might want to get them ready for use.

Oram: Why, what’s up?

Abbey: Captain went and got himself a beating.

Oram: Captain was in a fight? And I missed it?

Abbey: Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll see the aftermath.

Oram: Well, I’d best be getting prepared then.

Oram departs for the infirmary and quickly gets it ready for use.

Abbey waits for a half hour more before she sees Colt and Sky returning. She stands up to meet them.


Originally posted by Colt999:
*Walking up the ramp we see Abbey*

*I ignore her and put on my don’t give a damn face for Abbey*

Abbey: Can we talk?

Sorry, kinda busy now.

The look on his face is telling of how he is feeling toward her at this time. Abbey silently curses Grayson for his lack of self control.


Originally posted by Colt999:
*As I walk past he infirmary Oram steps in front of me.*

Oram: Heard you took a beating. Let me check you out.

Took a beating? *looking back at Abbey* I’m fine Doc. *She shines a pen light in my eyes. I push it away* I know your doing your job but not now.

She watches as Oram tries to check him out, but he blows her off. Looking back at her only to give her a glare before jogging up the stairs and out of view. She walks over to Oram.

Abbey: He looked pretty banged up, is he OK?

Oram: If his foul mood is any indication, I’d say he’s fine. But I’ll make him sit down later for a full inspection.

Abbey *looking up the stairs in the direction where he disappeared*: Make sure you do.

Oram: What in the Hell happened?

Abbey: Grayson happened. He asked me about everything that had happened on the boat since I got here. And I told him everything.

Oram: Everything? *abbey nodded* I’m not so sure that was smart.

Abbey: It wasn’t. He had already decided it was time for me to leave and started the process of *whispers* relocation.

Oram: And he didn’t tell you first?

Abbey shakes her head as Colt comes back down the stairs, passing them by without even a word.

Abbey: I told him I wasn’t leaving. I like it here. I like that you were here. A lot of strange things have happened, but not anything related to my… situation. So, I ditched him.

Oram *surprised*: You ditched Grayson? How’d he take that?

Abbey: Not well. He came here himself and the Captain was the first person he found. They were fighting pretty hard when I came back. *switching the subject slightly* You may want to check Colt for a concussion. His head was getting well acquainted with the floor.

Oram: I will. *pauses* So are you leaving?

Abbey: No. I told Grayson to back off. He’s not to contact me unless it’s something important. I told him not to schedule any games with me. I also told him I wouldn’t be calling unless I was in some real trouble.

Oram: abbey, I’m not so sure that is entirely a safe thing to do.

Abbey: I’m fine. *puts on a weak smile* You’ll keep an eye out for me, won’t you?

Oram: Always.

Abbey: I just need a break from Grayson. He crossed the line with a couple of his comments.

Oram: What did he say?

Abbey: Never mind. *She looks up to see the delivery person arrive with the items she had ordered. She is grateful with his timing. She doesn’t want to be grilled by Oram as well.* I have to go handle this.

Abbey leaves Oram to go sign for her order. She obviously convinces the delivery guy to haul the two crates up to her shuttle, she tips him and he goes about his way. She looks up at her console and sees that some waves are waiting for her. She sits down and wades through them. The first four are all from Grayson trying to “convince” her that what she wants is wrong. After the first two, she deletes them without even listening to them. The last one was from Wash. That was odd.

In wave:
Wash: Captain wanted me to wave you that he was setting course for Newhall. Don’t know why he didn’t want to tell you himself at dinner, but he seemed a bit upset… and battered. You fighting again?

Abbey deletes it without listening to any more. Colt is an infuriating man. He doesn’t even want to hear an explanation, not that she can give him one anyway.


Originally posted by Colt999:
Guess he was one of things you forgot.

What is he insinuating? That she is currently involved with Grayson? He should know better. Abbey had told him that she had standards and that she didn’t take relationships lightly. But he doesn’t believe her. Even after what they have shared together the past couple of days, he doesn’t trust her. That makes her blood boil.

She looks down at the case of that new d’Orange stuff. If it is ever a time to have a drink, it is now. That stuff tasted really good when she tried it earlier, so she opens a bottle and pours herself a tall glass.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008 5:03 PM


*Stan watches the exchange between the Captain and Abbey from his unintentional hiding place, crouched on the other side of the Mule.*

"Huh?... Wonder what all that's about."

*He leans forward and secures the last chuck and set of chains to the front right tire. Noticing a poke against the side of his stomach.*

"The Package! I nearly forgot.."

*Stan was so pleased to see his old friend he'd forgotten the entire reason he even knew he was here. He finishes the last bit of work on the Mule then heads back to his dorm to open the parcel. He passes Abbey as she enters the hold and nods politely. He passes his new purchases and enters his room. Sitting down on the thin mattress he carefully examines the package. It's about five by eight inches, weighs around a pound and has numerous damages to the outer wrapping. It otherwise seems well packed. Ripping off the thick paper and plastic padding he finds a small book...*

Stan: "A journal?"

*Tentatively, he open it and sees a name written, in familiar hand-writing, on the inside of the front cover...*

Jordan Fitzgerald Enys


Stan: "What?"

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008 8:53 AM


Mobbex stares absently as Stan pulls up the mule by the airlock and starts offloading his shopping. He hardly even notices as the younger man trudges away lugging his own weight in furniture.

'Feelin' the need to grab a bite, now, he thinks. A'wonder if we got fresh fruits...

He picks himself up and sets out for the mess hall, then suddenly stops dead as his vision goes pitch-black.

Mobbex, wavering on his feet as his eyes roll to the back of his head: Huh? Who cut the... Wuh de ma... *keels over onto the floor*

He hears the muffled racket of people gathering around him, then discerns an unworldly voice spouting gibberish in quick bursts.

Unworldly voice: Blood gushing through my veins and down the sink... Misguided, fooled... Shrouded in a mist of half truths and fallacies...

Mobbex feels an icy touch on his forehead. The veil of inky darkness begins to melt away and he soon makes out Brit's face staring down at him.

Mobbex, his voice a little raspy: Where am I?

Brit, deadpan: You're right here.

Mobbex heaves a deep groan and is all set to deliver a nasty retort when the darkness surges back, swallowing him whole.

Stan: Irony is my middle name. Actually... it's Max but I didn't mean literally.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008 1:23 PM


Mobbex's world goes from a screen of murky shadows to a peephole as he comes round. While he gradually gathers his wits back, he becomes aware of a dark figure stooped over him.

Mobbex: Wha... *feels the unmistakable ferrous tang of blood in his mouth as he speaks* ...who's there?

Sky, looking by and large unruffled: Yup, alive'n kickin'.

Spots's face comes into sight.

Spots: I'm guessin' you took a trip and knocked a few things lose, best get the doc to check you out right away.

Sky gives a halfhearted nod before receding from view.

Spots: Come on, big fella', I'll help you up.

Mobbex catches Spots' held out hand and the mechanic endeavors to pull him to his feet.

Mobbex: *holds his head in his hands* M'head feels like it's fixin' to split open... Mi tian gohn! This's way offbeat...

Spots: *chuckles and claps him on the back* Well that's how we roll. You go get that nut of yours looked at.

Mobbex gives a rigid nod by way of a reply and walks off to the infirmary.

Mobbex, muttering through gritted teeth as he treads: Won't that be fun...

Stan: Irony is my middle name. Actually... it's Max but I didn't mean literally.


Thursday, May 22, 2008 3:19 AM


*Oram is halfway though packing the restocked medical supplies, over-going the numbers again in her head before she feels like she’s being watched. Turning around she spots Mobbex at the doorway, looking like he’s been chewed up and coughed back up by a cat… which is the best way of describing his condition.*

Oram: Hum... what's up?

Mobbex: Don't rightly know...

Oram: Ok… that’s helpful… what did you do to warrant a visit?

Mobbex: I… *brushes something on the back of his head* I think... I slipped an' banged ma head up pretty good.

Oram: Hmm... déjà vu

Mobbex: What?

Oram: Nothing.

*Mobbex sits on the chair as Oram walks around, gathering various examination equipment that looks painful and intrusive. Mobbex just gives her a look as she slaps on a pair of latex gloves*

Mobbex: *gives her a smirk* Knew it wouldn’t be long before you’d try and get me pants off.

*Oram just blinks at him, then she gets the innuendo and the ‘prostate’ joke. She lets it slide seeming that he’s injured and any potential smacks to the head could make matters worse. She takes his blood pressure, temperature; satisfied with the results. However, when she goes for the co-ordination she finds his eyes has trouble focussing and following her finger and he reflex is a little off. Oram gives a sigh, and moves to examine the Merc’s head… and sees the giant egg-shaped lump that has decided to grace Mobbex’s head*

Mobbex: How bad is it?

*Oram chews the inside of her mouth as she thinks*

Oram: You haven’t been feeling funny lately? Like seeing things that weren’t there…. Losing time, like you’ve blacked out or forgotten simple every-day known things?

Mobbex: Huh?

Oram: Like names, you know who I am?

*Mobbex gives her a look like she’s lost it completely. Oram’s eyes travel down from his face and to his neck*

Oram: Like the colourful banquet of flowers around your neck.

*Mobbex blinks*

Oram: The lei.

Mobbex: Huh? *looks down and a horrified expression comes to his face* RAAAAAAAHR! *he hastily tears it off*

Oram: And there is the answer….

*He glances up at her… a confused expression on his face*

Oram: *notices his look* What’s wrong?

Mobbex: Don't rightly know...

Oram: What?

Mobbex: I… *brushes something on the back of his head* I think... I slipped an' banged ma head up pretty good.

Oram: Ok .. déjà vu… and that’s the 2nd time I've said it.


Thursday, May 22, 2008 8:56 AM


*Stan flips through the first few pages of the journal. It begins about the same time his parents left him with his uncle Greg. He flips quickly to the end and stares for a moment at the date before dropping the journal to the floor in front of him.*

"April 26... 2516. Three years ago.. they were pronounced MIA in 2510!"

*He picks the journal up and tries to read the first entry. He can't focus. All he's thinking about is how his parents were alive so long and never came home, or at the least let him know. Putting the journal down he decides to take a walk, relax then read it. He tucks the journal into his duffel and leaves his room, heading toward the stairs. The captain walks past him.*

Colt: "Next stop is Newhall. Just letting everyone know. Three day trip."

*He continues on his way, not noticing that his words stopped Stan dead in his tracks. A blank look on his face as he tries to work through the shock of what the captain just said.*

"I just ran from there. Is fate always so ironic?"

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Thursday, May 22, 2008 11:41 AM


Mobbex, looking somewhat stumped: Dayja view? 'That a seaside resort or somethin'?

Oram: *gasps as she comes to a sudden realization* Wu de ma... Hold it there, I'm gonna go get the captain. *shouts over her shoulder as she heads out the door* You stay put!

Mobbex shrugs and plunks himself on the infirmary bed.

What now... he thinks. Might's well catch some shut-eye.

He lies down on the couch and starts to hum an ageless lullaby, slowly lulling himself to sleep as he goes.

Hey there, people, Im bobby brown

They say Im the cutest boy in town

My car is fast, my teeth is shiny

I tell all the girls they can kiss my heinie

Here I am at a famous school

I'm dressin' sharp'n I'm

Actin' cool

I got a cheerleader here wants to help with my paper

Let her do all the work'n maybe later I'll rape her

Oh God I am the american dream

I do not think I'm too extreme

An' I'm a handsome son of a

I'm gonna get a good job'n be real rich...
*dozes off*

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OPEN 24\7
All welcome

[sorry to break your storyline]

thanks, shadow - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

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Friday, May 23, 2008 8:29 PM


*Stan blinks and glances after the captain as he turns the corner up the stairs. He considers catching up to him.*

"Three days.. it's not my business anyway. The journal.."

*He returns to his room and looks at the duffel. His curiosity at what is written in those pages is counter-balanced by his trepidation and fear at what it could all mean. He doesn't immediately retrieve the journal. Instead he heads out into the hall and gathers up his recent purchases. After unfolding and securing his new bunk he places the thin mattress atop it. Folding his coveralls neatly he stacks them beneath the cot next to his boots. He glances over his new bunk, satisfied he reaches into the duffel and pulls out the journal. It's small, maybe six inches by four, or close. The binding is open, hand stitched. It was probably made on the rim, but by someone with considerable talent when it comes to the construction of bound pages. The front cover is unadorned with no lettering. In one corner on the back is the initials K.M. A makers mark, apparently. He lies down on his bed, removes his glasses and opens the diary. He decides it would be best if he started from the beginning...*

_November 24, 2505_

__I'm writing this for my son. I'd like him to know why we're leaving him. Giving up a child isn't something a parent should do. Unless there is no other choice, if it's for the good of the child._

_This is for you Stan. So you'll understand. If you can understand. I hope, when we someday come back to you, you'll forgive us for not being there for you. Greg is a good man, we trust him with your life. I, and your mother trust him more than anyone we know. Which is why we chose him to raise you in our stead._

_I'm writing this so you will know how much we love you, and so that you'll know what we've done, and why, if we can never see you again._

_November 25, 2405_

__It is a five day journey from Newhall to Deadwood. The preparation onboard Ambrosius went well....._


*Stan stays awake for hours, slowly reading the first quarter of the journal. It chronicles, with some discretion, his parents first months serving the Independent Faction. Their training and their travels from the rim, to the core and back again. The war itself is only in it's infancy but peace talks are strained. There has been no battle, no death, as of yet. At first his mother served as a negotiator. Her family having been of high standing on Sihnon. The talks fail. After that it's not completely obvious at first what function they served. Eventually he realizes that they were spies. Gathering information on troop movements and current tech. His father's background in engineering and his mother's political and social experience serve them well in this role. Most of the entries are of life aboard a ship. Of personal struggles and reports on the progress of the war. No names are mention. Had the journal fallen into the hands of the Alliance, his father explains, it would be worth more to them than any confession or plea bargain. But the importance of their work is evident. He can't help but feel a bit of pride to know his parents have done such things. Even if he's not quite sure yet how exactly he feels about this. Eventually his eyes begin to strain. He can't read anymore of it. The combination of physical fatigue and far to much information have driven him to the point of exhaustion. He sets the book beside his cot and pulls his thin wool blanket over himself. In moments he is asleep.*

"True glory consists of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read" Gaius Plinius Secundus


Saturday, May 24, 2008 4:41 AM



Saturday, May 24, 2008 5:09 AM


*I leave the dorms after briefly discussing with Brit what she’ll be doing on the job. I can’t help but feel a little guilty about throwing the girl into this mess. Maybe Sky was right. Maybe I should wave Badger, tell him we ain’t taking the job.*

*No. I’ve been protecting the crew taking easy jobs. *laughing to myself* Well they were supposed to be easy. Either way it’s not what I promised them. I’m letting the past back in. *thinking of my old ship* If I had been there I’d be dead. Nothing I could have done…cept die beside em. *I shake my head*

*I look for Abbey as I’m exiting the dorms. If I trust Brit to be on this job I should trust what she said about Abbey. She didn’t know that Grayson fella was coming for her. I head towards the infirmary to see if she is with the Doc, but she exits her shuttle above me. I walk up to meet her. Things go from bad to worse and end with her going back into her her shuttle and me feeling like a heel.*

*I walk down to the infirmary and check the mirror. Damn he did do a number on me. *

Mobbex: What happened to your face?

I turn to look at him he’s holding his head.

What happened to your head?

I move beside him and roughly examine the goose egg he’s sporting.

Mobbex: Oww easy you ain’t no Doctor.

True enough. She seen this yet?

Mobbex: Yeah, ain’t told me nothing I don’t know yet, but she seen me.

Good get her to patch you up. We got important crime to be done. Can’t be doing it without you.

Mobbex *dazed and confused* : Shucks that’s kinda sweet. You needing me and all.

*I step back and take a look at the big merc. He notices the look on my face and shakes his head. Sits up straight.*

Mobbex: I mean I’ll…I’ll be ready Captain.

Yeah…why don’t you lay back down till Doc gets back.

*I head up to the bridge and tell Wash to get us in the air. Once we break atmo I get on the com. *

We got a job people. Going to need all of you to pull this off. *thinking back to Mobbex* We got a couple days journey. I’ll fill you in at dinner.


Saturday, May 24, 2008 5:31 AM


*After he finishes his conversation with Brit. He replays the statement Brit had told him.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
Brit: Better than you. It’s not her fault. You should listen. She didn't know.

*He decides to go and see abbey. Try to get everything out in the open. They run into each other on the catwalk outside her shuttle. abbey is still angry, so she just glares at him.*

Colt: abbey…

abbey *curtly*: What?

Colt: Brit said you didn’t know. That it wasn’t your fault.

abbey: Of course I didn’t know.

Colt: Why didn’t you tell me you were going to see him?

abbey: I was trying to avoid what happened the last two times you both came across each other. Looks like I was wrong.

Colt: Why’d he come here?

abbey: He’s an old friend. Feels protective–

Colt *interrupts her, he gets to the point, he needs to know*: Are you sleeping with him?

abbey *adamantly*: No!

Colt: Have you ever? *abbey stands fuming at him, but she is silent. He gets a smug look on his face.* That’s what I thought.

*He turns to leave but she grabs his shoulder.*

abbey: It was a long time ago! Nine years, Colt! And it only lasted 3 months.

Colt *angrily*: And he’s a regular customer now. How convenient. *abbey takes a swing at him but he catches her arm.*

abbey: I told you before. I don’t take relationships lightly.

Colt: Oh yes… You have standards.

abbey: Apparently not as high as I thought.

Colt: Why’s that?

abbey: Cause I chose you! Didn’t anything we shared over the past couple weeks mean anything to you? *Colt clapped his hand over her mouth and pushed her back closer to her shuttle, so they wouldn’t be seen. When he lets go, she screams at him* What do you think you’re doing?

Colt: Don’t want to air our dirty laundry in front of anyone.

abbey: Is that what you think of me? Am I just your dirty laundry?

Colt *softening*: That’s not… That’s not what I meant.

abbey *tears starting to well in her eyes*: Since Grayson, there has been no one, Colt. No one! Just you. *pauses* Only you. I thought it meant something…

Colt *starting to feel like a heel*: abbey…

abbey *softly, a tear running down her cheek*: I guess I was wrong.

*She started to walk away, but he grabbed her hand.*

Colt: I didn’t mean… It did mean something to me-

abbey *interrupting him this time, tears now flowing freely*: I’m not so sure. Maybe I did make a mistake. Maybe I should go. This only cements why I don’t let anyone into my life. It hurts too bad.

*She pulls her arm out of his grasp and goes inside her shuttle and closes the door behind her. When she gets inside, she sees the empty glass of d’Orange from earlier. She pours herself another one, sits down and cries.*

*Colt stands outside, staring at her door with his hand still outstretched. He knows he has gone too far and said things he shouldn’t of. That he didn't mean. He all but called her a whore… again. The thing is that she did mean something to him. That’s probably why he reacts to her that way. He goes to her door and starts to knock, but stops himself. There is no way she’d see him now. He’d be lucky if she doesn’t pack up her things and leave at Newhall. He can’t let her do that. He doesn’t want her to go. He screwed up and screwed up badly. He leaves her doorway and starts down towards the infirmary to check out his wounds and to try to think of a way to fix his fight with abbey.*


Monday, May 26, 2008 3:49 AM


*After searching the ship for the Captain, Oram returns to the infirmary, mumbling to herself about crappy comm systems and non-functioning things in general, as she crosses the threshold she sees that Mobbex has his eyes closed and appears to be dozing. Harshly swearing under her breath, Oram hesitates for a few seconds before slapping the Merc as hard as she can across the face. He wakes with a start, clearly confused at what woke him and why his face is stinging; a glance at the small nervous Doc who is shanking her hand slightly is all he needs to piece is together*

Mobbex: *still dazedly* Wuzghuagahm?!

Oram: Now put words to that sentence…

Mobbex: Wha's wrong with you?

Oram: Don’t want you going to sleep, sleeping can cause a coma or death… and I particularly don’t want to go through one or both of those phases.

Mobbex: Huh?

Oram: *ignoring him, she continues on, drawing up a needle with purple liquid* This will help … will keep you awake for about… 3 days. *At Mobbex’s worried look* Don’t worry, I had to use it to pass my medical exams… I actually didn’t sleep for a month… but, you’re large-ish, so you’ll be fine. *She just smiles, not to unease her patient, as she injects him*


Tuesday, May 27, 2008 1:41 PM


*It had been an hour or so since abbey's big blow-up with Colt. She had cried right after it happened, but after the initial shock of it all, she had then started to pace. Back and forth across the room. She almost thought she would wear a path across the floor.*

*She was trying to decide what to do. Should she go ahead and take Grayson upon his offer? Start a brand new life? The thought of having to start completely over again wearied her, but maybe he was right. Or should she stick it out here, if only for Oram. She had made a home here in her shuttle and she liked what she was doing. She didn't relish the thought of starting something completely new.*

*She went over to her cortex link and opened a channel. She typed in Grayson's address and was about to push the "enter" button when she heard a knock at the door. She paused for a moment, thinking about whether or not to ignore it, but decided to answer it. It could be Oram.*

*She slowly opened the door to find that no one was there. She frowned a bit before turning to close it back. Then she noticed it. A simple piece of paper taped to the door frame. She pulled it off and went back inside her shuttle before opening it. It was a simple note. Six words:*

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

*She went back over to the cortex and her finger hovered over the "enter" button again. She battled over whether or not to push it. She looked down at the note again.*

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

*She decided that more thinking was needed, so she turned off the cortex.*


Wednesday, May 28, 2008 6:24 AM


Mobbex instinctively draws back as Oram walks over to him, holding a frighteningly large hypodermic needle in her hand.

Mobbex: Whoa now! Back up a little bit. What's this business 'bout there being no sackin' off fo' me?

Oram: *steps a couple of paces back and folds her arms across her chest* Well, you obviously have suffered some form of brain trauma. I don't have the apparatus to make a formal diagnostic, but given the nature and acuteness of your symptoms... *pauses, sighing at Mobbex's clueless look* ...It's... basically, your brain's bruised.

Mobbex: *his eyes widen in utter shock* ...Brain's hurt?

Oram: *nods* Yup. And this ain't the kind of thing where you can just swig down some pills and kiss it goodbye. Long story short, 'you go to sleep now, you might not wake up. Ever.

Mobbex gives an audible gulp.

Oram: Come on, gimme your arm... *Mobbex holds out his right arm; Oram rolls her eyes * Palm up, gorram it... you make it look like it's the first time you've ever had an IV... *holds the syringe up and expertly taps taps the barrel with her middle finger* ...Didn't you get the compulsory inoculations and stuff back home?

Mobbex: Girl, back where I hail from, we don't have no fancy shots and caps and the like. Folks work out their misfortunes the ol' fashioned way. *gives half a smile as he reminisces* Heck, my ma used to chuck me over to the chapel when I'd get queasy, 'said to get a blessing from the rev...

Oram: *raises a quizzical eyebrow at him* You? Church?

Mobbex: Yeah... 'Truth be told, I think she just did that so the bug wouldn't spread among the kiddies... she w'z a cunning lady. 'Strong as a horse, too.

Oram: *her lips curl into a smile* Yeah, I bet she was... *spots a suitable vein and thrust the needle through his his skin* I didn't know you had siblings.

Mobbex: *gives a light shrug* 'Don't see how y'coudl've.

Oram: *shrugs right back* Yeah, I guess you're right... *pulls the needle out of his arm and dumps it down the trash chute* ...all right, you're good to go. Remember to stay hydrated, and don't strain yourself to hard, or else your condition is almost certain to worsen... *Mobbex winces visibly* ...I mean it! No working out, doctor's order.

Mobbex: *makes a grumpy face* Fine.

Oram: Oh, and... *glances around with a pensive look on her face, then reaches out a hand and grabs a small foil pack from a nearby shelf* Take a couple of these if the headaches get real bad. *hands him the foil pack* Never more than two, though, 'wouldn't want you to end up like Abbey...

Mobbex: *nods, albeit somewhat hesitantly, and tucks the small package in the back pocket of his jean pants* Thanks, doc. *feels a familiar tug on his stomach* Whew... *brings a hand up to stroke his belly*...'am hungry!

Oram: Yeah... me too, actually.

Mobbex: *hops off the couch and makes for the door* A'think I'm gonna head for galley and fix myself something... wanna come?

Oram: *looks contemplative for a moment, then shrugs and follows suit* Sure.

Mobbex, as they head out: Did we get fresh fruits?

Secret Agent Stan: The ducks have settled in the coffee shop......


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