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Friday, February 27, 2009 12:49 PM


As Shinys walking towards to med Facility
she passes the Capt on his way to meet with Michael.

Capt, "Shiny what are you doing out of your room?"

Shiny, ""
Shiny shrugs her shoulders

Capt looks at shiny and shakes his head,
"Shiny you need to be careful and do what the doctors say."

Shiny, "yeah I know, I just git tired of staying
in the bed. "I feel fine Capt Really."

Shiny looks at the ground, "Hows Oreo?
He had everyone freaking out, Is he OK?

Capt, "yup he's fine, shot him up with some morphine. The Doctors are treating him well.

Shiny, Smiles in relief, "good."

Capt starts walking towards Serenity

Capt, "I'm gonna chat with our new passenger

Shiny stops and turns around. "Yeah?"

Captain. "If you don't wanna be confined to a bed
I suggest you stay away from the med facility. Besides You don't need to worry about Oreo. Once he's fine He'll be back with us. I think having some time away from him will help clear your head a little.

Shiny, I'm fine capt, Don't worry about me."

Captain, "Shiny you keep telling me that, but
I think you need some worrying." I need you to attend to serenity's engine.

Shiny with a irritated look, "fine."

Shiny walks past the captain obviously upset.
Capt, "Shiny,I have your best interest."

Shiny inside the cargo bay turns around and looks at the Captain. "know one knows whats my best interest but me. shiny walks away mad.

Shiny walks to her bunk and shuts her door.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Saturday, February 28, 2009 8:34 AM


Once the door is shut shiny grabs the folder she
took from the Doctors sits on her bed opens it
and starts reading the medical terms frustrated
that she doesn't understand medical jive. she flips through the papers looking for something that makes sense to her she gets to the last page
and its the Doctors note.
Shiny starts reading it quietly out loud....

Her tests doesn't seem to make sense.
When we ran the routine CBC test all tests came back fine Except her white blood cell count was high so we ran more tests. We found nothing. She appears to be in over all very good health.

We are puzzled since we've never seen this before. I want to keep her for more observation.

Shiny close's the folder.
She stares at the wall in shock, fear runs through her body She shivers.

Shiny thinking, (whats wrong with me? how is this possible it doesn't make since.

Shiny thinks back to her and Oreo.
she starts wondering if it has something to do
with it.

Shiny thinking,(did Oreo do this to me? would he do something like that on purpose? But I'm not sick it says in in good health.)

Shiny gets up and puts the folder under her bed.

Shiny thinking,( If Pathfinder was only here he would know what to do.)

Shiny leaves the room and and walks to the galley in search of a drink. She see's Micheal sitting at the table with one already in hand.

Shiny opens the fridge grabs a cold one and sits at the table, she opens the beer and takes a swig.
She puts it down and looks at Micheal and asks.

Shiny, "you wouldn't know how to read a medical chart and blood test's, would ya?"

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Saturday, February 28, 2009 2:09 PM


Captain shoves the bottle over to Michael. Out of courtesy, and habit, Michael grabbed the bottle and poured a glass, eyes never leaving the captain until he walks out. Michael's thoughts drift out through the black and back several years.


Michael had just gotten off a transport from Ariel, back home after two very long years. He didn't know how to face his family, his townsfolk that had all put so much hope in him. So instead, he walked into the nearest saloon he could find, docked himself at the bar and ordered the cheapest intoxicant the establishment offered.

His trip to Ariel hadn't been that different than life here on Persephone- work, dirt in your food, and crass talk over a few drinks. But once planetside on Ariel, Michael's eyes had been opened up to the wide possibilities open to him on a core world. Thoughts of attending school evaporated from his mind.
There, everything was clean, beautiful, and rich. He instantly fell in with a few other off-planet kids. They went to fancy restaurants, visited the finest Companions they could afford, and in a week and a half, Michael had burned through two years worth of tutition money.
It didn't even occur to him how much he'd spent until he couldn't pay for a meal, and the manager had called security and thrown him in debtor's prison for a few days of hard work to repay the cost of the meal. When they found out he didn't even have money for a ticket offplanet, they left him in debtor's prison until he'd earned enough for transit. Two years later, security marched him to a transport, and stayed until they were sure he going anywhere but staying on Ariel.

Here he sat, spending his last coin on some cheap whiskey and hating himself. He was considering where he might find a gun, a cliff or a speeding train that might do him a favor one last time. So he didn't hear the first time someone called his name.
He blinked away the whiskey fog.
"Michael, you're back!"
"Moi name's not Michael, you're mistaken sir."
"No, I'm not, you're Michael ah... O'Shea right? Sent off for schoolin' to Ariel."
Michael rose unsteadily to his feet. "No sir, you're roight mistaken. Oi'm not 'oo you say. Piss off."
The old man was not discouraged, he started waving over his buddies, pointing Michael out and ordering drinks. He wrapped his arm around Michael and explained to the growing crowd how this young man had braved the core planets to go to school and become a real doctor. How this here young gentleman was going to care for all our sick and raise up the whole town. Michael could hear no more:
"Gorram it! Git off'en moi shoulder! Yer an old dotterin fool an' have mistaken me for someone 'oo gives a rats arse aboot this mudhole town!"

At this, he shoved the man off of him, and made an attempt to lurch out of the saloon. But the crowd kept him in place, obliviously cheering his expected return. His hand brushed a handle at the old man's belt, a knife. He pulled it out, and screamed at the crowd, swinging the knife about.
"It's not me! Oi'm no doctor! I'm no one at all. Juss leave me be!"

But the crowd was too uproarious and drunk now to notice the knife. And the old man stumbled forward, right into the point of the knife. His yell of pain, and gurgled death as he slid to the floor sobered up Michael and the crowd. Cries of murder went up, and someone called for the sheriff. Michael vaulted the bar, dashed up the stairs and out the back entrance of the saloon. He was on the run for 3 months, until he managed to steal enough for a fake ident card, and start doing odd jobs for a crew in Eavesdown Docks.


On the Serenity, Michael sat for several minutes with the glass in hand, unmoving as the memory thundered through his head again. He didn't notice Shiny entering until she spoke:
Shiny, "you wouldn't know how to read a medical chart and blood test's, would ya?"

Michael blinked, looked at the glass with disgust and pushed it away. He looked up at Shiny, her eyes searching and desperate for help. Help he couldn't provide.

"No, lovey, Oi wouldn't know how. I surely wouldn't."


Sunday, March 1, 2009 5:15 AM


Shiny smiles at Michael,
"I didn't expect ya to, just thought I'd ask."
Shiny takes another sip from the bottle then slides it next to Michael's.
"not much of a drinker are ya? Me neither last time
I had a drink was... never mind, it's been a long time."
Shiny feeling uncomfortable with the silence keeps rambling.

Shiny,"I'm the ships mechanic."
Michael looks at shiny.
Shiny, "that's right, I fix the engine, real good to. But the problem is I think I can fix People.
and well, I don't get fixed And now, I guess I'm broken."
Shiny laughs an uncomfortable laugh.
Shiny thinking, (why do I keep Talking).

Shiny picks up the bottles and Michaels glass
and put them in the sink.

Shiny, "so how long you gonna stay with us?
Not that you can't stay as long as you like
Us crew, were like family and well, we always have room for more."

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Sunday, March 1, 2009 5:54 AM


(Doctor continue talking, Oreo quietly lays on the operating table still asleep. Two of the doctors have separated themselves from the others and are arguing, while waiting for Dr.Hokowa)

Dr.1(whispering to other Dr): This is madness.If Hokowa thinks he can reverse this schmucks condition, he's insane. He's to far along and has put this entire facility in danger by keeping him here.

Dr.2: The patient is sedated. He's not going anywhere. Besides, Hokowa has receieved the data on Oreo.

Dr.1: So what! we cut him up and find out there's nothing we can do! we stitch him back up, send him on his way. That makes us no better then the Gorramn Alliance!

(Dr.2 grabs Dr.1 by the arm and moves him into a other room)

Dr.2: Keep your voice down Dr. Get a hold of yourself. Who cares if we can't help him, our job is to move forward with progress and find a way to stop this. But along the way towards any great discovery, there will always be...sacrifices.

Dr.1: His crew will not be happy if his dies.

(Dr.2 begins exiting backing into the operating room)

Dr.2(chuckling: That's the business were in.

(Dr.1 watches as the Dr.2 re-enters and joins the rest of the medical staff. He can't help but think everything about this situation is...wrong. He sides his white surgical coat off and lies it on the back of a chair. He places both his hands and his head. Thinking. Think. Thinking. Think. Finally, the Dr. reaches a decision.)

Dr.1: This is going to happen. I can't Let this happen.

(A decision has been made within the Doctors mind. The decision to not become a monster, just so medical science can move on. The Doctor reaches for a com. Taking deep breathes, he begins)

Dr.1: Attention all staff! This Dr... Mitsui, we have a medical emergency in B Level! I Repeat! Medical Emergency in B Level! All Personal report to B Level.

(Instantly the staff occupying the operating clear out and begin heading towards the false emergency. Once the last staff member had exited and the door shuts behind her. Dr.1 quickly re-enters the room. He opens a drawer and pulls out a syringe. Taking pointer finger, he taps the syringe and injects it into Oreo arm. a sudden reaction of convulsions sweeps over Oreo body. It's not long before the convulsions subside and Oreo slowly sits up.)

Oreo(Groggy): Who the hell are you?

Dr.1: I'm Dr. Vidal and I'll be saving your life today. Come We must Hurry, before everyone comes back.

Oreo(Groggy): Come Back? From Where?

Doctor Vidal: No time to explain! We must go now and find your friends!

(Doctor Vidal helps Oreo Off of the Operating table, placing arm around another they make their way out into the hall and quickly make their way out of the operating ward)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Sunday, March 1, 2009 7:07 AM


SHADOW leaves SHINY and MICHAEL O'SNEARY [M.O.] in the galley on SERENITY and, again, checks on TRANQUILITY.
he makes sure that all data from SERENITY is 'cloned' onto TRANQUILITYS computer. he then checks the backup disk
he made of the medical data that PATHFINDER rescued from ARIEL and recently sent to AQUILA for OREO.

these files are not all medical data!
some of these are sound files. i've heard rumors of neuro-sonic treatments for similar cases but those were highly experimental.
i hope this type of treatment will help OREO, even if just a little... that coyote has been poked with enough needles to make his own haystack.

SHADOW turns to look for his old friend, and leader of AQUILA, SENSEI OJIN, to ask if he was informed about the neuro-sonic treatment.

as SHADOW exits TRANQUILITY, a warrant comes across the cortex... - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Sunday, March 1, 2009 7:33 AM


(Out in the desert)

(El is standing next to his broken down dune buggy, waiting for the Alliance transport to come by. His brother Lao is standing next to him. They are both sporting long tan trenchcoats)

El: Here they come bro.

Lao: The team is in place were good to go.

( A couple of minutes later the convoy stops in front of the damaged buggy)

Driver: Get off the road.

El: I'm sorry my friend it broke down right here.

Driver: Not your day huh?

El: Nope, and not yours either.

(El and Lao pull out two pistols each as twenty other men who were hidden in the sand pop up and take aim and the Alliance people.)

(Four minutes later the convoy heads for the REFLECTOR base. The drivers and crew tied up in the desert.)

El: Bro, do you know whats in these containers?

Lao: No clue.

When you can't run you crawl. When you can't do know the rest.


Sunday, March 1, 2009 8:00 AM


Sensei Daisuke Ojin sits at his desk with ShadowCaptain talking about the treatment for Oreo.
A signal comes in from Dust Planet, it's Elbarto, Ojins old student.

"Phase 1 complete."

Ojin smiles.
"They'll never know what hit them."


Tuesday, March 3, 2009 10:36 AM


(The captains voice chimes in over the com on the ship)

Alright crew, Listen up. Theres activity going on in the med facility.

(Shiny rushes over to her com)

Is it Oreo?

(Captain coms back)

Could be Oreo, could be something else, could be nothing. Just meet me in the cargo bay.

(Shiny coms Back)

Xie-Xie captian.

(Shiny grabs a bag and heads to the cargo bay. There she finds The Captain, Michael, o2 and Kat waiting.)

Shiny- Do we know whats going on?

Kat- Captain just recieved a private wave from one of the doctors in there. He's holed up with Oreo.

Shiny- He didn't? Not Again!

Captain- Now before you go jumpin off the end there shiny, it's not Oreo this time. Seems a few of the doctors wanted to do more then cure our coyote.

Shiny- Coyote?

Captain- ah, nothing. Nevermind. the landscape of things are as followed. we get in. find Oreo and get back here without running in trouble.

o2- thats the landscape of things?

(Captain looks at o2 with a smile on his face)

Captain- thats the beauty of landscapes. They constantly change.

(the crew makes there way into the med facility. not a far venture from the hangar. a short walk through a couple of corridors, an elevator ride up three levels and four flights of stairs. the crew step onto the facilities white tiled floors. only a nurse sitting behind her desk shuffling through papers, three doctors and a guard remained.)

Shiny- wheres everybody at? its almost like a ghost town in here.

o2- yeah. you know know i didnt think a hospital could get any creeper, what with the sick...dying people and nobody? oh god, maybe its an airbourne virus. look at me, do i look sick or dying to you?

(captain snickers)

captain- the only thats "sick" is your brain and i'm "dying" to know where you get some of your notions from.

(o2 looks down at the floor thinking and return his gaze back towards the captain)

o2- i read alot. sci-fi and books on animals.

(the captain leans towards kats)

captain- sorry i asked...

kat- and hes the pilot.

(An aggitated doctor carrying a clipboard breaks up the conversation)

Doctor- Can i help you with something?

captain- ah, no, just came to check up on a crew member.

doctor- and who is this crew member?

captain- names...

Shiny- oreo or skye

(the doctors looks at his clip board)

doctor- oh, him, the half reaver, half human...thing. room 666. he's disappeared.

captain- i'm sorry what?

doctor- disappeared. vanished. poof! gone. is there anything else i can help you with?

captain- no, you've been more, thanks.

(the doctors turns around and leaves)

captain- okay, this can't be good. alright, we split, find oreo and that doctor hes with, meet back in the hangar in an hour. no complications! shiny you're with me. kat take o2.

michael- and what of me?

captain- oh, you're with me i guess. keep up.

michael- i'll try me best.

(the two parties split up and begin there search)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009 6:04 AM


Michael tails the captain down a hallway. Along one wall, he spots a localnet screen. He pulls out a handheld Cortex-reader, detaches a small piggyback sensor, and sticks it inconspiciously to the bottom of the screen. He never hesitates a single step, following the captain with his eyes on the reader.

"Cap'n, Oi got basic access on the facilities localnet. Voice-comm, unclass data, and emergency wave frequencies. Noit through da encryption on their security net. But Oi will in a moment."

"Loits of random chatter on the voice-comm. Oreo's goit they attention, to be shore."

"Satan's dirty knickers! Eight gigabit encryption's a bit moich for a gorram hospital."

Michael taps furiously at his reader as he, Shiny, and the Captain barrel around a corner and into the diagnostics center.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009 8:08 AM


Shiny smiles at Michael.
"your full of surprises."

Capt, "Looks like Oreo was here at one point.
Everything looks as if a cyclone hit."

Shiny, " yup, only Oreo could do this."

Michael walks over to some Machine and connects the same device.

Shiny, "what's ya doing Mike?

Michael looks at Shiny, "If it was Oreo here and we have good reason to believe so."

(Michael looking around at the mess).

"Then I might be able to download some of his data".

Captain. " well hurry up, Theses doctors are our
Friends and well I'm hoping they still will be after all this."

Micheal unplugs the Gadget. "done."
The three take off in search of Oreo.

Shiny catches up with Micheal and quietly asks.
Is It ok If I call you Mike?"

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009 8:42 AM


"Me ma always colled me Michael. An ain't no one else been familial enouf to warrant a nickname."

"Oi won't complain iffna ya call me that, but lassy must forgive me if it takes me some gettin used ta. AHA!"

Michael types furiously a moment.

"There's access to the security system. Oi got vid feed, checkin' the cameras now. No signs of a big bruiser terrorizing the locals as yet."


Wednesday, March 4, 2009 9:44 AM


Shiny, "well if ya mom called ya Michael, then
Michael it is."
Shiny smiles a playful smile, "For now."

Shiny call the Capt, He stops and waits for she and
Shiny," Capt, "I don't understand why we are searching for Oreo? Its not like were in an Alliance Hospital.
These are our friends.
They only mean to help us."
Shiny say's sheepishly, "even if we (she really means herself) don't want it".

Captain. "I know Shiny i don't fully get whats going on, and until Oreo gets in contact with us we need to try our best to find him."

Shiny, "ok capt, Shiny starts to follow the capt
she starts feeling dizzy and is having a hard time
walking straight."

Michael, "Shiny are you feeling ok?"

Shiny, "I'm fine just a little dizzy."

Shiny starts to walk, thinking she's walking straight but it's clear to the others something is really wrong.

Michael reaches out to help steady her.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009 6:01 PM


(Oreo is posted against a wall waiting for Dr.vidal to return. Not soon as after the door opens and quickly shuts. Dr.vidal locks the doors and joins oreo on the floor)

Oreo(still groggy and short of breathe)- i don't understand whats going on. these people, arent they friends?

(Dr.vidal, wipe sweat from his brow before explaing the situation)

Vidal- yes, you are correct. We, they, us, are your friend but there is always a way to turn friendship, friends into enemies.

Oreo(confused)- What?!

Vidal- Look, there is a doctor, Dr.Timoka. the one who has been handling your data and medinices ever since Hokowa put him charge.

Oreo- so, whats he got to do with anything?

Vidal- about ten hours after you were sedated and moved into your holding cell, hokowa puts him charge. Vidal began analyzing your data and ran across some information concerning you, your crew and the Alliance...he waved the Allaince. They are on their way here as we speak.

Oreo- So why are you helping me? how do you know all this?

Vidal- Timoka didnt know i was filing some patient records in the next room. when he left the office, i looked over your file. i read what the Alliance did to you. no human being should ever have to endure what you've been through. we had a few cause, not of the same magnitude mind are a weapon. Timoka knew this as well. He wanted to keep aquila safe from you, the alliance, and at the same time he came greedy. he wanted the reward, the notority of the one to find a cure for reaverism. Alot of people are counting on your blood to cure them.

(oreo stares down at the floor)

Oreo- can it?


Oreo- what about me?

Vidal- you, you are beyond the, to use the term lighty, normal scope of reaverism. The Alliance had a set plan for you. you had something, unique about you that made you the ideal candidate for their project. i'm sorry, but i don't think you can ever be cured.

(oreo continues starring at the floor)

Oreo- A gorram reaver. A gorram nightmare. A ruttin Alliance weapon...

Vidal- there is a way to control it.

(oreo quickly looks up at Vidal)

Oreo- How?

(Vidal pulls a clear disk from his lab coat pocket and slip it into oreos hand.)

vidal- This disk holds plans for a proto-type inhibitor or P.T.I ring. The way its supposed to work is, the ring is surgically grafted to your third and fourth vertibra. When you begin to "change" the ring triggers sending small mirco-scopic pulses causing your body to create enough adrenaline to counteract the reaver blood cells in you, but you have to want to stop the "change", the ring cant do all the work.

Oreo- So, i'll be able to "change" when i want to?

Vidal- Thats the notion, but as i said, it's only a plans for a proto-type. it has yet to be built, let alone tested.

(Oreo puts it into his thight pocket)

Vidal- outside of this facility, there is only one place you can go, one man you can seek out to perform the surgery.

Oreo- continues to stare at Vidal.

Vidal- There is a man, Nishka i believe his name is. Has a skyplex. He knows of a man that can perform the surgery, but i must warn you, Nishka is ruthless, you're gonna need money, lots of it and luck.

(Oreo looks up towards the ceiling and Whispers to himself)

Oreo- Nishka...

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Thursday, March 5, 2009 11:57 AM


"Ben tiansheng de yidui rou!" Michael yells at his Cortex-reader. He's too preoccupied to keep an eye on where he is going and slams into a concrete column. Bam! He hits first the column and then the floor as the blow knocks him off his feet.

Shiny skids to a halt, turning to Michael.
"You okay?"

"Gaoyang zhong de guyang! We be toitally humped!" Michael looks dazed, but oblivious to his condition. "Why in guo cao de are we both on da groond?"

Shiny stutters, trying to keep up with Michael's angry rant. "Ah, you ran full-tilt into that pillar and toppled over. What are you cursing at?" She looks down at Michael's reader, and he points to the data header for a transmission he's reading. She turns and yells at the captain, who's finally realized his search party is sprawled on the tile floor. "Cap'n, we got trouble."

Shadow: "You seemed to have found walking troubles, asides the known trouble we got with Oreo being missing."

Michael and Shiny both attempt to help the other up, and they awkwardly struggle to their feet. Michael strides over to Shadow, reader held out.

"Cap'n, iffn' this don't make ye dairuomu ji, Oi'll be ruttin' surprised. Some bloody doctor waved Alloiance mor'n an hour ago..."

Shadow turns away calmly, faces the empty corridor, and with all possible ferocity, bellows:
"Or.......Eeeeeeeee........Oooooooooo! LET'S GET MOOOVVVVIIIINNN'!!!!!!!!!!"


Friday, March 6, 2009 11:08 AM


(Oreo raises his head)

Oreo- Did you hear something?

Vidal- Yes, someone is calling you.

(Vadal stands up, helping Oreo stand to his feet as well)

Vidal- Come, I'm pretty sure, the staff has figured out there is no emergency by now, we must hurry.

(Vidal and Oreo exit the room into the hallway). again, the faint sound someone calling Oreo's name echos through out the facility.)

(vidal swings himself and oreo in the direction of the voice)

Vidal- Here. Its came from down here. do you recognize the voice?

Oreo- recgonize it? i can barley hear it. I don't think it's wise to head down there.

Vidal- What do you suggest? We stand here and wait. We could get cought by the staff. We'd both be in trouble.

Oreo- figure you'd be in trouble all ready.

Vidal- no one knows i'm helping you. I would like to keep it that way.

(Oreo surveys his surroundings)

Oreo- Okay...lets go.

(The pair make there way down the hallways. Voice growing loud the closer they get to it.)


(Vidal and Oreo stop in there tracks)

Vidal- Whats does he mean by that?

Oreo- In my years, I learned to not ask questions.

(Oreo wriggles away from vidal)

Oreo- Come on!

(Vadal and Oreo bust out in a full sprint. Oreo concentrating on matter at hand, but his body quickly begins to wear down)

Vidal- its the medication. your adrenaline is mixing well it with.

Oreo- You noticed that to huh? Wheres the hangar. I gotta get to the ship!

Vidal- I'll take you to a staff elevator, from there i can't not go with you, but you're find your way.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Saturday, March 7, 2009 4:47 PM


The Capt, Michael and Shiny
head back to the ship.

Shiny follows behind the other two
she's still dizzy, but doing her best to keep up.

Shiny yells out, "Capt do you think Oreo can hear you"?

Capt shouts back, "Lets hope so.Shiny try to keep up!"

Shiny, "Just go I'm right behind you."

shiny starts lagging more behind.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Sunday, March 8, 2009 3:36 AM


as the crew approaches TRANQUILITY, SHADOW stops at the cargo bay door.
"SHINY, you go check on the TWINS.
MICHAEL, go strap in.

SHADOW 'coms O2:
"O2, do you read?"

"way ahead of ya cap. KAT and i heard the ruckus and came back to the ship."

"shiny work. ok, i have an idea, i'll let you know in a second."

"SENSEI, we look to be leavin' in a rush so i have a request, seeins' how the ALLIANCE will be on our tail momentarily...
can you have 1 of your pilots fire up SERENITY?"

they won't see this coming. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009 8:09 AM


(after a series of twists, turns, corridors and hallways, vidal and oreo reach a dead end)

Oreo- gorramit! it's a dead end!

Vidal- No. its the entrance to the staff elevator.

Oreo- Doc, i'm not sure if you're seein the same thing i am. It a wall. A dead end!

(Vidal take off his badge hanging from his lab coat and swipe it against the wall. Instantly the wall open up revealing a hidden elevator)

Oreo- I'll be a son of a...

Vidal- Quickly inside. Take it down to the bottom level, then follow the stairs down to the evacuation tunnel. It'll be a ways, but you're see a door leading to the hangar. Hopefully you won't run into anybody down there.

Oreo- anybody?

Vidal- Yes, the tunnel is usually patroled by a small guard unit. I'm hoping that with the distraction they were called away. Good luck.

(Oreo open the elevator doors and steps into it. With the doors shutting behind him, oreo presses a button sending the elevator down.)

(Vidal Swipes his card once again and the wall closes concealing the elevator. He turns, wide eyed, his badges drops to the ground. A voice orders him to get down to his knees)

Voice- Dr.Vidal, you are here by bound by law, by to your knees or you will be shot!

(Vidal complys)

Vidal- How did you know?

(A figure steps out)

Vidal- You?

Tomoka- Yes, once we figured out the emergency to be false, we ran the sercurity tapes and saw you helping our...patient esacpe.

vidal- What you were doing was wrong and you know it!

tomoka- Possibly old friend, but nobody messes with my money!

(Oreo, paces back and forth in the elevator, when suddenly a gun shoot echos inside the elevator shaft.)

Oreo-Vidal, they got him.

(Anger begins to overtake Oreos body and the "turning" process begins)

Oreo(Grunting)- They want me? So be it! They will not make it out alive!
Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009 10:12 AM


Shiny gets summer and Storm.
"come on you two, you need to get strapped in."
Shiny helps strap in summer than Storm next to Michael.

Michael, "you have kids?"

Shiny laughs, "No not mine."

Michael, "Who's then?"

Shiny pauses for a moment, "all ours."

Michael looks at shiny confused.

Shiny smiles, Keep eye on them will ya?
make sure they stay strapped in.

Michael starts to protest,"I.. I don't think it's a good Idea, I'm not good with kids.

Shiny, "don't worry they won't bite.
She winks at storm.

Shiny briskly walks to the engine room and
coms Capt." Everyone's strapped in."

Shiny ends com then strappes herself in.

Shiny thinking(I hope Oreo gets to us before the Alliance do.)

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009 12:30 PM


Ojin acknowledges Captain Shadows 'com and proceeds to scramble an alert pilot.

Ojin to Serenity pilot:
"Kodiak, as soon as Oreo is on Tranquility, launch Serenity and draw the Alliance cruiser
in the opposite direction.
Both Serenity and Tranquility have the same markings - 獨立.
The Alliance will pursue the fleeing Firefly long enough to let Tranquility escape.
Wait for the signal."


Wednesday, March 11, 2009 3:26 PM


c'mon OREO, fast would be better than slow. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Thursday, March 12, 2009 9:29 AM


(Inside the evacuation tunnel a guard is sitting behind a computer monitoring it)

Guard- Major,Sir, i'm picking up movement inside the staff elevator.

Major- Where there any scheduled maintence logged for today.

(the guard open a log page on the computer)

Guard- ummm...none sir.

Major- open a com channel to the elevator.

Guard- done sir.


Attention, you are in direct violation of code, no is to use the staff elevator without permission. Stop the elevator now and return to level 5.

***ends com***

(A few moments go by and no re-ply)


I will repeat, return to level 5 or you will be shot on site. Do you comply?

***ends com***

Major- I want you and your men down to the elevator, if those doors open, shot.

Guard- Aye Major!

(The guard leaves the room and rounds up the others and make their way to the elevator.)

guards- I want all weapons trained, orders are shoot first and ask later.

(with weapons cocked and ready the small unit wait as the elevator makes it final decent. With a brief pause the doors open and the guards open fire. smoke from their barrels and smoke from circuts begins fired quickly engulf the samll tunnel. When the last bullet has flown, the guards reload and advance. )

(Major coms)




(the guards pulls a com out of his pocket)


A lot of smoke still sir, but if they're was anyone in here, i'm pretty sure he isn't happy...

Oreo- You got that right!

(Oreo jumps down from atop of the elevator and begins his assault. Grabbing guards and tossing them about as if they were mere toys. The smoke still thick, but scream cutting through it like a hot knife cutting through butter.

(Guard coms)



***ENDS COM***

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Friday, March 13, 2009 10:01 AM


Shiny tired of sitting by herself unstraps herself and quickly makes her way to where Michael and the twins are. She sits down and straps in again.

Shiny, "I didn't wanna miss out on all the fun."
The twins laugh."

Michael glances in the twins direction then looks back down at his device.

Shiny, starts rambling about how she thinks where
waiting for Oreo before we leave. and how she hopes they get outta there before the Alliance finds us.

Michael looks at shiny and smiles.
knowing she's try to attempt some type of small talk.

Shiny smiles back and asks him.

Shiny, "So Michael, Have any interesting stories
To Tell?"

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Friday, March 13, 2009 3:21 PM






Sunday, March 15, 2009 7:38 AM


SHADOW still stands at the open cargo bay door,
waiting for OREO to show up at the dock where TRANQUILITY is ready for take-off.

* remembering *
'this reminds me of my 1st day trying to fill a crew, exactly 1 year ago, standing outside TRANQUILITY on PERSEPHONE.

words of TRAQUILITYS 1st passenger echo in the captains head -

"Permission to come aboard sir. I've been out of the world a bit. I have my book and some rosemary.
Both can go along way in time. I hope this is the right ship."

back on AQUILA:
OREO, OREO, wherefore art thou OREO?

O2 on the bridge decodes a strange wave from the cortex:

0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Sunday, March 15, 2009 5:42 PM


Michael looks up at Shiny, suspicious and resignation on his face. He speaks odd words, even for him:

"Forget not, in your speed, Antonius,
To touch Calpurnia; for our elders say,
The barren, touched in this holy chase,
Shake off their sterile curse.

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music,
Cry 'Caesar!' Speak; Caesar is turn'd to hear.

Beware the Ides of March..."

He flourishes his hand, ending in a pointing finger at Shiny.

"A soothsayer bids you beware the Ides of March!"


Monday, March 16, 2009 5:55 AM


Major- I want a full Facility Alert! NOW!

(Alarms begin to sound)

Major- Call every guard we have to get down here on the double!


Sir! He's taken us all out and is heading towards the hangars...Sir...Sir...arrrrrrgh!

***Com ends abruptly***

(the major slames his hands onto the desk)

Major-Just what in the world are we dealing with here?!

(Oreo, takes off in a deep sprint towards the end of the tunnel. Sercurity cameras following his every step. A few guards enter the room where the major is desperatly trying to watch all the montiors)

Guard- Sir, we've come...

(The major grabs the one of the guards and throws him towards the montiors)

Major- You, watch the screen and keep track of that intruder.

(The guards head quickly begins bouncing from one screen to another)

Guard- he's moving so fast.

(Oreo finally stops at the end of the tunnel. A big steel door in front of him with the words "Hanger Bay: Personel only" painted across it.) Oreo opens it and steps inside, finding himself atop a flight of stairs staring down at Tranquility. The captain standing outside of her with Kat pacing back and fourth. Loud foot steps begins to echo behind Oreo, he quickly turns around and in the distance dozens of Armed guards are heading towards him with the major leading in front. Oreo quickly slams the door shut and locks it and begins down the stairs)

Kat- Captain! Look! is that Oreo?!

(The Captain inches forward abit to get a better look)

Captain- kat get inside and tell o2 to get Tranquility Fired up!

Kat- Why the rush?

Captain- He's running. (the captain turns and begins to run inside himself. When he's running like that, i find it best to not ask questions!

(The capatian and kat re-enter tranquility. Captain posting himself just inside of the cargo ready to close it as soon as oreo gets onbaord, kat quickly making her way to the bridge. Midway, shiny see's Kat)

Shiny- What's going on?

Kat- We gotta go!

Shiny- But Oreo...

Kat He's here!

Shiny- turns and runs for the cargo bay.

(Back in the hangar, Oreo is blazing down the stairs skipping two and three at a time, the captain shouting from the cargo bay)

Captain- MOVE IT!

(Shiny joins the captian and sees Oreo coming down the stairs, but shes also notices Guards coming as well.)

Shiny- LOOK OUT!

(Guards stop and begins firing there weapons.Oreo temporarily stops to duck under some steel grating.)

Major- I want him stopped and put a land lock on that ship!

(Oreo continues down the stairs, bullets buzzing by overhead. Oreo looks over the side and pulls back.)

Shiny-Where did he go? Did he get hit?

(The captain strains to see if he can find Oreo. Suddenly A figure is hurled over the edge of the railng)

Captian- There! He's making a jump for!

(Oreo lands onto a pile of rubber insulation, cushioning his landing. He stands up and dashes for the ship. bullets begins dancing all around him. Oreo, dodge this way and that. The captain presses a button the cargo bay door begins to closes)

Shiny- Too soon, he won't make!

Captain- He'll make it!

(As the visual of the outside begins to shrink a hand quickly grabs ahold of the bay door, then another until the figure of oreo pulls himself up and sliding down the door could be seen. The door finally shuts and the captain and shiny rush to oreo aid)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Monday, March 16, 2009 6:27 AM



Shiny for a moment is taken back by Michael.
Then Shiny speaks,
"Set him before me; let me see his face.

Fellow, come from the throng; look upon Caesar.

What say'st thou to me now? speak once again.

Beware the ides of March.

He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass."

Shiny smiles, "my mother read Shakespeare to me as a child, from an old book that was believed to be from the Earth that was. My mother loved collecting old books for our Library."

Shiny's smile fades as she looks at Michael,
" I'm only trying to be your friend is all and I'm not good at small talk, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, Sorry."

At that moment she hears the captain yell her name. Shiny unbuckles herself and Joins the Captain and Kat. She watches Oreo making a mad dash to the ship.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Monday, March 16, 2009 7:37 AM


SHADOW sees OREO just make it into the ship as the bay door closes.

"now SENSEI!"

OJIN gives the order to TRANQUILITYS sistership - SERENITY:
"captain KODIAK, launch now."

SERENITY fires her thrusters and takes off, to draw the ALLIANCE cruiser away from TRANQUILITY

OJIN responds to the ALLIANCE officers order to 'land lock' TRANQUILITY:
"belay that order!"


"MAJOR, you have no jurisdiction here.
TENGOKU has been designated a 'holy city', the holiest city on AQUILA.
i suggest that you and the 'hit squad' that you came here with, leave at once, and perhaps i shall not report this desecration to your superiors."

TRANQUILITYS engines begin to fire up.

"TRANQUILITY - 03-K64 - Keel laid: August 2459
Registry: 404-E-132-4FE274A
Firefly engine: 2 Blue Sun 6V4-178-B31
Trace Compression Blocks
36 RCS Thrustersall
standard radion accelerator core
performing within established parameters.
systems read clear for upthrust.
Launch Commit criteria are Green.
Launch Sequence Initiated.
Air-Breather Turbines spooling up, All vital circuits are HOT.
Awaiting further Authorization inputs for NavComp, Flight Systems are in Manual mode.
Out of Atmo(OOA), in 8 minutes 20 Seconds. Departure Vector Plot onscreen.
Selecting 'Standard, Shallow'... Awaiting Launch Command.
Monitoring Signal, Encrypted.
Auto-Scramble Receiver Mode, Engaged...
maximum acceleration of 4.2 g, and a maximum range (unloaded) of 400 AU... confirmed...
lift off."


xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.






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