VFF The Book Continues Part 6

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Thursday, November 19, 2009 8:59 AM



The Book’s hull reflects the light of the cannon fire as it streaks past. The Reaver ship looms behind them firing round after round into the blackness.

The Book rolls on her side and banks to avoid the fire. Movement can be seen on the wings as the shuttles move into launch position.


Wash: You think it will work?

Colt: Sure it will work. *Sounding less than confident*


Mobbex: That sweetie of yours is going to get us all killed.

Abbey takes another swig of d'Orange, ignores him and preps the shuttle for launch.


Sky and Spots wiggle through the small space towards the main hydraulic coupleling

Spots: We’re almost there.


Colt just finished recording a quick warning message to send to the freighter if they get the chance.

Colt: You ready Wash? *She nods* Spots? *over the comm.*

Spots: In position just have to locate it

Colt: Make it fast we’re starting the count.

The automated countdown recording began.


Thursday, November 19, 2009 9:58 AM


(moments earlier in the engine room)
spots is moving frantically about trying to set the engine for the burn.

Colt: Son you're coming with me and bring the wrench

Spots: ok (he grabs up his tools and follows the captain)

the Floor clang under their boots as the run headlong into the cargo bay and up the stairs to the second shuttle. Sky is waiting for them there

Sky: so whats the plan this time Colt

Colt: we are gonna use this shuttle as bait for those hungry sonsabitchs. Spots can you get this thing uncoupled

Spots: yeah I think I can..

Colt;Sky help him the best you can and son dont think do (he turn and moves quickly to the bridge)

Minuets later
both Sky and Spots are in the waist deep in the ship trying to get the shuttle to come off

Sky: come on I aint dieing like this

Spots; Im almost through... I got it.... I got it [Thunk] I dont go it..

Sky: well get it again!

Spots: working on it

Sky: Work harder!!!

Spots; you really thing shouting gonna help!

Sky: No but it makes me FEEL BETTER GORAMIT!!!!

Colt {over com}: Will you 2 shut up and work

Colt {over com}: Make it fast we’re starting the count.

Spots GOD DAMIT GOD DAMIT GOD DAMIT.... I goit hahaha i got it woohoo!!!

Sky: thats great son now lets do this

the voice of the onboard computer sound the numbers like the ticking of a clock


Colt: Do it now
[a loud thud sounds through out the ship as the wrench falls and the damaged shuttle floats out of its bay]

Colt; (muttering to himself) work work work


Thursday, November 19, 2009 11:55 AM


As the countdown ended, Colt pushed the transmit button, sending the warning message to the freighter.


A yellow glow emitting from the tail of the Book starts to illuminate the sky. The Reaver ship stops firing its cannon and moves in for the kill. The glow continues to grow into a blinding light.

On the port wing the shuttle begins to hover just a few inches off of its docking platform.
Electricity fires through the Reaver’s grappler. The Reavers fire, just as the rear of the Firefly explodes propelling the small ship away.  

The magnetic grappler shoots into space and connects. The vibration of the contact travels up the cable and can be felt through the large ship. The Reaver pilot immediately yanks the controls spinning the large ship over like an alligator’s death roll. To his surprise there is no resistance. His co pilot checks his screen and then looks out into the black.

The yellow streak is still shooting away. Attached to their grappler is the mangled remains of the port side shuttle.


Friday, November 20, 2009 9:36 AM


Colt listened to the cheers echo through the Book. Everyone near a com was hooting it up, happy to live another day. He had relieved Wash, and as much as she had earned a rest, it wouldn’t come soon. His ship was still hurt and the full burn had made matters much worse. On top of the damage the Reavers had caused, the burn with both shuttle in launch position had jammed up Abbey’s shuttle, preventing them from docking. Spots and Sky were seeing to it while Wash suited up to check the damage outside.

Colt checked the monitors again. They were in the clear…but.

He moved around the console, opened a storage bin and pulled a display with a tangle of cords from the box.

Sitting back in Wash’s seat he plugged in the various cables and launched a program on the portable screen. The tapped away at the screen, deleting the scroll of numbers, and entering new data. When he finished he went to the Cortex feed and plugged in again repeating the process.

He finished as Wash returned from her space walk.

Wash: Not as bad as it feels. I think we can limp her planet side to repair.

Colt: Glad to hear it.

Wash: Everything ok Cap? I mean most people live what we just did tend to be more… jovial.

Colt: Adrenalin must be wearing off. Get the suit stored and take a break. You earned it. Sky and I will get us dirt side.

Wash: Sure thing Cap. I heard Abbey opened up the liquor cabinet. Maybe I can score a stiff drink before she comes to her senses.

Sky enters and Wash exits.

Sky: Spots says Abby’s shuttle should be….

The distinct thud of the docking procedure interrupts her.

Sky: … docked now.

Colt: Ain’t you leaving?

Sky: Looks that way. Come on Colt you know…

Colt: *hearing the crew in the galley* I get it Sky. Take over here and we’ll talk later.

Colt heads toward the galley stopping by his bunk and lowering the portable screen down the ladder by the cables.

In the galley Abbey rushes into his arms. They share a deep kiss.

Colt: You been drinking?

Abbey: Well…a…a little

Colt: No drinking.

Abbey *smiling* Yes Captain

Mobbex comes over and slaps Colt too hard on the back.

Mobbex: I’d like to see the look on their goram faces when they latched onto that shuttle.

Oram: You’d have to be in eating distance to see that.

Mobbex shivers: Goram girl we’re celebrating don’t go ruining it like that.

Colt looks over at Brit who has sitting on the table, swinging her legs back and forth. She looks at him with a sympathetic smile and a nod.

Abbey grabs onto Colt’s arm: You heard the big man, feel like celebrating?

Colt: *somewhat distant*: I need to..see to some things. Sorry I’m a little spent here..I

Abbey: It’s ok …really.
They share another kiss and Colt heads back to the bridge.

Sky: Colt might want Spots to take a look at this.

Colt: What?

Sky: The NavSat and radar are glitchy. The Cortex is out. Everything is resetting but we can’t read anything behind us.

Colt: Don’t bother him with it right now. Let it reset.

Colt climbs down into his bunk. He went to the sink and filled a bowl with water then cups both hands and splashes the water on his face. He stares at the display on the floor. He looks in the mirror and shakes his head.

Moving to his bunk he takes up the display and switches it on. Leaning back in his bunk he stares at the real radar image, the one he had erased from the Book. It showed the freighters emergency beacon. Next to it was the flashing ping of the Reaver ship. He tapped the screen and the hours old Cortex recording he had removed began to play.

Freighter Captain: This is the Catalina. We are under attack by Reavers. Please send help.

Muffled female voice: OH GAWD

Voice: Their boarding

Freighter Captain: This is the Catalina. We are being boarded by Reavers. Lord help us

Muffled female screaming

Gun shots

The transmission stopped.

Colt flung the display hard against the wall, shattering it.

Colt: Gorammit


Saturday, November 21, 2009 4:24 PM


sits silently in shock as the last tranmission hits home

That could have been us oh god .......

turns around and see a big fluffy y ellow bunny that look san awful lot like mobbex hopping on down the hall.......

Hits comm

****Oram you free??? *******

( sorry guys the mother board on my comp died finally g t it replaced)

I am a leaf on the wind


Saturday, November 21, 2009 8:07 PM


abbey puttered around the shuttle for a while. Cleaning things, then rearranging then putting them back in their original place.

She sighed after a while, knowing that she was only doing it because she was too keyed up and very slightly tipsy. They had dodged a big bullet today. And the adrenaline was still pumping for her.

She couldn't stand being in the shuttle for a minute longer, so she exited it and made a beeline for the person she really wanted to see... Colt.

They had a lot to talk about, although now would not be the time. She just wanted to be near him. To tell him thank you. To...

She shook her head, clearing her thoughts and knocked on his door.

"Colt? Can I come in?" she asked.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009 9:05 PM


Colt hears the knock at the hatch. It’s Abbey. He doesn’t move, he doesn’t answer. Torn.

No one he would rather see right now but the last person he wants to face.

Those folks are dead because of me. Why the hell didn’t they run? They should have gotten away clean. Maybe they had engine trouble. I should have scanned them. Hell there was no time to scan them. Why the hell didn’t they..


Abbey: Colt? You in there?

He took a deep breath and went to the ladder. “Come on down.”

Once inside she moved to hold him. He tensed up to her touch. She noticed.

Abbey: What’s wrong with you?

Colt: Nothing Darlin *Thinking It’s mine to bear*

Abbey: Oh I get it! You’re all over me when it’s a secret but now that it’s out in the open the thrill is gone.

She moves away from him. Crossing the small room and leaning against the dresser.

Colt: Wha…? No what are you saying? It’s not that.

Abbey: You don’t get to do this Colt. You don’t get to tell me you care about us. The THREE of us then push me away.

Colt: Abbey it’s not like that.

Abbey: Then what is it Colt? You practically shunned me when I was in the galley now you don’t want me near. Grayson said this was a mistake but I said he had it all wrong.

Colt: Grayson? That son of a…..*the full implication of what abbey is saying sinks in* Do…you think this was a mistake?

Abbey: Oh no you don’t. You don’t get to turn this around. You’re the one acting different. You are…

Colt: *almost a whisper* abbey you were right.

Abbey: You are a piece of work. Do you….what? Right about what?

Colt: The freighter. They didn’t make it. I thought…they could….they didn’t make it. You were right I shouldn’t have used them like that. *His body trembling*

Abbey looked at Colt. She ached inside but not for the freighter crew, not yet, Colt was her only concern. She moved to him and wrapped her arms around him. She could feel his clenched jaw still shivering.
She thought of what to say, you wouldn’t have put them in harm’s way if you knew they couldn’t get away. You did it for to save us all. You couldn’t have known they wouldn’t escape. In the end she went with the only words that would come out.

Abbey: I’m so sorry Colt.

They held each other through the night. They woke the next morning to Sky announcing they were beginning the landing sequence on Ezra.

Lying there feeling her warmth against him Colt was reminded of an old war saying. When you can’t walk you crawl, when you can’t crawl you get someone to carry you. Abbey had carried him through it last night.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009 4:41 PM


She woke up in the morning, she was laying on her back with Colt lying next to her, his head resting on her shoulder as her arms wrapped around him. Interestingly, his one hand was laying on her stomach like he was trying to connect with their child somehow. She didn't know if it was actually for that reason, but if he was trying to draw some support from anywhere he could, it would not surprise her.

It had been a tough night for him. He was restless, mumbling in his sleep or waking up with a jerk, terror in his eyes. She would comfort him any way she could when he did awake. He finally succumbed to a prolonged sleep about two hours ago.

So she didn't try to wake him. She just laid there and let him sleep, watching his face. He still looked troubled, which was understandable. It was a hard call. She didn't know what she would have done. Well, she knew, but then again, they'd be dead right now, so it didn't matter.

He shifted his weight again, moaning in mental agony, his grip on her moving to encircle her waist and then it tightened, drawing her close to him. it was a little snug, but she didn't try to escape. She only stroked his shoulder trying to comfort him.

"Sssshhhh..." she whispered to him. "It will be OK. I'm here with you... I'll always be here with you."

Then there was the announcement from Wash that they were about to land on Ezra. Colt stirred and woke up.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009 5:27 PM


He had been searching for them for a while, but it seems they had almost vanished into thin air. That is... almost.

Grayson got a wave from a contact of his.

"What have you got for me?" he answered gruffly, pleasantry dispatched as The Book's absence went on.

"We got a distress call from a freighter a few hours back. They were requesting help for a Firefly that was under attack from a Reaver ship," his contact told him. "It was the Book."

Dear God... Reavers, Grayson thought, his heart jumping into his throat.

"Are they...?"

"No, Sir. Seems they used the freighter that made the distress call to make their escape. They crossed their flight path and the Reavers changed targets and went after the larger ship."

"So they escaped?"

"Yes, Sir," his contact paused. "But the other ship, Sir. They stayed around to try to help the Book. Making that distress call for them. Well, all were lost. The Reavers boarded and killed them all."

Grayson swore under his breath, but it was a definite slam on Colt's character.

"Do you know where the Book went?"

"They are getting ready to land on Ezra."

Ezra. Definitely the wrong place for abbey and Oram to be. A major hub for slave traders. And the home base for Adlei Niska.

"Call an extraction team. I'm laying course right now."

"Yes, Sir."

Grayson cut the transmission at set course for Ezra.

"Just a few hours and this whole unfortunate experience will be behind us."

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009 8:41 PM


Her stomach was still doing summersaults from the near miss with the Reavers. Much too close for her liking. Stumbling out of the docked shuttle, Oram decided that maybe sleep was the best option rather than anything else, so clutching the bottle that Mobbex had cracked open she wandered down to the kitchen area knowing they’d be in Ezra soon enough to fill on supplies and hopefully find some trail of Spots missing sibling.

The galley was an utter disaster, anything that wasn’t nailed down was thrown around and Oram groaned inwardly knowing the mess would be her job to clean the mess. She shuddered to think how the cupboards looked. She didn’t even dare contemplate what the damn infirmary looked like nor how much it was going to cost to replace broken supplies.

Easing herself onto one of the spare couches, she relaxed with a pillow that was surprisingly comfy. Taking a deep swig of the amber liquid, she let her mind begin to drift.


Thursday, December 17, 2009 7:47 PM


The announcement over the com had woken Colt. Abbey was drifting in and out of sleep while he was started his day. It had been a rough night, but she had made it bearable. He pulled the sink down and splashed the cold water on his face, then reached for the mouthpiece on the shelf above him. He bit down on it low hum and bright blue light escaped between his lips. After a minute he removed the piece and set it back on the shelf.
Abbey stirred and he knelt next to the bed and gave her a kiss.

Abbey: Mmmm minty

Colt: Ewww funky

She slapped him playfully on the cheek and started to rise but before she could Colt had slipped back in bed next to her. He slid his arm behind her head and pulled her close.

Abbey: Don’t you have Captainy things to do?

Colt: Best part of being Captain is I get to do what I want. Besides the crew knows about us now, no reason to pretend you didn’t stay the night.

He moved his hand over her tummy, his finger circling her belly button.

Colt: Shouldn’t this… be bigger?

Abbey: Are you saying I have a big belly? *pushing his hand away*

Colt: No not big.

Abbey: You said BIGGER!

Colt: You forgetting your pregnant?

She started to speak but Colt put a finger to her lips.

Colt: Darlin you’re beautiful. You could swell up the size of a pumpkin and you’d still be beautiful.

Abbey: A pumpkin? *laughing softly* You really should spend some time formulating your compliments.

Colt:*grinning* And if I told you I did think that through?

Abbey: Then I’d be afraid to ask what your first thought was.

He moved his hand back to her tummy “I just want to make sure everything’s right in there. You should have the Doc check you out. “

Abbey: If you say so.

Colt jerked straight up in the bunk almost falling out. Balancing himself he put his palm to Abbeys forehead.

Abbey: What’s wrong?

Colt: You just agreeing like that. No arguing. Something has to be wrong.

Abbey shoved him in the chest and he fell from the bunk. Both burst into laughter as she helped him back into bed.

Colt: Think it’s time I get a bigger bunk in here.

Abbey: *rolling him on his back* I don’t know, this one does have its advantages.

Later Colt climbed the ladder to start his day, again.


Friday, December 18, 2009 4:31 PM


it had been a long night for the young mechanic, he had undone the self-destruct mechanism and set about repairing the cooling system that were showing signs of failing. after long hours work done he sat down head making a thunk sound on the bulkhead.

Spots: oye

Sky: hey kid (siting down next to him smoking a cigarette)

Spots: hey Sky, so where are you planing to go after this (taking the lit Cigarette out of her mouth and taking a drag)

Sky; you since when do you smoke? (pulling out another one and lighting it)

Spots: Since now, there plenty of things about be that you dont know

Sky:here i thought i had you all figured out, as for me I dont know, I'll try to lineup so exciting new crime, I just came back here to tell you what a good job you did with the shuttle i wasnt looking forward to being dinner for a Reaver.

Spots: well i did what i could, good luck out there she'll miss ya. (I pounding his fist against the bulk head)

Sky: ill miss her to but its time to go (standing)

Spots:(standing as well) its time for something that is pretending to be food, and rack time

Spontaneously Sky hugged Spots, uncharacteristically of her Spots was surprised then wrapped his arms around her and squeezed. the non-verbal good bye was powerful it had been along year and a half since she had come aboard and this my be the last time he saw her. She was more that just the first mate she was family.

they ended the embrace

Sky: ill see ya Kid

Spots: yeah see ya around

the 2 part ways Spots headed to the galley as Sky headed to the cargo hold


Tuesday, December 22, 2009 10:06 AM


Colt was standing near the cargo door when Sky entered the bay. She had a duffle sack slung over her shoulder and her rifle resting comfortably in the crook of her free arm. She had a confidence that Colt had always admired. There was no talking her out of this but Colt knew he had to go through the show of trying.

Colt: You ain’t taking much.

Sky: Could be we didn’t acquire much for me to take. You really should give up this life of crime. You’re not that good at it.

Colt smiled and took the bag off her shoulder setting it next to the door. Then sat down on a crate and motioned for her to do the same.

Colt: Won’t argue that. Used to be easier.

Sky: You used to do it without bringing your family along.

Colt: So that’s what this is about, the baby?

Sky: Just found out about that, I’m talking bout all of them. You and Abbey, drunk Aunt Oram, nutty Aunt Wash, one big dysfunctional family.

Colt: You and I have a history not that different.

Sky: True but that was a long time ago. Besides you didn’t coddle me. When it was dangerous we both took the risk, with them you hesitate. You don’t want them hurt.

Colt: Not Mobbex.

She smiled "It affects the job." Standing up she continued "Listen you have a good thing here, just not right for me."

Colt stood and picked up her bag. They walked down the ramp to a waiting cab.

Sky: You call him?

Colt: Thought you would be carrying more. *They both laughed* Where you heading?

Sky: I’m going to hitch a ride to the core and find me a proper crime to do.

Colt: If you need a place… *Colt started*

Sky: I know

She threw her bag into the back of the hover and climbed up into the seat. Colt reached into his wallet and pulled the few remaining notes from inside.

Colt: Here’s your cut from the last job. It’s a little light but I’ll make it up to you.

Sky: You keep it.

Colt: Take it I got a little tucked back, for “Just in case”

She took the money and tucked it into her shirt. “I know you do. Don’t set off any alarms Colt’

Colt: You either.

Colt watched the cab pull away and out of site. He knew they would cross paths again. They always did. It was one of those inevitable … Colt’s thoughts were cut off. She said “I know you do”

Colt ran up the ramp and though the Book. He took the stairs two at the time and shot through the galley to his bunk. Down the ladder he ran to the hide he had under the floor. He opened it and counted the cash he had left. Half of it was gone and there was a note scribbled on a piece of paper.

I know you set off that alarm on Bellerophon
Take care


Tuesday, December 22, 2009 7:15 PM


abbey heard Colt swear under his breath. She had been nearly asleep, but not all the way. She turned over to face him, keeping the sheet over her. She was kinda cold.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

Something was wrong. It was obvious, but as she looked at him, she couldn't shake the thought of what she should call him.

Are they really together now? Are they boyfriend and girlfriend? Are they in a relationship beyond the child she was carrying? Perhaps landlord/tenant with benefits, plus a baby on the way?

Things had gone well last night, even with the turmoil and guilt Colt was feeling, but she didn't want it to end in a fight because she wanted a definition of who they were.

So she concentrated on the task at hand.

"What's in the box?"

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 8:51 AM


Colt moved to the bunk and sat down next to Abbey. He held the open box up for her to see. Inside was a small collection of cash and coin.

Colt: Emergency funds. Enough to top off the tanks, maybe a meal or two.

Abbey peeked inside: Not much there. You must be planning a light meal.

Colt: Was more. Sky took her severance package.

Abbey sat up: She robbed you! With a baby on the way? How could she...

Colt put his finger to her lips: She wasn't out to harm us, just wanted to show she could. And she left us this.

Colt held up the scrap piece of paper Sky had left her note on. On the other side was the name of a local contact.

Colt: She lined us up a job.

Abbey: What kind of job?

Colt: Won't know that till I get there. We'll meet Badger's people, end this nast bit of business with him, then I'll take Mobbex and check it out.

Colt leaned in and gave Abbey a kiss then stood and started towards the ladder.

Abbey: When do you think she took the money?

Colt: My guess, last night when we were sleeping

Abbey: LAST NIGHT! (jerking the blanket tight around her body)We were....naked.

Colt: Thats true. You keep flashing the crew like that and I might get jealous.

Colt didn't see what Abbey threw at him, because he was half way up the ladder when it hit him in the back. It did have some heft to it, but not enough to wipe the grin off his face as he headed to the galley.


Friday, January 8, 2010 9:05 AM


Now that Colt was gone, abbey decided to go back to her shuttle. Although everyone knew about their... whatever they have... now, she just didn't quite feel comfortable hanging out in his cabin when he wasn't there.

She got cleaned up and was looking around the shuttle, straightening things up and taking inventory of her gambling supplies as she went along. sooner or later, she would need to start working, even if it was to help Colt make repairs. With a baby on the way, this would be her home too.

Can you baby proof a firefly? she thought to herself.

She was brought out of her musings by an incoming wave. She went over and answered it only to be greeted by someone she never planned on seeing again.

"Mr. Niska..." she nearly stammered, but she kept it toghether. "What a surprise!"

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Monday, January 11, 2010 8:48 AM


“Won’t be a sec” Colt said to Mobbex as he went down the ladder to his bunk. The two were off to meet the contact Sky had left.

Colt reached the bottom of the ladder and turned to see an empty bed. He went to the com and keyed in Abbey’s shuttle. He listened to the low tone notification beep, but she didn’t answer. He started to try again when Mobbex banged the butt of his rifle against the bulkhead.

“Aint got time to be ruttin round Captain”

Colt glared up the ladder to Mobbex, the big man took a step back. “Take your time, just want to get paid s’all”

Must have gone back to her shuttle and fallen asleep Colt thought. I’ll check in on her when we get back.


Colt sat on the bar stool waiting to take his shot. The two men they were playing pool with were losing just enough money to keep up with the bar tab Mobbex was building. Colt held his cue out in front of Mobbex as he returned from the bar, a beer in each hand.

“No more after that one” he said taking one of the stouts from his hand.

“Why not? We been here two hours. This guy ain’t showing. Sky stiffed you.”

“Could be, but no more all the same.” He replied taking a long draw from the cold brew, before getting up to take his turn.

As he was lining up the shot, a loud and seemingly intoxicated individual, stumbled into the table, spilling his drink on the felt. The introduction of the liquid shorted out the table and the balls disappeared. The man turned and tripped into a passing waitress trying to take her bar rag. She fell into the table, spilling her tray of drinks on the unsuspecting patrons. He pulled the bar rag from her belt and fell back into the table.

As he tried to dry the felt, he whispered to Colt “Meet me out back in five minutes”

Colt caught a wink from the drunk then turned to hear Mobbex at the other end of the table. He was arguing with the two men they had been shooting pool with. Mobbex and one of the men both had their hands covering the wager on the table.

“The balls shorted out, games over”

“But we were winning” Mobbex replied cooly.

Before Colt could say anything he heard “Look out” come from the drunk. The man had just ducked a punch from one of the liquor soaked patrons. The punch hit Colt square in the jaw. He stumbled back into the rail and caught himself in time to hear “Fight”

The man arguing with Mobbex took a step back and swung his pool cue breaking against the side of Mobbex’s head.

“That’s the only one you get little man” Mobbex said.

True to his word the other man never landed another punch as Mobbex tossed him around the bar. His partner thought better of coming to his rescue and instead tackled Colt, who was still reeling from the sucker punch, and both men went to the ground.

Colt swung a leg quickly around the man’s waist and got him in a scissor lock. He leaned back squeezed his legs until the other man let out a scream. Then he reached up and grabbed an empty mug and smashed into the man’s head. He kicked loose from the unconscious pool player and rose to his feet in time to be knocked back down by the flying body of his partner.

“Oops” Mobbex said right before a chair got broken over his shoulder.

Colt looked around the bar. The place was in chaos. Bottles breaking, tables flipped over, bodies wailing away at each other. Then he spotted the drunk, pistol drawn, leading the bartender into the back room.

Mobbex helped Colt to his feet somehow managing to keep another man in a headlock.

“Settling down done made you soft” He said as he bashed headlock man into the edge of the pool table, leaving him in a lump on the floor.

“I met our contact. We need to get out of here, before he rabbits on us”

Colt and Mobbex turned toward the door and a sea of angry individuals, set on making sure no one got out of there without taking a proper thumping.
Colt looked at Mobbex. The big man just shrugged his shoulders and they both waded into the brawl.

Outback of the saloon

The drunk came crawling out of the window to. He landed softly on the ground and stood to see Colt standing at the edge of the building, he turned to run the other direction, but stopped when he saw Mobbex step out from the corner.

“Gentlemen, fine bit of work back there. Sky said you would make a great diversion”

“She said that huh?’ Colt said and he swept back his coat, his hand hovering over his pistol.

“Relax Captain, any opportunity, I had to misappropriate your share has passed” He said tossing a sack of coins in Colt's direction.

Colt snagged the coins out of the air and glanced in the bag. “Pretty big cut. Wouldn’t think this place would generate this kind of income.”

“Less you know the better off you are, plausible deniability and all. Take care Colt”

The drunk started making his exit as he started to pass Mobbex , Colt called out. “Didn’t catch your name?”

“Plausible deniability” he replied with a smile.

Colt nodded to Mobbex and he slammed the drunk into the back wall. He quickly lifted him up by the shirt pinning him off the ground. Reaching behind his back his hand reappeared with a very large knife.

Colt stood next to the man. He was staring at his chest. “Little lower” he said to Mobbex.

Mobbex lowered him to eye level. “You see the problem don’t ya? You know my name. No telling what you just drug us into back there, so I need a name, or I’m going to have my large friend here drag you out front of this place with all that money in your pocket, minus a finder’s fee and this gets a lot more complicated."

“Rex Carson” the man said his face turning red.

“He’s lying” Mobbex laughed.

“Cut him” Colt said coldly.

As the knife moved close to the man’s face he broke. “Wade…Wade Accord it’s Wade Accord.”

“Goramit, I was gonna get me an ear” Mobbex said disgusted “Can’t torture anyone these days.”

Colt reached out a hand and helped Wade to his feet. In the process, he pulled the money from his coat. “Seems Sky might not have been as clear about our cut as you might think” He said peeling bills from the wad of cash. “That seems a little more fitting, wouldn’t want there to be any hard feelings about or first job together , now would we Wade?”

“No I expect we wouldn’t” he said as he eyed Colt. Then his smiled. “Sky did warn me what you were smart.” He turned to Mobbex.” Gentlemen, pleasure doing business with you.”

After stopping on the way out of town and collecting their money from Badger's contact for the slave papers, Colt and Mobbex headed back to the ship, on their somewhat small but recently purchased Mule.

“Can I drive awhile?” Mobbex asked.

“No, never….I mean it”


Monday, January 11, 2010 8:00 PM


It didn't take long for Grayson and his extraction team to find the Book. Grayson made note on how beat up the ship looked from their Reaver battle.

He smiled as he saw Colt and Mobbex exit the ship, leaving the cargo bay ramp open. He waited a couple of minutes then made his move.

"Let's go," he instructed the Extraction Team. "There are two targets. One rents the starboard side shuttle and the other is their doctor. We need to get them and their stuff off that boat asap."

They walked in and started. Grayson stood in the cargo bay and supervised. The one team supervisor that went to find Oram came back quickly.

"Sir, we'll need a gurney for the Doc," he told him. Then he said in a hushed voice. "I think she's drunk."

Grayson set his jaw at the news that Oram was drinking herself into unconciousness again.

"Gorram that girl-" he muttered as he nodded his approval to get one. His verbal instructions were cut off by the screaming that emanated from abbey's shuttle.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 4:40 PM


It was Autumn on this part of Ezra, the cold wind blew the leafs around the busy streets of the city market. Spots turned up the collar of his jacket and hunched behind the thin protection of the wool. he trudged past the artisans pedaling there wears, he was looking for a machine shop, because of the damage that the Reavers brought to the ship he needed to refit the seals and the docking arm for the sacrificed shuttle. As he continued down the street there was a young girl of 16-17 standing on a street corner singing for the money that passerby would toss into here worn cap. The melody floated high over the din of the crowds. When Spots heard it touched a cord deep with in him, he hadn't heard the song sense he was a boy. they stood by old Ireland and they never feared danger

Spots muttered; Glory O, Glory O, to the bold Fenian Men

His mother would sing this song to him as a child, and after the death of his father and brother he would sang those words to Issy to comfort her.

Spots walked close putting some coins in her hat. when she had finished, he applauded then asked her where she had learned the song.

Girl: I was a Slave till I ran when we were off loaded here.

Spots: yes but the song?

Girl; Ok [very confused] On the ship ride here to Ezra, I was crying because I was taken from my parents to repay a debt, and this other girl with eyes like ice, came close and sat next to me and began to sing that song. she was the only comfort I had on that trip.

Spots: [very excited] when when did you get here

Girl; oh i dont know 2 3 days ago t'was sure lucky I run off

Spots muttering; then she might still be here

Girl; what

Spots: did you see what happened to her?

Girl; yeah some Alliance troopers took her away in irons

Spots; god damit god damit... thank you that you so much (as he ran off to find the Captain)

I'll find her I will

this is the song


Tuesday, January 12, 2010 11:42 PM


She had just cut the wave from Niska when she heard someone behind her, she turned, thinking it was Colt, but was instead greeted by four uniformed law enforcement officers.

"What is going on here?" she asked.

"We are the Extraction Team, ma'am," the lead guy said. "We've been sent to get you out of this dangerous situation. Come with us and we'll be able to move faster."

"Extraction team...?" abbey mouthed as the men started to pick up her belongings and place them in boxes. "Dangerous situation...?"

Then she caught sight of one of the men's ident tag. The division he worked for was the one Grayson did. Her eyes narrowed.

"Did Grayson Cornwell send you here?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. He's downstairs coordinating your and the other woman's extraction."

"Whoa.. Whoa.. Whoa..." she started. "I am not leaving. He has no r-"

"Take her downstairs," the leader said, cutting her off. "Mr. Cornwell has the doctor standing by to handle things for you."

"A doctor? Handle things for w-" Then abbey saw red. "Now wait just a minute..."

"No time ma'am. We need to get you out of here," the leader said, interrupting her again. abbey watched as the others started carting her stuff out of her shuttle. "Mr. Cornwell said you might resist."

To her surprise, he threw her over his shoulder and proceeded to walk out.

abbey began to scream, knowing that Grayson was behind this. That he planned all this. That he was taking her away from a place she felt safe for the first time in a long while. And he wanted to "handle" her child. Their child. Colt and hers. Together.

"COLT! HELP ME! COLT!" she screamed as she kicked her legs. This was not going to end this way. She was finally experiencing happiness and she was about to lose it all. Her hands reached up and grabbed hold of the catwalk railing. "PUT ME DOWN! NOW!"

As she held tight, she looked down and saw Grayson standing in the cargo bay.

"You ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng! You have no right!" she yelled at him.

The man carrying her managed to get her hands free and returned to carrying her downstairs.

"You seem to forget that as your handler, I most certainly do," Grayson reminded her. "This whole thing is unsafe. Unsafe for you and unsafe for Oram."

She knew he had his mind made up and he was going to do everything he could to make this move possible.


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Saturday, January 16, 2010 5:09 AM


the doorbell Rattled as Spots entered the store

Clerk: (not looking up from his duties) Hello and welcome to Sullivan's ship supply how can I help you....(Looking up and seeing Spots face)... Misha they said you died.

Spots: And they were right Misha Andreevich Died that night. Its Spots now, i would like you to keep my return under your hat Tony (tapping the brim of his hat, Tony nodded) thanks

Tony: So what can I do for you?

Spots: Im shipped out on a Firefly that's in need of some repair

Tony: yeah we have plent of Firefly stuff laying around

Spots: Good, I need 2 docking clamps and a extender rail, and about 70 square feet of Solar Panels

Tony; yeah thats a can do... got money?

Spots: yeah (he pulls out a card a swipes it)

Tony: ok your all set, where is it getting delivered

Spots: Delivered?

Tony: yeah i owe you that much

Spots: Thanks Tony (tuning to leave)
I'll see you around

Tony: Hey Mish....Spots before you go, Roy would like to see you, he was crushed when you left.

Spots:... yeah if hes up to his old tricks, where can i see him?

Tony: here (handing spots a piece of paper with an address on it)

Spots: (at the door) Thanks again Tony... its good to see you


Sunday, January 17, 2010 4:26 PM


Something shifting in her surrounds caused Oram to groggily open her eyes. The first thing she noticed was that the damn room was too bright before seeing that two uniform clad men were currently trudging through the galley.

What they were searching for was beyond her, but the panic that rose up her back and throat made her sober up pretty damn fast. She glanced around but couldn’t find her damn glasses and this time they weren’t on her face. Tugging her tank top down, she winced at the hiss of pain that escaped her lips.

One of the strangers swung around and pointed his gun at her. Not wanting to be shot in the face just yet, Oram slowly raised her hands as much as stiff, sore and injured muscles would allow.

Man: Rick, she’s awake. Makes the job easier not having to haul her pi gu off this sorry piece of crap.

Oram: The piece of crap is my home.

Rick: According to the boss, it ain’t anymore.

Oram felt the blood drain from her face. Taking her chances, she made to get up and escape but her foot caught on a fallen pillow and she fell to the ground with a pained cry. ‘Rick’, if that was his name, went to grab her shoulder not realising the recent injuries Oram had taken were still raw and that the pain medication had long since worn off. She couldn’t help the bloodcurdling scream of pain that escaped, but she did mean for her foot to connect with his knee and then his abdomen, he fell to his knees, dropping his gun.

Taking the split second she grabbed his weapon, but he was too fast and knocked it from her loose grip, his knee knocking some cracked ribs as he straddled her to try and get her limbs under some sort of control. Now she was fighting dirty and in response she spat in his face, blinding him but it didn’t stop her from head-butting him, doing nothing but mostly likely giving herself a mild concussion and a bleeding wound on her forehead.

Rick: Adrian, gorram help me! She’s high on something!

The two of them managed to force the small woman onto her front where they pulled her arms around to her back and using tie-wires to bound her hands together so she didn’t cause anymore trouble. She naturally swore and screamed at them in anger and pain, feeling her head swim from them jostling her injuries around, nor could she prevent the hot tears from falling in frustration and fear. Of course it wasn’t the first time she’d been subdued and bound by the law, but usually it was while being dragged away from a confrontation while drunk and disorderly from some musky bar.

Well, then again…

The men picked her up and dragged her non-too-gently down to the cargo bay and her swimming head could register another set of raised voices that she knew were Abbey’s … and Grayson.

Instantly she knew the bastard was behind this and she swore to kick him in the crutch next chance she got.


Sunday, January 17, 2010 9:28 PM


At first Colt didn’t give the large truck parked in front of the Book a second thought. Spots had gone into town for parts. It was probably just a delivery. It was when he saw the hover parked next to it come into view that he locked up the brakes on the mule. Hovers in general were expensive. This one was very expensive, more for a show than for work. Whoever it belonged to wasn’t dropping off parts.

He pulled the mule off the road into a ditch. Mobbex spotted the sentries, one near the truck, the other at the rear of the Book. Not only were they not dropping off parts, they were expecting trouble.

Colt assessed the situation and gave Mobbex the plan. The two men split off in different directions. Colt circled high and out of sight toward the truck. Once he was in position near the truck, he waited for the Mobbex. He cringed as he heard the engine of the new Mule rev high. It came flying down the road and veered toward the rear of the Book. Mobbex had the throttle peg as he closed the final few meters to the guard. The man spun towards him and raised his rifle. He was too late. Mobbex leaped from the Mule and caught the guard with an elbow to the chin, turning off his lights.

The driver of the truck jumped out and started towards the back of the Book. He was about to use the comm, when Colt knocked him out with the butt of his gun.

“Two down and who knows how many left on board” Colt said as he turned headed up the ramp, his pistol, holstered, his hands raised high.

He was met on the ramp by two uniformed officers. They locked their weapons on him and began to shout orders. Colt stopped dropped his gun belt,and placed his hands on his head. Then he heard Abbey scream his name.

Mobbex added the guard’s weapons to his own and did the same with the cash he was carrying. He stuck to the plan hoping that Colt wasn’t already dead. Not so much because he respected, cared or even much liked him, but it would just be easier to get out of this mess with an extra gun around. Once he made it up the ladder to the top of the Book he glanced down at the Mule, it had flipped a few times after he jumped off and from the amount of smoke pouring out of it, the engine would be ruined. It might be better if Colt was already dead, the merc thought as he made it the airlock.

Colt tried to keep his cool as he was led the rest of the way up the ramp. His muscles tensed as he heard Abbey scream his name again. He stepped inside the cargo bay. He eyes adjusted swiftly to the lighting. He saw Oram covered by one officer, Brit and Wash were nowhere to be seen. He heard Abbey’s voice again. It was coming from her shuttle. He started to jerk free from the escorts, but froze in his steps as he saw the man leading Wash into the bay, Grayson.

“Captain” He nodded smugly.

“What are you doing on my ship? Where is Abbey?" Colt said angrily.

“I’m doing my job” Grayson replied shoving Wash down to the floor. “Those women are my responsibility and although I have neglected my duty as of late I assure you I will not again.”

“Sorry Colt, they caught me napping” She said.

“Where are the others? Your first mate, mechanic, and that man ape you keep around?” Grayson said calmly as he trained his pistol on Colt.

At that moment Abbey came out on the catwalk. She was being carried by two officers, fighting the whole way.

“Grayson you can't do this” she pleaded almost in tears. She saw Colt and redoubled her efforts to escape her captures. “Colt don’t let him do this….Grayson, he…he wants to abort the baby.”


Tuesday, January 19, 2010 7:39 PM



Originally posted by Colt99:
“Grayson you can't do this” abbey pleaded almost in tears. She saw Colt and redoubled her efforts to escape her captures. “Colt don’t let him do this….Grayson, he…he wants to abort the baby.”

"Oh give me a BREAK!" Grayson laughed cynically. "You don't actually believe you were going to go through with it, did you?"

He waved the gun wildly back and forth between Colt and abbey.

"You know it isn't smart, abbey," he said in an patronizing manner. "If you needed to bolt, could you do it while carrying an infant or even a small child? Please..."

He motioned outside with his head.

"So I decided what needed done in case you were considering on being stupid," Grayson continued smugly. "Maybe I should have him fix it so you won't have to worry about this kind of thing ever again. It's not smart and you know it abbey."

Grayson turned to Colt and steadied the gun on him.

"And I blame you."

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Friday, January 29, 2010 9:10 AM


After a city bus ride Spots found himself back in St. Peters square, unaware of the strife back at the book. It was Evening now and the Statue of Peter the Great was lit up casting a foreboding figure against the dwindling light of the skyline. The rattle of Balalaika music floating out of one of the nearby cafes, Ezra was populated by mostly people of Russian decent, with all the shops signage in 3 languages Russian, English, and Chinese. It had seemed like a life time ago,some say it was, when he first came here after his "Graduation" from the Alliance Facility. He stood on this very corner of the square and seen the Hero from earth that was. It was here that he took a new name and began a life control by the "organization" or as most folk called it the "thief's guild." about 2 years ago at the bar at the corner of Gorokhovaya and Krazanskaya streets that he "died" for leaving the "guild" leaving 6 dead and 3 wounded men around him he left the bar only to collapsed from the wounds that he had received. For months he was under the care of an old woman, that picked him up off of the street. after a full recovery he ran for a year he though they would find him but they did not, his "price tag" was too much to pay.

With his thoughts returning to the present he opened the note that Tony had scribbled Roy's Address 121 Lyoni Street. Quickly covering the 3 blocks to the address, Spots found himself standing in front of an Inn, smelling of Cheep Vodka and Shashlik

Spots entered slowly scanning the mostly empty public house. a man sat alone at the bar, Spots walked over and sat next to the man.

Spots: (to the barkeep) Comerade, I'll have a Beer and some shashlik with peppers and mushrooms

the Barkeep nods

Roy: funny... i knew a guy that used to order shashlik like that

Spots: Im sure its fairly common. (not looking up)

Roy: no not around here

Spots: well then what are the odds....

Roy; no (he mutters to himself)

Spots (looking up from his drink) its good to see you Roy

Roy: Misha its not possible your dead!!!

Spots: it is... Misha is dead... Roy I need some help.


Thursday, February 4, 2010 7:45 PM


Grayson seemed not quite sane. He had a gun and waving it around a little too much.


Originally posted by GraysonCornwell:
"You know it isn't smart, abbey," he said in an patronizing manner. "If you needed to bolt, could you do it while carrying an infant or even a small child? Please..."

He was running off at the mouth, very nearly spilling her secrets to anyone standing nearby. She cast a sideways glance at Colt to see what his reaction was, but saw nothing to be concerned with... yet.


Originally posted by GraysonCornwell:
"So I decided what needed done in case you were considering on being stupid," Grayson continued smugly. "Maybe I should have him fix it so you won't have to worry about this kind of thing ever again. It's not smart and you know it abbey."

abbey's jaw just dropped. He couldn't be serious... could he? She looked back at Colt again, fear evident in her eyes. Then the situation got worse. Grayson had trained his gun on Colt.


Originally posted by GraysonCornwell:
"And I blame you."

This couldn't be happening. Grayson had been such a good friend once. He had even been more than that a long time ago in their past. Now he seemed jealous beyond reason.

"Grayson... Don't hurt him!" she yelled as she wrenched herself free from the guard carrying her and ran towards the two men.

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Monday, April 19, 2010 6:58 AM



Originally posted by abbey:
"Grayson... Don't hurt him!" she yelled as she wrenched herself free from the guard carrying her and ran towards the two men.

abbey ran towards Grayson in particular, wanting to get the gun off of Colt. As she got near him, he sidestepped her and grabbed her arm to stop her. As she spun around, he delivered a strong backhand to her face, knocking her back a couple of feet and onto the ground.

All the while, the gun still trained on Colt.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010 4:19 PM


Roy: This is as far as I go pal.
Spots: thanks Roy… for everything
Roy; well consider us even I always pay a debt.
Spots: well I happen to know you don’t but it’s a nice sentiment. (Stepping out of the car placing his Jericho pistol in his waist band)
Roy; yeah well.. I do what I can. Ok remember Rune should be waiting for you in the by warehouse #6
Spots; well I still don’t trust it but I have to do this I made a promise.
Roy; it will be fine Rune doesn’t like his job much anyhow.
Short silence
Roy: good luck Misha.
Spots: thanks Roy… see you on the other side.
( Roy turns the car about and Spots runs off into the darkness.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010 6:43 AM


Warehouse #6

Rune was waiting for his contact. He had a favor to do for Roy and Roy had said this guy was genuine. Roy had never steered him wrong, but he was still on edge.

On edge was mainly due to not knowing who the guy was. Roy said he went by a couple of names, but he didn't know which one he was using now and he didn't want to compromise any identity his friend was using.

Roy owed him as much.

So Rune leaned up against the building at the appointed place and waited. He was on guard though. The uncertainty still making his concerned.

But he trusted Roy and he hoped that if things went wrong, he would still be alive just so he could plug the hundan with a couple of holes.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 6:09 AM


Abbey hit the floor and Colt instinctively moved towards her. A shot rang out and Colt braced for the bullet's impact. There was none. He turned to Grayson only to see him looking up to the catwalk. There stood Mobbex, auto rifle in one hand scatter gun in the other.

“Didn’t see that coming did ya? ” Mobbex said smiling broadly.

Grayson spun his side arm back to Colt, but he was too late, Colt had closed the space between the two and gripped his pistol hand at the same time he landed a vicious blow to Grayson’s ribs. Colt smashed Grayson’s gun hand into a support shaft and the pistol skittered across the cargo bay floor. Wash kicked the guard neatest her hard in the knee and rolled across the floor coming up with the loose firearm. More strafing fire let loose from the catwalk freezing the extraction team in place.

Colt and Grayson were blind to all of this, they only saw blood. Grayson came at Colt with a flurry of blows most of which found their mark. Colt's body reeled back and he dropped to one knee. As Grayson came in for a quick finish Colt met him with a punch to the abdomen, then grabbed the back of his ankle and pulled him off balance. Rising he caught him across the bridge of his nose with an elbow and Grayson fell back, blood gushing from his freshly broken nose. He charged again with a wild swing that Colt ducked easily. It was a sucker play and Colt paid for it when Grayson connected with a roundhouse kick that sent Colt to the deck.

Grayson stood over him ““I seem to recall this didn’t work out well for you last time. You can’t hide behind Abbey this time”

“I assume you have a Doctor on your ship? You’ll be needing him” Colt replied.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010 9:58 AM



Originally posted by Colt99:
“I assume you have a Doctor on your ship? You’ll be needing him” Colt replied.

"And it is too bad your doctor is injured, it's not like she'll be able to help you much," Grayson said chuckling a bit. He looked up at Mobbex and sighed. "Since you have your watchdog up there, what do you say we handle this man-to-man."

Grayson remembered the last time they fought. He would have won if abbey didn't interfere. After all, he was a trained professional law man. Colt was just some poser. A wannabe. Someone who just wanted to be in abbey's life. He had to knock her up to do it.

Colt shouldn't be in her life. It should've been him. And he'd already decided that if he couldn't be in her life, then no one could. No matter how he did it. Plan A was to take out Colt and Plan B was something he'd rather not do.

"What about it?" Grayson asked as he handed his gun to one of his lackeys. "Are you man enough?"

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 7:05 AM



Originally posted by GraysonCornwell:

"What about it?" Grayson asked as he handed his gun to one of his lackeys. "Are you man enough?"


“I think you’ll find I’m up to the task.” Colt said coldly.

The two men moved cautiously to the center of the cargo hold, each sizing up the other.

“Uh….Captain?” Mobbex interrupted “When he kicks your ass, do I shoot him, or let him go?”

Colt stared angrily up at the merc “He’s not kicking my…” His string of words was cut off as Grayson landed a hard right hook to Colt’s jaw.

Colt spun with the punch and got his hands up in time to block the follow up kick. Grayson feinted with his left and followed with another solid right, pounding Colt to the deck. He stomped down on Colt’s head, the sole of his boot splitting Colt’s cheek.

Colt swung and caught Grayson behind the knee toppeling him. Colt rolled away and slowly rose. He pressed the palm of his hand to the gash on his face and turned towards Grayson.

Grayson got to his feet and brushed off his pants. “This won’t take long” he said to Abbey. “Then I’ll deal with you”

Colt charged. Grayson easily sidestepped, then spun and landed a vicious kick to Colt’s back, sending him sprawling across the deck again. This time he didn’t get up.

Grayson looked from Colt to Mobbex. “This fight is over. I’m putting a bullet into his skull and taking Oram and Abbey off this boat. You can stop me or take your new ship and be on your way… Captain.”

“Hmmm“ Mobbex contemplated ”Tempting offer, to be sure. There’re a couple of problems with that. Abbey’s rent, well that’s just about the only thing keeps us afloat. ‘Tween that and this fight not being quite over, I think I’m gonna have to pass.”

Grayson turned to see Colt, beaten, bloody but standing right behind him. Colt grabbed Grayson’s hair and head butted him in his already broken nose. Grayson threw a punch and Colt easily grabbed his wrist. Twisting his body away he pinned Grayson’s arm. Colt pried open Grayson’s fist and pushed his fingers back until he heard the satisfying “pop” of all four fingers. Grayson screamed, but Colt continued, sweeping the back of his leg and forcing the man to his knees. Once there Colt pulled up, dislocating Grayson’s elbow. Grayson’s world went black.

Grayson came too bound, along with the extraction team. Colt was standing over him gun in hand.

“So you’re going to shoot me now?” he said.

“Can’t think of a compelling reason not to” Colt said leveling his pistol at Grayson. “You meant the same for me and mine.

“I have a job to do. I was doing my job. You can’t protect her.” Grayson looked at Colt then smiled “She hasn’t even told you, has she?”

Abbey approached, Colt started to object but Abbey touched him gently on the arm and gave him assuring nod"

“Grayson, don’t contact me again. I’m not your property. You of all people should know better than that. I’m no longer your job”

“Abbey you are making a huge mistake." Grayson protested "I have been able to keep you off the radar. He’s an outlaw, a petty thief. The attention he draws will get you noticed. I can protect you.”

“How is taking my child protecting me?” Abbey said hatefully.

“I should have discussed with you my reasons. It’s was only…” Abbey interrupted him.

“Go Grayson, We’re done” She said coldly “As far as I’m concerned, I’ll take my chances. And don’t think about turning the Alliance on us because of this. I still have my insurance, and I will use it if you force me to”

Wash and Mobbex got the team to their feet and started them towards the door. Grayson stopped and looked at Oram. "My offer still stands Oram. You can walk away from this insanity"

Oram shot him the finger.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010 7:46 AM


Colt closed up the ramp when Grayson and his team were ushered out, just in case they decided to come back.

Spots was still out, but he could get back in if he wanted to.

Colt touched his cheek to see he was bleeding, but he turned to look at abbey.

"Are you OK?" he asked since she had her hand on her stomach. She nodded to say that she was, then he went on to the other question he wanted to know. "So... What haven't you told me yet?”

abbey cringed inside and then took a breath. She wasn't ready to tell him. Sure, they were having a baby, but it was a part of her life she really wanted to be done with.

She took a deep breath and the lying began...

"A couple of years ago, I worked at a large casino on Ariel. I did a private gaming session with some local folk. Turned out that they were less than nice people. Well they had a bad night, lost a lot of money to me and took exception to that. They were a little more than miffed and decided that they wanted to make an example of me. Hired a hit man and everything. The guy was very good. It was only through an incredible streak of luck that I am still here to tell the tale.

"There was nothing that could be traced back to the men in question so I was relocated to this kind of position; one that was always on the move. Grayson was the one who monitors where I am and forwards any info along to me. Kinda like a case worker. His job is to check in on me. He usually does it by scheduling a game. Perfect cover. He also keeps an eye out on these people’s movements in case they are still looking for retribution.

"That's it. Nothing much."

One of these days, she would tell him. She just couldn't do it right now.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 11:04 AM


Colt stared at Abbey. She looked exhausted, worn out from the whole ordeal. Still it gnawed at him that she wasn’t telling the truth, at least not all the facts. Grayson had been dogging their heels since she set foot on his vessel. Hard to believe the fed would take this much interest over a gambling confrontation.

He mulled over confronting her. It did occur to him that Grayson might be right. He couldn’t safeguard her if he didn’t know from what, but he decided to wait. He had enough fighting for today. However, before the baby was born, he would have the truth of it.

He turned to Oram “Doc, you think you can battle through the pain and patch me up?”

He half expected her to shoot him the finger, but she grimaced and led him to the infirmary. Abbey didn’t leave his side and assisted Oram in stitching up his face. When she finished Colt examined her work in the mirror. It would scar but not too bad.

“Now check her out” Colt said motioning to Abbey.

“I’m fine” Abbey started but Colt was having none of that.

“Doc’s up and around until her next dose, you took quite a fall back there. I want you checked out.” Colt ordered.

He told the Doc to rest when she finished examining Abbey and went back into the cargo hold. Mobbex was coming up the ramp with what looked to be the busted mule they had just purchased.

"Oops" Mobbex said sheepishly.

“Push it back outside” Colt said shaking his head “Spots has enough to do without adding that to the list.”

He reached into his wallet and pulled out his remaining cash. “Can’t work without transport, find what you can with this” he said handing Mobbex the money.

“I could just steal us one” The big merc replied.

“No, feds aren’t here by now, means Grayson didn’t turn us in, but no doubt their watching us close. Let’s not go giving them a reason.”

Mobbex nodded and pushed the wreck back down the ramp. As he was leaving Brit came walking in her arms full of wildflowers.

“So you were out picking daisies?” Colt questioned.

Brit looked at the collection of flowers in her arms. “I didn’t find any Bellis Perennes, but I could go look again.”

She started back down the ramp but Colt quickly caught up to her. “No that’s ok those will do fine. No more wandering off. Why don’t you go find a vase…” Colt looked at the flowers again “A bunch of vases and put them in.”

Colt saw abbey coming out of the infirmary “Everything ok?”

“Oram said I’m fine. Just another bruise, I’m getting quite the collection.” She said smiling.

Her smile warmed Colt. He took her hand, they walked towards her shuttle. Once inside he pulled her close. The two kissed. The notification beep from her comm went off. She started to pull away.

“Ignore it” Colt said pulling her back.

“It could be work and I think you just gave Mobbex the last of our money”

“Our money” Colt said with a smile of his own.

Abbey moved to the vid screen and pushed the button. The screen flashed and Adelia Niska appeared. “My dearest Abbey, I was calling to confirm our game”


Wednesday, June 2, 2010 2:17 PM


Never mind... There is nothing to see here... Move along!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010 2:23 PM


abbey was so happy that Oram checked everything out and besides the bruise on her face, the baby was just where a 'peanut' of nine weeks should be. It was almost too cute the way that Colt had ordered her to get checked out.

Maybe this could work out, she thought.

He walked her to her shuttle, holding her hand and once inside, he pulled her close and they kissed. It felt so good. Like this was the way things should be. Things were about to get hot and heavy when the notification beeper signified a wave was coming in.

He wanted her to ignore it and she seriously considered it for a moment, but they needed cash.

They... She smiled.

When she turned on the screen things went from good to bad. The face of Adelei Niska looked back at her.


Originally posted by Colt99:
“My dearest Abbey, I was calling to confirm our game”

"Mr. Niska... I didn't expect to hear from you so soon," she said putting on a friendly smile. "You have the requisite number of players?"

"Yes," Niska said. "Four including myself. This should be a very interesting evening, yes?"

"Of course, Mr. Niska," abbey said congenially. "I look forward to it."

abbey cut off the wave and stood there without turning around.

"I had to Colt," she said softly. "He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. And when I said I couldn't refuse it, I was literal."

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Thursday, June 3, 2010 4:02 AM


The Sky was moonless as Spots ran down the alley ways between warehouses. Ducking into the shadows when ships flew over, his mind was racing with the this adventure will play out, is it a double cross from the old man was Roy still working for him, would he find his sister in time, and every variation his mind could see. Then he saw it Warehouse #6, Spots scanned the exterior for any persons or a door. There was light coming out from a door on the western side of the building so Spots crept up to the door, a figure began to move out of the door,
He covered the distance between them quickly grabbing the back of the man’s shirt and slamming him against some adjacent boxes. With his gun already drawn and placed to the man’s temple he began to question his new prisoner.

Man: Jesus Christ?
Spots: I doubt that!
Man: What?
Spots: Never Mind who are you?
Man: my name is Steven
Spots: Well Steve I’m looking for a guy named Rune {holstering his pistol and truing Steve to so they were face to face}
Steve: Rune… Rune… yeah he’s one of the guys guarding the warehouse,
Spots: well Steve could you find him for me?
Steve: well…
Spots: and I will let you leave this place with your life.
Steve: oook
Spots released Steve and minuets later he returned with the man called Rune.
Rune: So you’re the one that Roy told me about.
Spots: yeah I am
Steve: can I go now….
Spots: I would suggest that… get out of here.
Steve: don’t have to tell me twice [Steve ran off into the darkness]
Rune: So what do you want?
Spots: I heard that there was a shipment of Slaves that might interest me
Rune: So it’s a girl you want eh
Spots: it’s my sister.
Rune: well I can help you with that. Let me guess about 5’ 6” and scary as all get out… I can see the family resemblance.
Spots: Sounds about right…So where his she?


Friday, June 4, 2010 7:38 AM



Originally posted by Spots74:
Spots: Sounds about right…So where his she?

"Well the last I saw of her, a not so nice guy by the name of Niska had her," Rune told Spots. "She's in big trouble if he's interested."

Rune thought about the girl when he saw her.

"She didn't look too good either," he continued. "She was thin. She looked like she got a beating not too long ago. She was unkempt and looked just..."

She had no emotion.

"Well... she looked like they broke her, you know what I mean?" Rune continued. "No fight in her at all."

Then he remembered the look in her eyes when he caught sight of her. There was something special, but he couldn't figure out what it was. Then he remembered what he heard her say. But he knew she didn't actually say anything, but...

It was all so confusing.

"Hey..." Rune said nervously, not wanting to sound like he was fong luh. "Does the word 'Spots' mean anything to you?"

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Friday, June 4, 2010 8:37 AM


“No” Colt said far too loud “Not going to happen”

“I don’t have that luxury Colt” Abbey replied moving close to him “I accepted the game. If I cancel, he can register a complaint”

“Let him complain. Do I have to bring to mind, he cut off my finger?” Colt waved his right hand in front of Abbey’s face. “And he was just getting started. Not to mention you took up arms against his men in the ruckus. You think he’s just going to look over that?”

Abbey moved to the liquor cabinet and started inspecting the contents. “I doubt he knows of my participation, but if he does he can’t act against me. Game regulations, I’m allowed safe passage and there is no confrontation allowed during the game, from any party.”

“What about after the game? Didn’t you just inform me about a hit man coming after you because of a game?”

Abbey tensed. She was no more ready to tell Colt the truth now than she had been in the cargo bay, but he made a good point.
“That was a long time ago and completely different circumstances.” She went to the supply locker and started counting out chips. “I’ll be fine”

“Then I’ll come along” Colt said.

Panic swept through Abbey, she would be fine, at least she should be, but Colt could likely end up under Niska’s knife. “You’ll do nothing of the sort”

Colt crossed to her side and took the chips from her hand “I seem to recall telling you something along those lines, not two minutes ago. You said yourself , no confrontations from any party.”

Abbey snatched the chips back. She had had enough of this. “That protection is only for players, which you are not. This is my business. We had an agreement when I signed my lease that you would not interfere.”

“Things have changed Darlin’” Colt said as he moved his hand towards her stomach.

“They haven’t changed that much” Abbey said firmly pushing his hand away. “You don’t get to do that. I’m not some barefoot housewife, strapped to a stove. I’m taking this game because it’s my job. So unless you have the 5000 credit buy in. You're staying here, and that final.”

Colt stiffened and stepped away from her. “So you’re giving orders on my boat now?”

“Colt” Abbey said falteringly.

“No. Shiny, I’ll be back with my buy in, and once we're past this little hurdle, maybe it’s time we take another look at that lease.” Colt stomped out of the shuttle.


Saturday, June 5, 2010 7:28 PM


How could she tell him that the reason she took Niska's game was not as simple as "it's a game" or the fact he could file a complaint.

Niska knew whose ship she was on. And he was still none too happy that he lost a great deal of coin to her the last time they met. So when he called the first time, she had two options.

One would be to not take the game. Niska explained to her that if that was the way she was going to go about it, then he could only surmise that she had cheated him. He didn't like cheaters. Cheaters needed to be dealt with and not by reporting them to the House. They would be dealt with by Niska's choice.

The other would be to take the game. Even though she would be stepping into the "belly of the beast," it would probably be safer. Taking the game meant that she had nothing to hide from Niska. But then again, she didn't know whether or not he would honor the House's rules on safe passage and playage. She had an inkling he would. If he didn't and she didn't report back in, he could be blacklisted. Not good for his reputation. But you could never be sure with a man like Niska.

She thought about telling him the reason why, but didn't want to since it would only heighten his anxiety. But she knew she had to explain some. She couldn't exactly allow him to do something crazy like pick her up and tie her to a chair somewhere so she couldn't go.

So again, she didn't have a choice, so she turned and followed Colt, nearly running to catch up with him.

"I have to take this game, Colt," she tried to explain. "I don't have any other choice! He knows that I rent a shuttle from you. He lost a lot of money to me last time. He said if I didn't take the game, that he could only assume that I was cheating. And he doesn't like cheaters. Could you imagine if he decided to come after me too?"

She could have slapped herself as soon as the word 'too' slipped from her mouth. Hopefully she could cover by making him madder.

"So, no matter what, you cannot come," she said insistently. "Not unless you have the buy in and I know you don't, so just drop it! I can take care of myself."

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 9:30 AM


“Five thousand credits. Might as well be a million” Colt muttered to himself. If Spots were back and the Book was patched up Colt would have locked down her shuttle and gotten as far away from here as possible.

Abbey came up behind him.


"I have to take this game, Colt," she tried to explain. "I don't have any other choice! He knows that I rent a shuttle from you. He lost a lot of money to me last time. He said if I didn't take the game, that he could only assume that I was cheating. And he doesn't like cheaters. Could you imagine if he decided to come after me too?"

She could have slapped herself as soon as the word 'too' slipped from her mouth. Hopefully she could cover by making him madder.

"So, no matter what, you cannot come," she said insistently. "Not unless you have the buy in and I know you don't, so just drop it! I can take care of myself."

“You are treading on dangerous ground Abbey” Colt said coldly.

She wondered if he was talking about Niska or himself now. He was clearly angry. “Colt…” Before she could say another word, he cut her off.

“You said your piece.” Colt said and continued down the catwalk.

As Colt entered the cargo hold Mobbex was driving up the ramp in with the weirdest looking vehicle Colt had seen. It was small with a dome shaped roof. The seat in the rear had been flipped around so anyone riding; there would be facing backwards. This modification allowed for a very small storage bed to be added to the rear. The dome shape continued down the hood and huge round headlights gave the whole thing a very bug like appearance. Colt approached the rolling eyesore as Mobbex was prying himself from behind the wheel.

“What ya think?” Mobbex said proudly.

Colt kicked one of the tires and anticipated it popping. “You gave the last of our money for this?”

“Well it wasn’t like you gave me much to work with” Mobbex said perturbed. “But you ain’t seen the best part” Mobbex went to the other side of the bug and motioned for Colt to follow.

Colt circled the other side of the vehicle and saw an additional storage deck fastened like a sidecar. The deck had bins in front and a timber rail around the top to keep in cargo. Unfortunately, this addition meant everyone had to board from the other side of the vehicle.

Mobbex beamed “They threw that in for nothing, on account of my intimidating nature.”

Colt went to the drivers side and wedged hinself behind the wheel "Give me the keys"

Mobbex leaned in the window, grinning and dangling the keys “Want to take her for a test drive huh?”

"Something like that” Colt winced trying to get comfortable “When Spots gets back tell him to get those repairs done.”

Who on this rock would have five thousand credits Colt wondered as he headed off into the night.


Wade Accord woke up tied to the copilot seat of his own ship. He turned to see Colt flipping various toggles prepping the ship for flight.

“Sky didn’t mention you were a hijacker when she told me to hire you” He said, straining against his bonds.

“Doubt that’s the only thing she forgot to mention” Colt replied as he tossed a large sack on money onto the console in front of him.

“So you’re robbing me as well” Wade said angrily

Colt moved beside him and flips the docking release switches over his head. “Actually…no, this is a loan. One I wasn’t all together sure you would be willing to give so, I didn’t ask.” Colt smiled easily and continued to prep the ship. “As to the hijacking, I’m just hitching a ride. I need to get to the Skyplex and I was certain you would be in a hurry to get off world yourself after that incident in the bar.”

“You’re a dead man” Wade said.

“Maybe haps, but I’m hoping not. You heard of Niska?” he didn’t wait for a response. “That’s who I’m going to meet. I’m hoping that some of this cash will buy me some bygones, but if I miss my mark, he’s going to be first in line to see me dead.” Colt paused and thought of Abbey “Well maybe second”

Wade sank back into his chair “Sounding more like a robbery and hijacking after all”

The comm crackled and Mobbex’s voice came over the speaker “Captain…Captain are you there?”

“Go ahead” Colt replied.

“Abbey got under way right after you took out. I found the mule where you left it and am on the way back to the ship. Soon as Spots has us up and running. We’ll get in orbit and be waiting to hear from you.” Mobbex signed off.

Wade looked at Colt “So what’s going to happen to me?”

“I dock your ship on the Skyplex, where you’ll stay trussed up until I’m clear of all this. Once I am, I’ll message someone to free you. I’ll transfer you the money with interest to you account.” Colt held up a display with Wade’s account info. “I’d change accounts after this, and don’t hide information under your desk drawer, it’s the first place a pro will look.”

The console beeped a wave notification Colt went to the screen and pressed the switch. Adelia Niska loomed in the screen, his skull like smile sent a shiver through Colt. “Captain Colt, I was disappointed our last encounter was cut…off so to speak. You call about the game. Yes?”


Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:56 PM


As soon as she heard Colt leave the ship, she readied the shuttle and took off for Niska's skyplex. With no other shuttle available, he'd be hard pressed to follow her. He'd never get the buy in, but he would still follow because of nobility's sake.

She arrived and once docked went about getting dressed for the game. She put on a short black skirt, with a fitted white button up shirt with sheer sleeves. She wore her hair down long and her make up was expertly applied (with some major cover-up to conceal the bruise Grayson gave her). Last was the pair of 3 inch heels that went on her feet.

She thought about dressing more sensibly, but it Niska wanted to do anything, even having a pair of sweats and sneakers on wouldn't help her. Might as well go out looking stunning.

abbey looked into the mirror and ran her hand over her belly.

"Well this won't fit much longer," she mused to herself. She smiled, gathered up her suitcase and left the shuttle, only to come face to face with the waiting Niska. She was surprised and a little scared at that fact, but kept it hidden. "Good Evening Mr. Niska."

"Surprised that I wait for you outside your door, yes?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Does it make you nervous?"

Yes, abbey wanted to say, but she managed to say something else.

"Of course not, why would I? I think it was very gentlemanly," she lied. She tilted her head slightly to indicate one of his henchmen standing behind him. "Could I borrow on of your employees to pull my case? I'd like to go to the gaming area as soon as possible. I have set up to do.'

Niska nodded at one of his guards and the man quickly came and took abbey's case off her load. As Niska lead her away from the shuttle, he spoke.

"I heard of your situation. You are pregnant, yes?"

abbey felt her stomach lurch into her throat.

"Y-yes..." she stammered. How did he know?

Niska merely smiled and led her further into the skyplex. He got her to the room where she set up and some time later her players started to show up. Her heart pounded as each arrived and they sat down. The first was Li Chang, a well known slaver in the Georgia System. The second was Tony Siringo who incidentally owned the facility that the Book's crew just trashed. abbey was glad that she had been wearing a wig when they had been there. He didn't seem to take any notice of her. The third was of course Niska and the last person through the door was of all people, Grayson. She didn't show any outward emotion, but she was still seething at the man. Was he the one who told Niska about the baby?

They were about to get started when one of Niska's men came up behind them and whispered into his ear.

"Interesting... I'll be right there," Niska said back to him. He got up and addressed abbey. "I apologize... I have to take a wave. We may have another player."

With that he left, leaving abbey in a room of slavers and a disgruntled law enforcement officer.

Juh jen sh guh kwai luh duh jean jan*, abbey thought to herself.

* This is a happy development (sarcastic)

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Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:34 PM



"Does the word 'Spots' mean anything to you?"

Spots: Yes its my name.... well thank you for the info and good luck with what ever you doing. (Turns to leave)

Rune: HEY! Im coming with you... thats part of the deal with Roy.

Spots: {Roy always playing the angles}Ok well have to see what the Captain says, But let me tell you this... your employer will not be pleased and its hard road to make him forget.

Rune:Im ready. (following Spots as he walks)

Spots: (turning to face Rune) You damned well better be.


Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:35 PM



Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:35 PM



Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:35 PM



Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:35 PM


Sorry about the extra post it was giving me a error


Sunday, June 27, 2010 10:15 AM


When asked about the word "Spots" that he had 'heard' when the girl walked by, he was surprised and creeped out to find out that Spots was the man's name.

He'd been wanting to get out of his current line of work. Being a guard for the slave market was a decent enough job, but it didn't pay well. He had thought about buying a slave himself one day for personal pleasure, but it would take a while to save up for one that was pretty. He had barely saved anything so far.

Too bad he couldn't find another way to make some fast cash. Maybe this ship Spots talked about could be a way. You never know.

"The girl... I could have sworn she said the word Spots as she passed by, but it was weird because her mouth never moved," he told Spots. He shrugged. "Must be imagining things... even if it's a big ole coincidence."

He grabbed his duffle bag that sat near the door.


Originally posted by Spots74:
Spots: (turning to face Rune) You damned well better be.

"Wouldn't have brought my worldly belongings with me if I wasn't," he said as he slung his duffle over his shoulder. "Soooo... take me to your leader. This captain of yours. What's his name?"

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Thursday, July 8, 2010 6:51 PM


“Captain Colt…are you avake Captain Colt?” A thick accented voice asked.

Colt stiffened in the chair he was bound to. The hood over his head made it impossible to see who was speaking but he didn’t need to see him. He knew it was Niska. He had barely touched down on the Skyplex before Niska’s men had grabbed him.

Niska removed the hood. Colt squinted as his eyes adjusted to the light. Niska grabbed him under the chin and leaned in close. He turned his head side to side then stepped back and backhanded the thug standing closest to him. “I told you he was not to be harmed yet”

The thug rubbed his cheek “He was like that when we took him Mr. Niska. No one hit him”

“Ahh” Niska said leaning back into Colt. “You have had a busy day yes?”

‘I’m sorry still a little distracted by the “Yet” part of your last sentence. Thought we parlayed an agreement?” Colt resisted the urge to head butt the evil bastard. “Last time you had me under your knife you cut me loose on your own accord.”

“Yes..and I was handsomely rewarded for my kindness.” Niska turned and moved to the doorway “But your benefactor not so eager to come to your rescue now.” Niska let the threat hang in the air. “You brought the money you took, yes?”

“Minus my stake in the game” Colt nodded towards a bag sitting on the floor.

The chastised thug opened the bag for Niska’s inspection. The old man looked at the contents “This is not enough” reaching in the bag he pulled out two large stacks. “Now you loan money from Niska. I learned much about you after out last visit. You also have reputation, yes? Very protective of your crew. Willing to make hard choices where other men might hesitate, to protect them.” The old man move back to Colt and set the money in his lap. “Soon you will do job for Niska. If you refuse, you not be able to protect them anymore. Release him”

Colt rubbed his wrists where the cuff’s had bit into him. “Let’s play”


Monday, July 12, 2010 5:37 PM


abbey was already nervous being in a room with Niska, Siringo, the other slaver and Grayson, but she had no idea how much more uncomfortable things were about to get.

Niska came back from his "wave" and indeed brought another player. She was livid, annoyed, terrified and a bunch of other emotions all at once.

It was Colt. And he had that smirky look on his face. Like he was proud of the fact he was probably gonna end up dead because of this game.

All sort of swear words came to mind, but none seemed strong enough.

As people started to take their seats, abbey walked over to him, putting on a fake show of introducing herself to him.

"Hello, Captain. Welcome to the game," she said loud enough for everyone to hear. Then in a hushed tone she leaned a little closer. "Why are you rutting here? Are you stupid? Where'd you get the coin for the buy in?"

Then she spoke again loudly.

"When you are ready, you may choose a seat," followed with another hushed speech to him. "Not only do I have Niska, some slaver, Siringo and Grayson to worry about, now I have to worry about you? Niska and Grayson would have way too much fun making sure you became dead and Siringo? You know the guy we just practically destroyed his home and killed half his staff? Oh... This is gonna go so well."

Back to the public speech...

"I am making final preparations for the beginning of the game. It will just be a moment," she said before delivering the last little bit to him. Something he needed to know. "Oh, and Niska knows about the baby."

She gave him a hard, dirty look, turned and went to her station to finish up final tasks.

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