Shindig-Etiquette and Expectations

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 12:44 PM


Goofy Bard & Storyteller

I'm planning a little shindig for 2011 in my little corner of germany and have no idea what is to be expected as I am a total noob, never having had the chance to attend one before nor any other event of that sort.

I want to do it up at the military hospital here for the wounded soldiers, so it will primarily a charity-event, but all flans and browncoats are welcome. No real date for it so far, though. Jayne Cobb day would be great though.

tried googling "firefly shindig etiquette" and there was nothing to find on that subject.

so I need y'alls help for some pointers.

How far in advance should advertising start in the military community? (theres a chance it might even go on the local afn station)

would I need rsvps from out-of-towners or just hope they will turn up when they say they will?

Should there be an admittance and tickets being sold before hand?

Do I need a full buffett or is a little bit of potluck fine or just cookies and punch?

I think a tshirt commemorating the event will be nice, should they just be given out to the wounded, auctioned off and the proceeds given to the hospital directly or be on sale for everyone at a set price?

There are plenty more questions to be asked and some stuff I prolly never would think off in my wildest dreams, so I am gratefull for everything y'all have to share.

Thanks in advance!!

I hope there will be tons of pictures to share with everybody!!


It's a strange World, Charlie Brown


Wednesday, November 17, 2010 5:26 PM


Ni hao hun :)

First of all kudos for running a shindig - they are a lot of fun!

First of all, I would send feelers out, see what the response might be to gauge interest and possible attendance.

Typically, the shindigs we hold locally are either potluck, or in a restaurant (either pay before you eat style, or family style and split the bill).

If you are going to have it catered, you will almost certainly have to charge and have tickets to cover the cost. depending on how long the shindig is expected to last, cookies & punch may cover it. Though, in my experience, browncoats love to cook, and take their eating seriously too :)

As for Tshirts - they can be incredibly shiny, but be careful, you can over order and then be stuck with inventory you can't move. A possible alternative is have a website like zazzle or cafepress setup to handle it, then you wont be stuck with inventory at the end of the day,and folks all over the world who wish to aid from a dsitance have the option to help out ( and add to their tshirt collection).

I'd give it at least a month, if you can 3 so folks have advanced notice (and if they can trade shifts or rearrange their schedules at all, and out of towners can make arrangements).

Something else I would strongly suggest, throw a small shindig sometime soon, advertise it, and hold it at a local restaurant or someones home or something. It will give you a chance to meet other browncoats face to face, and attend a shindig before your big one, you also might get a minion or two to help you throw a mighty fine shindig :)

Also, talk to the hospital, what kind of meeting space will you have, is outside food allowed, is food allowed at all, what their expectations are etc.

Also, RSVP's are nice, but don't count on them for a firm headcount, sometimes you will end up with half, or triple the people you expect (another reason I prefer potluck - plus if someone has nothing to eat it's their own darn fault for not bringing something they can eat).

Just my thoughts, & hope it helps and again sounds like fun and you are going to have a blast :)

Browncoats are the shiniest folks in the 'verse <--my bluesunshop


Thursday, November 18, 2010 5:51 PM



Originally posted by BardofShadow:
I'm planning a little shindig for 2011 in my little corner of germany


Das ist... uhhh.... Ehrfurchtiq!!!

Our little ship sure gets around!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010 7:53 PM


Goofy Bard & Storyteller

proof that the signal truly can't be stopped.

It's a strange World, Charlie Brown






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