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Monday, March 12, 2007 7:36 PM


Hey All

I was just reading some stuff about Drusilla, and it made me wonder about Juliet Landau, and about how you can identify with an actor in one role so specifically, that even if they have a more popular role, you still think of them as that one character.

Like Juliet Landau. Long before I decided to jump in on the BUFFY/ANGEL bandwagon, I remember Juliet from ED WOOD as the woman who was terribly allergic to liquids and whom Ed had decided to give the female lead role in BRIDE OF THE ATOM to instead of Sarah Jessica Parker because he thought she would finance the movie. I just remember her in the 50's clothes and that huge pumpkin grin of hers and just that role in general. So even though she's just as much a chameleon as her father Martin and is known to millions around the world as the psychic and psychotic vampire beau of Spikes, every time I see her on BUFFY or ANGEL, I keep thinking "What other sixty thousand?"

Does anyone else have this reaction to whenever Drusilla is on screen? Are there any other actors that you so strongly identify with a minor role in particular that it clouds a more famous role of theirs?

Not to go on a tangent, but for me another actor like that is Ron Rifkin. For five years, he was Sydney Bristow's nemesis on ALIAS, but I keep thinking "If they want him to talk, just get Russell Crowe to give him a swirly and dangle him off a balcony like he did in L.A. CONFIDENTIAL." Ron was D.A Ellis Lowe in that movie, and thats the role I ID with him the most.

Same with Rachel Griffiths. She was so perfect as Brenda on SIX FEET UNDER that I'm gobsmacked when I see her in interviews with a thick Australian accent. I call her the female Bob Hoskins, since I remember Bob as Eddie Valiant from WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, and even though he known as English gangsters, he's can do a perfect American accent. My jaw hit the floor years later when I found out he had an English accent.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 4:17 AM


Wow, I didn't know she was in Ed Wood. I just remembered that Martin Landau kicked ass as Bela Lugosi and Johnny Depp looks great in a skirt.

As far as identifying actors with other characters, I really had to get used to SMG, and Seth Green somewhat. Truth be told, I'd never really liked SMG as an actress until I saw Buffy. Maybe it's because her films haven't been anywhere near the quality of her TV work. As for Seth Green, I was used to seeing him as more of a goofball kind of character, so Oz was a big change, but definitely for the better. It was so surprising to see him playing laid-back and mature. In fact, we were flipping through the channels recently, and I saw him on Austin Powers. So of course I had to yell out "Hey, it's Oz!"

I also had to get used to Nathan Fillion (on Buffy), Gina Torres, and Adam Baldwin (both on Angel). Caleb never really grew on me, because I kept seeing the captain, and Jasmine and Marcus just flat out scared me. Especially Marcus. I can't watch the episodes with him in them without getting the serious wiggins.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007 8:31 AM


A lot of people on all three shows I'd seen before but it never occured to me that I couldn't accept them in these roles. The people on this list are the major ones I truly feared would be impossible.

SMG: I thought would be harder than it was to accept her. I knew her from AMC, not movies, because she didn't break out into movies until a little after BUFFY started. Fortunately, I only started watching that show during her last few months there, so it was fine. She's Buffy to me, not Kendall.

Tony Head: It was the freaking Taster's Choice guy!! By the end of Season 1, he was Giles to me: end of story.

Nathan Fillion: I gave up on OLTL not long after he left. It wasn't exactly because of him, but I REALLY didn't like the future recasts when I sporadically tuned in later. I never thought he made that much impact on me at the time until Joss hired him for FIREFLY. Then I was like "Huh?!" Imagine my surprise when I ended up not only identifying him more as Mal than Joey, but also that I'd end up crushing on him (2nd only to Joss himself)!!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007 8:32 AM




Thursday, March 22, 2007 5:21 PM


Speaking of Juliet Landau, I was watching Space 1999 the other day and I noticed something very familer about the faces of Martin Landau and Barbra Bain. It took some time but I thought that if you could combine the facial features of both of them you would get Drusilla. I jumped on the computer and googled both the actors and behold! Juliet Landau is the daughter of Martin Landau and Barbra Bain.

I didn't know this until now. Juliet Landau has Martin's eyes and Barbra Bains high cheek boned facial structure.

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