Lost in Serenity - The Legend Returns

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[url][/url] is a revamped Firefly/Serenity roleplaying site loking for new members to help sail the Black. The site was originally created back in 2005 and has a long, colourful, dramatic background. Now, in 2012, after a long hiatus and countless spin offs, LiS is back for some old fashioned gaming. Come on down, make a character, and join our adventures in the 'Verse! Even if you don't join, please like us on Facebook to help support the cause!

[align=center]The Year is 2517. It's been approximately 6 years Since the Battle of Serenity Valley and the Independents lost the War against the Alliance. The Alliance continues to stretch it's Empire towards the far reaches of the Verse with one goal in mind, More Power. But the people of Rim Planets know they can't rely on the Alliance to survive, as they are a last thought and the Core and Border Planets are a priority. This is evident by the Alliance failing to supply proper funding and technology to Terraform most of the Rim Planets and the dismal supply shipments they call Charitable Aid that sparsely reach those out on the Rim. The Alliance controls all trading routes with expensive taxation and licensing, causing private transport ships to do business at an inflated rate. This results in the renewed cause for Smugglers to avoid Alliance Detection and bring in Goods at a fair price. While the war may be over, those Sympathetic to the Browncoats cause still believe in Independence from Alliance Control and are struggling to survive while the Core Planets thrive. To make a living now, most folk will find a ship, find a crew and keep flying. Finding a Job to take is the difference between keeping the ship running or floating in the black. Having food on the table, or starving. Now you must choose, how will you live your life? Under the grip and control of the Alliance? Or will you choose your own course?[/align]

Lost in Serenity is a freeform RPG (no stats, dice, etc.) and runs using a Narrator/GM system. Upon joining and creating a character, a Narrator will be in touch to help figure out where you'll be entering the story, be it on a space station, planet, or as part of a ships crew. We try to keep the themes and settings of LiS true to the Firefly 'Verse (space opera western) and very much a character development and storytelling focused community.






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