It'll be nice to have a job again...
Saturday, November 20, 2004

Yeah, I've got a couple offers on the table, nothing I am overly ecstatic about, but solid jobs, nonetheless. It'll just be nice to be working again.

Some might wonder if this means I'll stop contributing to the Firefly fandom. The answer is no. I will still design T-shirts and stuff, wallpapers, games, and run the Caption Tightpants contest. What it does mean, is I will have less time. So new designs, and new ideas may take longer to filter into our society, but rest assured, I will *still* contribute to what I believe is the best group of fans anywhere and of alltime. I am inspired by the fervor here, and I think Firefly is the best show ever (and hopefully Serenity will be the best movie ever!), so I would feel guilty if I stopped doing what little I can to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Thanks for the support to all those who kept telling me not to give up on the job hunting, especially Gojiro, who gave me the best perspective ever...When an employer says they've chosen to go in a different direction, I like to think that direction is straight to hell...heh, the "special hell"! (not an exact quote, but the way I think it now) Thanks, Dave, believe it or not, it made a difference in that it helped me keep my head up as I kept pecking away at the job market.

Again, thanks to everyone who kept me in their thoughts, and even those of you who did not know me, kept me in good spirits, whether it be you've shopped in one of my stores, played Caption Tightpants, downloaded one of my wallpapers or my game, or simply chatted online or in a thread with me. It is kind of a nice feeling when something like fans of a TV show become more than just that. Simply put, I couldn't crawl any longer, but the Browncoats have carried me along, and now I will rise again! :) You all have been great, in one way or another, whether you've realized it or not.

Y'all are my Big Damn Heroes!



Sunday, November 21, 2004 7:29 AM


Congrats, TCM! So, is this a "train job"? Is your boss named Niska? Does the job involve mud in any way? These are all burning questions, my friend!


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