Mal gave ‘im a look an’ turned back ta the doc. “They’ll be able ta follow what’s goin’ on through that little transmitter in yer ear. Shouldn’t be something he’d be able ta see er get suspicious about. Just don’t let ‘im nibble on yer ear er nothin’.” Mal grinned. The doc gave ‘im a look fit ta kill. “I’ll try.”

-- The Shiny Affair of Mr. Pink-- chapter 7 by beautifool


Limbo Part 1: First Rate Medicine by Bigglesworthww1
Two years of hell was bad; two years with the knowledge that nobody was coming was even worse. He shouldn’t complain though, it was his own fault; the crew of Serenity had just been the ones to turn him in.
Midnight Cowboy - Ch.2 Way Down We Go by PinkiezUp
It begins so innocently... the fall into Hell This chapters title is named after the song: "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo. The songs intro is perfect for this chapter, the way its sung and the actual lyrics fit whats creeping up on Mal and Ill give no more hints this round :)
A New Game by PinkiezUp
A short & sweet little one-shot about how the crew of Serenity has some good natured fun at Mal's babysitting skills. This is dubiously cannon (all of the comics events have still happened) if you haven't read the comics all you need to know is that Zoe gave birth to a little girl who she named Emma... you just have to ignore the Mal/Inara pairing in the comics for this to be strictly cannon :3
Midnight Cowboy - Ch.1 Sleep Cycles by PinkiezUp
A peek into what goes on during Serenity's artificial nights. Mal pretends to be mad and River pretends to misunderstand. Mal fumbles through too many variables and they both grow into their own before everything goes pear shaped.
Tales From the Nordic Troll - #9: Wild Cards (part 4) by MIKEBROOME
“People”, Gerrin continued, “we got things set in motion, we got a plan that’ll work, but we’re not going out there alone. Now, are you in or are you out?” - - - - The assembled farmers looked at each other. Five raised their hands. “I’m in”, they proclaimed one at a time. - - - - “What about the rest of you?” Gerrin demanded. - - - - The rest sat there, silent. - - - - Gerrin eyed them contemptuously. “Envy the country that has heroes, huh?” he growled. As he turned and stormed toward the door he added “Pity the land that needs ‘em”.
Now and Then - a Christmas story by JANE0904
“Then do you have a better suggestion? No, let me rephrase that. Do you have a more sensible suggestion that doesn’t involve us getting lost and freezing to death?” [Maya. Post-BDM. A little standalone festive tale that kind of fits into where I am in the Maya timeline, but works outside too. Enjoy!]
The Last Space Cowboy by TenthCrewMember
“Seriously, though,” I began as I took a drink and looked sternly at the others, “who said we weren’t going to be able to pull this off?” “You,” I heard in chorus.
Monied Individual - Epilogue by JANE0904
"I honestly don’t know if my pilot wants to go around with flowers and curlicues carved into his leg.” [Maya. Post-BDM. The end of the story, and the beginning of the last ...]


Unification Day by XLydia
Malcolm Reynolds' origin story, to the tune of "Parcel of Rogues".
Serenity by Azlenna
A poem by and about Serenity.
Captain and the Jayne by Mendur
If two of our Big Damn Heroes were Little Damn Mice, this might be their theme song.
The Ballad of the Warner Three by Mendur
If the Animaniacs did a Firefly spoof, this is the song.
Reavers by Goose5068
A telling of Reavers
THe Alliance Chronicle by Goose5068
The evil history of the alliance
A Kaylee Chronicle by Goose5068
What goes on in the mind of Kaylee
A River Chronical Part 2 by Goose5068
Part two of A River Chronical