It's our time to SHINE
Tuesday, November 23, 2004


"311 days for 2 hours, I feel sick now." - Succatash


"We're more than just a fandom. We're a true community. So let's make the right choice, and stick together, and make the most of these five months to make "Serenity" the best damn September movie ever." Techiechl

The reactions to the film's delay have been varied and to say the least, passionate. I won't be heard to say it's not a bitter disappointment to see the count go from 150 to 311 within a matter of days. It most certainly is. If you look at it one way, it's the all mighty dollar jerking us around again. Look at it a different way, and you'll realize it's been Firefly tradition to get bumped all over the schedule, but it's still here.

More to the point, we're still here. In Minneapolis, you couldn't go to any convention in town without seeing a FarScape poster, or having a FarScape postcard handed to you. The Twin City Scapers gave their miniseries more fan support than I've seen since the Firefly DVD campaign and they got a continuing chapter that was within the usual quality parameters of a science-fiction program that dared to be just a little bit different.

Same goes for us. Put up posters, hand out postcards, mail them, or leave them for the teenagers to pick up in comic book stores. Don't send too many of them to the producers - they already know we're out here, and they know how crazy we are. It's time to increase our ranks out here, Brown Coats, and make the premiere of this long-awaited continuation the highest-grossing September opening in known history.

Rage against the machine - but put some power behind it. Make your fandom shine.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004 5:35 PM


Channy, you speak truth again. If we've waited this long, then what's another 5 months if it's only gonna give us more chances to win new fans, and give Universal more time to promote the movie and for Joss to get everything "just right".

I'm here for the long run.


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