Open letter to all Browncoats
Wednesday, November 24, 2004

To my dear Browncoats:

With the news of Serenity being delayed, we're all so disappointed, so, as I've said, I expected more sniping, more bitterness; I expected the in-fighting and snapping at one another that I've seen throughout all my other fandoms.

Apparently... not so much.

You're all awesome. You've made me cry a little in a good way, seeing how awesome everyone is here, how tenacious and devoted to our show/movie, our cast/crew, to the message of our show/movie... and to each other.

I'm seeing the spirit of theme song embodied in so many posts here. I'm seeing Mal's refusal to lay down and die in the face of bitter disappointment. I can't help but think about that big red button to call everyone back, about Mal's rallying of the troops in Serenity Valley.

I'm seeing everything I love about our show and our big damn heroes embodied in the fandom. We're going to hold this valley, browncoats, until our movie comes out and awes us all.

Next summer and fall, we are going to share delighted grins at every scan of a magazine ad, every tv spot, every poster spotted, every trailer. There's going to be merchandise and every browncoat's wallet is going to be hurting a bit. I have no doubt that, if there's action figures -- and there better be gorram action figures *ahem* -- we're going to get posed photographs with captions running from the sublime to the obscene and it'll add to the general excitement.

The novelisation will come out and there will be much debate over reading it or not, over needing a fix because it's been so long versus not wanting to be spoiled for the actual movie experience.

I heard talk of a comic-book adaptation, too, so we'll have the art to debate/delight over, and which lines are included from the movie or not...

And we're going to hit that last ten-day countdown so utterly giddy and when we see our little ship and our disreputable crew up on the big screen, we're going to know we've made it this far, we've done the impossible and it does make us, Joss, our BDHs -- all of us -- mighty.

Then we're going to watch the money the movie makes and grin delightedly and smugly to one another as Fox and all the detractors are proven so very, very wrong.

We're going to have the sheer glee of sequels being announced, and the countdown to an amazing dvd release.

And we're just going to go from strength to strength.

So we hold this valley, no matter what.

We hold.

(Adapted from a reply over here: -- which is a totally awesome and inspiring thread.)


Friday, November 26, 2004 9:09 AM


Beautifully written Inaraesque.

I totally agree. We hold.

Thursday, November 25, 2004 10:52 PM


Wow, that was so... wow. Had a kinda poetry to it. Very well put. The Browncoats in so many ways embody the show itself it's almost frightening. On the losing side, but we just keep on flying. And I'm thinking we'll rise again!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 8:34 PM


Yeah, we're a good buch I guess. It still hurts to see the day counter back in the 300's though.


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