it happened again...
Monday, November 29, 2004

remember my last blog? well, dave and i got back together last night. it took a while...he was really scared that he would just screw it up and that our friendship would get ruined, and he says he's not in the "relationship place." but we both want this really bad, and eventually we decided to try it again, with assurences from me that i would help him do this and that we could make it work. then i had to go upstairs for a bit (remember, he lives in my dorm/house) cause his friend was coming over cause it's her birthday and he hadn't seen her in a week and he had a card for he was gonna come get me when she had gone. so he came up like 40 or so minutes later and asked to talk to me in the common room...which i immediately knew was a bad thing. he told me that he was happy when we were together, but as soon as he started explaining it to his friend he knew it wouldn't work...basically the same reasons he gave before...(oh, he's still off his medication but he talked to his psychiatrist and i guess that stuff is fine now) so ya, i'm very sad right now...i just hope he realizes soon that he can do this, because...he has to.


Wednesday, December 1, 2004 5:30 AM


Sorry to hear that kiddo. Don't let it drive you to crazy. I gotta agree with the anon. Definitely be there as a friend for him, but if he is not in the right place for a relationship, don't force it on him or more importantly yourself.

Monday, November 29, 2004 2:03 PM


Generally speaking, we Daves are pure awesome, and you can't go wrong hooking up with one of us. However, a Dave does go bad every once in a rare while.

I'm not in your situation and have never met this guy, but it sounds like he's yanking you around. Tread very carefully. Or better yet, the next time he wants to try, beat him to the punch and tell him YOU don't think it will work out, and you're tired of having your guts kicked out. Let him see how it feels for once.

If he's yanking you around, he'll go off and never bother you again. If he truly wants to be with you, however, this may make him wake up and smell the friggin' coffee.

I'm just sayin' ...

Monday, November 29, 2004 1:43 PM


Aww man. Dude that sucks, but at least he's taken his time and (it seems) trying to keep from hurting you.

Good luck, if that helps at all...


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