New Upcoming Fanfic Series
Friday, December 17, 2004

Hi All,

Just a few lines to help advertise my next FanFic Series Horse, Foot and Artillery which is my take on the idea of a Second War of Independence. The new series continues the Storyline established in my earlier series; Death Or Glory, Wolf Pack and Here Be Dragons... because I just can't tear myself away from it.

You can find a "poster" advertising the new series at which indicates just what a raging egomaniac I really am

For those that may be interested the spaceship in the top right corner of the main picture is the model of the Granite Gorge by Artships which you can see here at or in more detail on the 2004 section of Artships own site the spaceship models there are really worth looking at.

The lines of verse (I suppose you could call it 'Verse verse) come from "The Song of the 21st Lancers" by Geezer which you can read here or you can also look here for the "Unofficial Version" . I also heartily recommend all of the rest of Geezers 'Verse verse

Finally I'd like to thank my regular readers for making it worhwhile to keep writing. I really enjoy it but just wish real life and writers-block didn't interfere quite so much.

Thanks for reading and Keep Flying Browncoats

Jon (AKA Hotpoint)



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