Shiny new computer!
Saturday, January 1, 2005

Yay, I own a new computer! Though I'm actually not writing on the new one since it's not hooked up to the Internet yet, but still, yay! No bugs messing up the computer until I get hooked up to the Internet and start downloading things.

It's got a shiny flat screen and I can watch DVDs on it. Sadly, no DVD-ROM drive so I can't access any of the DVD-ROM stuff on some of the Buffy DVDs. Whatever. It's a new computer and I'm happy. Also, the comp has Windows XP so you can have different accounts and for the first time I can actually customize my background and anything else I want. And we all know what that means:

Firefly background!

I know everyone has submitted a bunch in the Blue Sun Room and I'm excited to look through and see which ones I like. I also recall someone creating Firefly themed start-up screens for XP. I much rather see a picture of Serenity while I'm booting up then some boring black background. The possibilities are endless.

But first, a connection to the Internet so I can actually look at these things on the right computer.



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