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Monday, January 3, 2005

Sorry about the terrible pun. I just think that everyone should at least attempt some sort of cleverness in every post, otherwise the entire strange irony of blogging is just lost.

First blog post, mainly because my empty page made me look like a total loser. So in an attempt to avoid making a very true first impression, I'll pretend I have brilliant shiny things to say and post lots of writing that no one will read very closely because we're all more concerned with either a) what we're writing and how we look, or b) what the latest theory/news/post was concerning this great television show that we all love so much. Which makes sense, as that's why we're here after all. I mean, it's sure not to get dates.

Enough with the rambling. I'll probably be posting primarily in Reviews and other Episode threads at first, until I have established myself more. It's where I feel more comfortable. If anyone's got anything they think I'd like taking a look at, send it my way and I'd love to read up on stuff. I tend to get a little bogged down in forums some, because I like to focus on the show itself, on the facts of it, and less on sidebar issues or theories. But I'll be around, I'm here because I love the show just as much as anyone else. There's no other show I could sit and watch over and over, no other series where every episode is worth (at the very least) five repeated showings, one right after another. And that's why I'm here.


Wednesday, January 5, 2005 12:38 PM


welcome! You can find lots of stuff about the show in these parts. The news section keeps us up on everything. But don't ignore the general drabble. There's bits of show information hidden in there sometimes. There's tons of folks to get to know. Ebo's a girl, dont' call her a guy, she doesn't like that. Um, badgershat, or el jefe, is the leader of This Land. Try to read up on purplebelly's theory--it's scattered around threads. I rather like it. Kinda makes sense.

You should really try pepsimilk. It's very good.

Most important of all, give love to Haken. Without who none of this would be possible.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005 8:22 PM


Welcome to the family! beleve it or not were not all that creepifing. Although Malicious will steal threads and she has some sort of ball thing. I'm not sure what the ball thing is for, but she has it and its red. Apparently. Um, Succatash gave maniac a dog, Soul just got married, tethys just had a birthday, Static was a big damn hero in iraq and he has a large harem, Teela just rocks, KGB and I started a band, but it got sort of disbanded, Zoids posts are long and need to come with a cliff notes (but they are totaly worth reading), TheRealMe (aka 'you') and thatwierdgirl have some sort of strange love for drink called pepsimilk (they will try and convince you to try it, don't give in, the stuff is terrible), and SimonWho kidnapped me and PhysicRiver once. It was very tramatic.

So thats us. Or some of us anyway. We all have coats of a brownish color (obviously).



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