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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Lets see... all told, this would make... five. Five blogs/livejournals/opendiarys etcs. Do I really need five? Heh, probably not, though counting this one only two are active. I've been a Firefly fan since the series first aired on that channel that starts with F that shall never be named (bastards). And have continued to spread the love since I picked up my DVD set the day it came out. (Total browncoat converts currently totals 10.)

That said I've never been a huge fansite reader, I keep tabs on things, and whatnot. I have yet to choose a favorite episode, but currently its a toss-up between Out of Gas (proof that Kaylee isn't as innocent as she seems) and Serenity 1 and 2.

Other then that, I'll probably just post random things here as I continue to work on my fanfic/episode for Firefly. (I love writing, and people occasionally think I'm good at it, and since I'm a Firefly fan I figured it was high time I did some writing in the 'verse.

The working title is "Salvage Rights" But if someone else is already using that, please yell at me so I can change it ;)

And just so you know. Ya'll are welcome in my Sky. ;)

Til later.
"Engines make her hot" - Random quote of the day



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