everything's clay
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

i think i had noticed before but forgot. husband pointed out last time we watched that the mud planet... jaynes town, everything, including the guitar was clay. very cool.
this past weekend i did the third weekend of beta at guild wars. that was fun. but i didn't really like doing it alone. almost made it to lvl 6.
right now i'm actually listening to some classical music on the radio. catching stuff up on the web. (updating logs, public calendars, checking email)
it's weird how sort of dependent you get on tv.
before, to waste time i could pop on the tube and catch some news. but when you have no reception on the tv. your options are radio, which just isn't the same, there's no cnn. or i can pop in a dvd. i luv firefly, but damn, i'm gunna know it word for word if i keep watching it. i've watched most of my kung fu movies. last night i was watching the extras on the HERO dvd. watched kill bill 2 (saw the first, but don't have it on dvd yet), and the extras...twice. i'd like to watch lilo and stitch again, but i am so sappy right now, i think the ohauna part would make me cry.
on top of all this i am sorta quiting cigarettes. so i'm almost a basket case. message me if anyone likes to waste time at yahoo playing literati. if you have gaim- try conejaesposa . my yahoo id isn't seeming to work, prob, a firwall tweak i don't feel like screwing with....enchantedsarda on yahoo.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005 9:21 PM


"i'm gunna know it word for word if i keep watching it"

(gasp) You don't already!

GO...GO watch it, watch it now, and be quik about it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005 11:39 AM


Yeah, I feel your pain, when I quit smoking, it was like I was my own evil twin for a week and a half. By the way, was Hero any good? I've gotten mixed reviews from my friends.


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