should i or shouldn't i
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

i've been eatting real mre's while my husband is gone. i felt the one i ate yesterday, a little. today, i am feeling this tohher one more. sure hope i am not poisoned. there was not a noticable date of expiration on the packages. i bought them a coupl years ago but i dunno how old they were when i bought them. oh well. have one more to eat tomorrow evening. should i or shouldn't i?
there's only about 3 servings of special instant coffee left, 2 cocoas. almost 4 full days before he returns. don't want to drive his car to the store, it just feels very uncomfortable to drive. not to mention it hasn't been changed over to the new state tag, so i am concerned about getting stopped.
had a freaky phone call this evening. i said hello and no one answered. said hello again and it sounded like they said it at the same time. then said hello again and it again sounded like they said it at the same time. but it also sounded like it was a recording of me. earlier someone called asking if i had called about buying land. yesterday someone called from an animal shelter insisting i'd adopted a dog. W - E - I - R -D
i'm just not convinced everything is clay. (in the jaynestown episode) i don't see what my husband saw in the guitar. but yeah, it looked like bottles and cups were clay. my eyes were getting too fuzzy to be sure of anything else.



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