no egg in it, is it still considered an egg noodle/new messenger acct
Friday, January 14, 2005

i figured it'd be easier to get another messenger acct than to have to put people through typing 'conejaesposa'. so, it's syrynmuerte and i have a firefly peep catagory.
had the safer meal, pork and gravy atop no-egg egg noodles. reminded of OIS:
no egg in it, is it still considered an egg noodle
made hot cocoa last night from dove dark promises and some hershey's dark chips. it was so dark i swear, it ate through my throat.
contemplating. do i make the last batch of cookies. (oatmeal, choc chip and walnut) today or wait til sunday to make them. yeah, think i'll wait.
tomorrow will be my busy day, at an all day meeting.
can't believe i finally move out here and patiently anticipate a balloon festival(hot air), it comes and i can't go because i don't have my car.
and congrats to the saturn probe(cassini/hugyen), it made it!
listening to the classical music that comes on after npr. had gotten to where i looked forward to the newspaper i never ordered being plopped on my front yard. didn't get it today :-(
have a log elsewhere but i think i'll take a break from it the next few days. and have a local log for where i live, but no one seems to be on in this area. (they mostly just use on-line for email and research)



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