insomniac thinking about firefly diet
Sunday, January 16, 2005

couldn't hardly get any sleep last night.
noticed i'd probly gotten a little lean while the man was gone (pining) and for the fact that i food poisoned myself this week from stuff.
i thought about the food that was on the show (apples, strawberries, everything in shepherds meal, wife soup, protien (including protein cake), canton food, saffron meal, ice planet, good dogs (i got something that looks like that-i'll have ta do up a recipe) -and i looked at the recipe section here, just now). anyways. back when i had tv and watched survivor and bigbrother, i'd always thought, what a great idea for a diet- living off pb and j; or the whole rice, coconut and banana thing.
so now i started thinking about a firefly menu until the movie comes out. decidedly salivating for the good dogs now.
when we moved, i brought chop sticks for myself and regular silver ware for my man. learned how to use them when i was about 6 or 7. look forward to having a stick collection one day. sad i don't live near a place with a variety of sticks :-(



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