BWAH! is NOW AVAILABLE for FREE for all Browncoats!
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Yep, you heard right!

BWAH! is here!

http://homepage.mac.com/gojiro42 (click on "Downloads")
[so y'all owe a big kindness to Gojiro for the webspace!]

There are no images posted on the site, but the zipped file is in the download section. It is big, so you are warned. A few things to remember when you print these...

If you don't have awesome skills/tech to print the backs evenly with the fronts, DON'T worry about it. You don't really need them. You can, however, glue them to playing cards. If you do, I recommend using one color for the Action cards and a different color for the Profession cards.

There is a Box you can print if you want it as well. The rules should be in .pdf format.

Oh, and I lied a little bit, you do NEED the Character card backs, but you can print them seperately though (they are your health meters for the game).

Also, feedback is genuinely requested by this creator, so please send me any comments, questions, need for rules/card clarifications or ideas you have about the game. Email me at tenthcrewmember(at)gmail.com and put BWAH! in the subject header so I can reply quickly.

Now, go find you some Local Color, a nice pistol, some Mudders' Milk and become the Hero of Canton.

ENJOY! and look forward to at least 2 expansions...BWAH! Gorram Plans (a side deck of Event Cards, and some new character and action cards, coming soon) and BWAH! The Violence Ensues(after the BDM release of course; will be a stand alone that can also be combined with the others)


Sunday, January 23, 2005 7:42 AM


I'll try to get separate zips uploaded later today. Cuz I aims ta please!

Friday, January 21, 2005 8:43 PM


i'm probably the last one on dial-up, in the world. but having the seperate zips are nice.

Thursday, January 20, 2005 8:35 PM


Thanks for putting in this work! I love the game that this is based on, so I know I will love this. Now I just need to refine my cutting and pasting skillz. Thanks TenthCrewMember and Gojiro!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005 2:48 PM


I'm just happy to be doin' good works.

If people would rather have the one big ZIP file broken up into several smaller files, let me know. I can do that.

John has created a really fun, very good-looking game. He's obviously spent a lot of time and effort on it! You really ought to download it, print it, and play it. It's a blast!


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