y, i'll try to hit the VS again tomorrow and last week...
Saturday, January 22, 2005

yes, i have gimp, and am dying to make more firefly stuff, but i can't stick the dvd in my computer at the moment. computer went kerplunk when it was taken out of storage and my video card disc is kinda hard to get in storage. whenever i do get to it (in a couple to a few months, maybe) i can make more original stuff. i love manipulating pictures. i used to fix pictures for people-take their pemples off, and sometimes people would send me a scan of a picture that had been scratched, so i would make it look not scratched. i used to have a ridiculously large personal website, but i went on vacation when geocities decided to clean shop, thankfully i have the whole site on cd for remembrance purposes.
well, my spouse made it home from across country with my jeep, and safely at that! we registered the jeeps and i have a shiny new plate and drivers license!
found out he'll be going out of town again, but only for 4 days this time.
got a park sticker, so i can visit parks in NM for free during the day!!! look forward to bringing my watercolors out and attempting to paint on location.
i do henna in my spare time,'s been a while since i mixed a batch, but maybe i'll have some mixed by the time of the v shindig. i need to make a cone. all the rest of my mehndi gear is packed in storage, too. :-(
we got an antennae for the tv. so now we get 3 stations in, all fuzzy like. so, it may be alladin tonight. i'd rather sleeping beauty for that matter. watched spirited away again, since he brought it back with the jeep. that is such a good movie. funny expressions on faces..
finished the angry cat and chinese calligraphy picture for my mom's tat business (art for her shop)-watercolor. the calligraphy on it just reads : black cat. i hate to part with it actually. maybe i'll get copies made and just send her a copy.
sent out all kinds of work apps. nothing i really want to do, though. last day of RC training today, finally i can sleep in on saturdays!
shoot, forgot to get 'good dogs' meat fixins. maybe tonight when i get some henna supplies (lemon and lime).



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