Why Timing is Everything, and Sometimes People With Bad Taste Should Be Trusted.
Sunday, January 23, 2005

A comment to another post, but i spent enough time writing it that it deserved a life outside "reply"

I myself was a convert, though not the first time, actually. I was a counselor at Space Camp last summer, where a good half of us were scifi fans, and someone tried to get us all to watch Firefly, but we resisted categorically, as it came from a source that had much love for some pretty bad tv scifi (I won't mention names to avoid flame-throwing amongst friends). So when my suitemate suggested Firefly, I refused at first. But she would casually drop it in conversations, "You should watch this show, you'd totally love it," etc, for about two months, until I finally agreed. I fell in love, as should happen, and thus it began.

I chose as my first target a girl I knew to be a Whedon fan. We'd had conversations about Buffy many a time, and she watches Angel, too, so I took that approach. I made her watch all of Serenity with me, and she thought it was "pretty good." I moved out at Christmas, to a different state, but my suitemate informs me that said girl is now a complete convert.

I have been working on my sister, and am not through yet. She's a fantasy/Star Trek girl, and has sat through many of my shows that she doesn't really like. So I just took my DVDs with me to her apartment, but didn't suggest we watch them. She got to looking at the cover, and asked about who the people were. I explained, giving away just enough plot details to garner interest. She then suggested herself that we watch. She hasn't watched a lot more since then, but she enjoyed it, and I think she'll come around.

My parents--oh that's the fun one. My dad is a big action/adventure fan, and also a huge Indiana Jones fan, and the one who got us into Star Trek, so I knew he'd love the show. But he doesn't like suggestions very much of what he'd like. Doesn't take recommendations very well. What he does love, though, is family time. So I casually mention that I'm going to go buy the box set, and I may watch it in the living room, if he wants to come watch with me. I didn't even bother with my mom, cause it didn't seem like her kind of thing. But she walked in and out during the first few episodes. I am proud to say they are both hooked. THEY now ask ME if we can "watch another episode tonight." We're almost done with them all, and my mom is already making plans to start all over and watch them again, and my dad is talking about the commentaries.

All of this to say, you have to know your audience. Shouting in the streets helps some, but only calls the ones who actually listen to people who are in the streets shouting. Know who you're talking to and how to approach them. It's all in the marketing.

I'm so cynical.


Tuesday, January 25, 2005 12:04 PM


Space camp is a great experience

I went the first year they opened to "adults"

what fun- still talk about it and its been YEARS

Monday, January 24, 2005 6:57 PM


Good job converting the heathens...lol. I just nabbed three myself.

I always wanted to go to space camp myself. Being a counselor there must be pretty fun.


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