A New Heartbroken Update
Friday, January 28, 2005

Okay, so Part 9 is done - bet you all thought I forgot about it, didn't cha? Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm pretty good as fan fic writers go, but I'm pretty darn slow when it comes to wanting to get the thing RIGHT

I have a Beta Troupe to send it to yet, and then it should be posted in the next couple of weeks... unless anyone out there would like to give it a quick read-through and get it up sooner. Sad to say, I'm not willing to trust my own proofing abilities right now. I've been staring at this piece WAY too long.

Before you answer, I have to have your Promise that you'll keep the ending to yourselves, until I post. The Promise has to come first.

Any takers? Send me your e-mail at



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