Still going crazy for "Batman Begins" (a long 1)
Sunday, February 27, 2005

School's back for Summer! (At least Uni's back for the end of Australian Summer, but you get the point.) I can't believe I can't spend my days lazing on the beach, or watching dvd's anymore. Yes I know, life is hard. Anyway, I just wanted to commend SimonWho on his great insight into the movie business (regarding failed comic-based movies): 'Why won't movie companies realise that "a safe pair of hands" is the swiftest way to kill a franchise dead.' I couldn't agree more! That's why I'm ecstatic over the choice of cast and crew for 'Batman Begins', certainly not what you'd call a 'safe' decision on the studio's part, but a wise one nonetheless (I'm hoping). But can Christian Bale go from Bateman to Batman? I'm betting Yes. I love that this new film will centre on the character of the Dark Knight himself, instead of any of the villains (eg. the Joker in Batman 1), but above all I'm geeking out over the fact that Gary Oldman will co-star! Incidentally, he's the only actor I could imagine playing the part of Satan on 'Constantine' better than the beautifully over-the-top Peter Stormare. But to give Akiva Goldsman his props (after bagging him for "Batman and Robin") I've gotta say I did enjoy "Master and Commander", on which he was a script consultant, but as for him producing "Constantine", hasn't he learned to steer clear of Comic book adaptions? But no harm done, I did enjoy "Constantine" after all, and Francis Lawrence did well as a 1st time director (hey, don't trust my judgement, I said the same about Jonathan Hensleigh after Punisher!) To sum up, as long as Goldsman doesn't screw up DaVinci Code, which should prove difficult, I may just forgive his past indiscretions!



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