Captain's Log 2004..21.01
Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Today or was it yesterday a thread about RPing in the Firefly 'verse got me interacting with the natives ...

Was a little hesitant to say much other than I was fine over the taglog on the front page of fff.net

I may have seemed short with people or too paranoid when talking aout giving out my AOL IM handle

Wasn't sure if the GM of the RPG was happy with what I wrote up for a description of the engineer and which I posted to the relevant thread but then again the guy barely had time to rush on and say hes gone for the next few days and will be plotting and planning when he can.

Gave out one of my emails to the GM and another player .. we'll see what happens

and for the record I answer to MJ as well as well as Puma


Friday, January 23, 2004 7:04 AM


Actually I was happy with what you had written, but forgotten to let everyone know that the folks aboard the Dragonfly Justiciar worked together in some manner in while in the Alliance Military.

Also, the DragonFly class has only one Ship - Justiciar, cause the 'Crew' spent 5 or so years 'kitbashing it' and, of course, 'Ropa was The Man during that phase.

Sorry to be in a rush, but many mitigating factors happening in my corporeal world - closing on a house, preparing to move et al.

The game will prob. star within 2 weeks.

Thursday, January 22, 2004 5:43 PM


ahh .. good .. that means I'm as paranoid as the next guy/ gal

Thursday, January 22, 2004 5:18 PM


Hey, you're doin' fine. You're just as papnoid as everyone else. Which eother means you're not paranoid, or you are extreamly. Not quite sure.


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