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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I know it’s been awhile since WonderCon but I wanted to post my amazing day there and my first convention.

I’m to lazy too type my meeting with Jeff Marriote (Angel book author) , If you want to know let me know and I’ll write it up later.

Serenity panel: The room was packed listening to War of The Worlds panel with (I think) Steven Spielberg . I maneuvered my way up slowly to the front –like the 7 from the first on the side. The preview for War of the Worlds was good ,and I still kick myself for not going up and asking if the little blonde girl was Dakota Fanning or no.

The MC comes out and says “Now what you’ve all been waiting for. JOSS WHEDON!!! The crowd (including me) goes wild. Joss comes out wearing the same purple backpack Dawn was unpacking in OMWF. Then Adam comes out in a long black sleeve shirt and a black cap. Nathan showing off his flower T-shirt. (You big girl ,you). Then Summer in a black off the sleeve sweater and a sequined yellow camisole. Before the Q+A they showed the pretty funny clip –which I’d love to talk abut but I’m not spoiler-girl.
All I can rember from the Q+A …hold on milking out of brain… AHA!

When one fan mentioned space pants, Nathan spit out his water and Joss said “ I want to thank you. He’s had that water in his mouth for 45 minutes.” Um, When another fan asked about embarrassing moments, Adam and Nathan looked at Summer and she said her nude-y scene in Serenity (the episode), and when asked again she said During one of the stunts Joss kept pushing her to scream and she almost got “mad”. Which made Nathan get the look of “Impossible, Summer? Never.” And Joss has a foot fetish. (Just watch Angel –Unleashed and Objects in Space. You’ll see what I mean.” The Q+A ended at 2:59 and then they did some poses for fans taking pictures.

I’ll write more about the autograph session when I not feeling terribly lazy.


Thursday, April 21, 2005 6:59 AM


I'm so jealous right now, I can't stand it. Thanks for the report and keep us posted.


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