What kind of "Browncoat" are you?
Thursday, May 5, 2005

This was asked of me by my most recent convert. A fella who had to be coaxed quietly, I think because he was fearful of my former star trek tendencies.

Then he found out I hadn't seen the trailer yet, while he observed that Book wasn't there and asked me if he was even in the movie.

"What kind of "Browncoat" are you?" he says to me. It was like the unfortunate moment that he chose to call me a "you religious type." Should have seen him jump for that red button over my reaction on that one.

Don't worry, he knows what I mean.

I admit, I was fearful of watching the trailer. I'd heard it was rife with spoilers, and SoulOfSerenity even mentioned it may affect how he might write his fan fiction.

My days of hiding my head in the sand are done. I've seen the trailer, and I have only one thing to say....

"I am to misbehave."

Buckle up, browncoats. We're in for one HELL of a ride.


Friday, May 6, 2005 4:41 AM


I was the same, but when temptation came I couldn't resist! I am so looking forward to seeing those scenes explained in the full story!

It seems to me that they'll only be spoilers once we've seen the movie, because I don't think I saw anything in the trailer that tells me too much about the movie.


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