What's Old is New Again
Tuesday, May 10, 2005

There was a time, back when I first joined up around here, when I was desperate for anything Firefly.

You have to understand, I only had two episodes on VHS back in the day - "Train Job" and "Serenity." And like any devoted fan, I watched those two until I knew every line, every scene change and the exact moment when Mal drew his gun to shoot the Fed. I still have them - I'm saving them like talismans from the past.

I came here looking for a little comfort, and found it in the arms of fellow fans. Sarahetc, Succatash, ManiacNumberOne, SergeantX, Veteran, and others. Folks that, for their own reasons, may not speak to each other these days.

Here's not my point. There's a pre-screening of the movie coming to the Twin Cities, and silly me, I wasn't online to see the announcement in time to get tickets. Not that I could have made much good with them since it's on a class night. Still, the fact remains. There's more out there - I can feel it, and I can taste it, like the wind that comes right before a thunderstorm. Only I can't quite reach it. It's like when the TRS80 DVDs were first marketed on this site and I sent off $20 I didn't have at the time to get them. It's that same sense of desperation...

for MORE.

I'll have to wait now until September 30, and feed my desperation by watching the trailer in the Mac lab before class every Thursday night.

It's good to feel this way again - like there's some manner of promise on the horizon.


Monday, May 16, 2005 6:09 AM


It is good to have something new to look forward too! Long may it continue... with more new stuff :o)


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