I'm an idiot: an internet lesson learned
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So I tried registering for a account, 'cause I'm bored and wanted to talk about Galactica. But it refused to work. Turns out I used my new email address, forgetting that yahoo changes the ending depending on what country you're in. So my password and everything went to someone else. Wouldn't be a problem except I'm one of those people who used the password for more than one thing. So now I'm rushing around trying to change them all. Just in case whoever got my info was in a hacking mood.

I had a feeling I should have picked a different alias.

Now I feel all... exposed and paranoid. The email was vaguely Serenity-ish so maybe a good Browncoat will get it and delete it. Not use it.

I can hope.

Or if they are malicious, I can wait for them to register it and then I can delete it since I have the password too! Ha!

Or not.

Either way I've learned my lesson.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005 6:27 AM


I hope that's the case. I've calmed down now. The paranoia was brought on mostly because it was about 1am at the time!

My brain is starting to hurt from trying to remember all the new passwords. I login to things and get error messages. Grrr!

Thanks for responding by the way, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one it's happened to!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 7:29 PM


Ah, we've all been there.

But, in all likeliness, if they are like me and everyone I know. They'll think that the email is spam and delete it straight away. For that matter, in general, anything that even looks funny, should go in the bit bucket. Especially if you're on windows.

Just remember to remember those new paswds. That ones bitten me on the ass once before as well ;)


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