My coin keeps flipping
Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lately, I've been viewing my life as if it were a coin. One side has something on it, and the other side holds something completely different.

On one side - let's call it the "heads" side - I've got a job I'm not completely thrilled with where I get one sick day a year (already used) and no vacation until I've been here a year (November). There's potential for me to get fed up and quit or be fired before I get the chance. I may have another job lined up, but the employer could go a different way entirely.

On the other side - the "tails" side, which will have all the good stuff since "tails never fails" - I've got a great family, loving wife with our first baby about a month from arriving and very little to complain about outside of my current work predicament.

All would be well if my coin remained "tails" up. But God keep flipping it. That's His way - and that's the way it's supposed to be. My only fear is, if my work situation weasels its way over to the "tails" side, am I going to lose something good to the "heads" side? Or is there a chance the "heads" side can empty itself over to "tails"?



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