Day 1
Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is my first day aboard Gratitude. He's a fine ship, and yes I say he because he told me to. As I walk on the not so shiny new plates I feel full of elation. This is a good ship, and just by sitting in it I know it will take me great places. I don't swear to write in this log every day, maybe I never will again. But for all who come across this, know Captain Symon Silver is there for all who are in need of help.
I came up with the name Gratitude...well, actually I don't know how I did. It just dawned upon me, as I tried to think of some great name for a ship. I sat there, it was the first name I thought up, then I tried to think of more but it just kept coming back. So here he is.
I'm not going to look for my crew. I know eventually it will come to me. I will accept any passerby that just wishes a ride, but I hope that sometime soon I will find loyal followers-- wait, not followers, but partners. This ship will run on a family, not a dictator. Though my word is the rule, I must speak with my crew first. Well, I hear the tug of destiny on my ear.
--Respectfully, the captain of Gratitude


Thursday, May 19, 2005 10:00 PM


Gratitude! A gorram good name.

Think you may have a bit of a dichotomy there between "my word is rule" and "we are a family". Will be interesting to see how it turns out and whether yer head explodes trying to walk a very fine line....

You flyin' anywhere fun?

Thursday, May 19, 2005 2:20 PM


Very Shiny Captain. Interesting name for him. I'd fly with ya, mainly because I wanna see space, I wanna be there...see ya round, welcome to the verse.


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