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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hello all.
I've been lurking here for a while and continue to be impressed with the people posting here. I haven't seen the usual idiotic messages in all caps exclaiming that KAYLEE TOTALLY ROCKS! (which she does)

Nice bunch of people here, by my reckoning.

Anyway, I was just thinking....

1) I notice that there is an unusually high proportion of female fans compared to most sci-fi shows. What is it about Firefly that appeals to the women folk? Firefly does tend to focus more on character and relationships than your average Star Trek episode. Or, perhaps it's the Captain's tight pants.

2) I made my first recuit this week. She was a tough one. She doesn't watch tv and is much more interested in mountain biking and snowboarding than space westerns. I set up a projector and a laptop at work and let her watch the first two episodes over a series of lunch breaks. Once she had watched those two episodes she could decide if she wanted to watch more. She wasn't completely sold on the series after those two (Serenity and Train Job), but expressed an interest in Simon and River, so I showed the 'Safe' episode next. She then said she didn't like Jayne much, so we ran 'Jaynestown' next.

Other than her unfortunate habit of calling our canibalistic friends from the edge of the galaxy 'Reefers' ( "Dude, I totally got the munchies. Can we do the flesh eating first this time?") she's become an avid fan of the show.

In what order do you recommend new viewers watch the Firefly episodes? Do you stay with the order of the DVDs, or do you hit them with the best episodes first?

3) While I accept the possibility that the BDM will have sound in space ( doesn't really bother me), there is something poetical about watching the ships move about in silence.

4) Does anyone else's heart skip a beat when they hear fiddle music now?

Anyway that's enough for my first post.



Sunday, May 22, 2005 4:28 AM


Not sure if there is a higher ratio of female fans for Firefly than for other sci-fi shows. It's just possible they are more pasionate about this one than others and willing to be more outspoken about it (my case).

Having said that, I must admit one of the women that I loaned my DVD set to uses the male BDHs as a recruiting tool for other women.

Sunday, May 22, 2005 2:44 AM


Most post about episode order here have shown the majority feel that showing the episodes in order is the best way to go. I agree. Unless you have a really hard sell and you know that comedy will catch them the most, in which case after Train Job maybe go to Jaynestown/Our Mrs. Reynolds/Trash. Or Drama: go to Out Of Gas. But typically the DVD order is the way to go.

Saturday, May 21, 2005 11:57 AM


i would like to comment on how unique the Firefly music is. Thanks for bringing that up!


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