Day 4
Sunday, May 22, 2005

I think I'm getting more people on board. We've got, Serena the cook, and Zoot the medic. And a cute little Zoot spawnling. She hasn't told me the little'un's name yet. And it seems I have found a fighter of sorts, but I haven't learned his name yet. And as I said to them, in technical sense I am missing the necessities of a crew (no pilot, no engineer). But once again as I said, chocolate isn't necissary, but it is good. On another note, in response to something one of the new members said: no one is lowly. Every one of your opinions count to me. I will come to my crew for the most important situations I have to make. Let me lay it out like this. Though I am the captain and I have the final word if the situation is dire, I do care what my crew members think. Sometimes I may lay it on a majority rules basis. Sometimes I might just drown your opions to keep everyone safe. If one member is being irrational and against everyone's opinion it is my decission whether to throw them in their corridors or hear them out. But never ever say that you feel your opinion doesn't count on my ship. Unless you feel that the ship should be painted completely pink, then I will toss you into space to be breakfast for a star. Just kidding, but seriously, no pink.
--Captain of Gratitude


Monday, May 23, 2005 9:56 AM


My "lowly cook" comment was sarcastic. I can be that way sometimes. Don't worry, I can be very Inara-esque, giving my opinion even when you don't want it. You've been warned.


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