Serenity Finds Serenity in the Woods
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I don't like where I live. It's this neighborhood full of manufactured houses off a clogged road in a small town. There are no sidewalks, hardly any trees, and I can't walk or ride my bike anywhere, because there's nothing close enough (and I'd get dead. SC drivers are mean to bike riders.) But there is one good thing about my neighborhood. At the end of my street there is a small patch of woods that borders two other neighborhoods. It's probably a 1/2 mile square (well, more trapazoidal, but whatever) of woods. There are several paths that run through it, most of which I traverse on a daily basis. I love to get up in the morning and walk through the woods before I go to work. I love knowing I'm the first person there that day. I love watching the small winged insects rise at my feet as I wake them up from their beds of pine straw. I feel momentarily guilty for disturbing the work of the unfortunate spiders who spent the night building webs across my path. I love the clean smell, especially after a rain. So many creatures live there: rabbits, lizards, birds, squirrels, snakes, small boys with paintguns. I've even seen deer tracks (though I've never seen the deer.) The woods are my sanctuary when I'm having a bad day or overwhelmed by life. I think better when I'm around trees. My thoughts fall into pace with my footsteps. I often think of Mal (to tie this all into Firefly) and how he said that the woods were the only place he could see a clear path.
I love my little patch of woods.



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