The Serenity Gala Premiere (no spoilers)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Okay, six months and thirteen days ago I sat in a darkened theatre in London and listened to a letter by Joss Whedon. I then saw the rough cut with a hundred or so other Browncoats. Tonight, I sat in a darkened theatre with Joss, Nathan, Sean, Adam, Gina, Summer, Jewel, Morena, Chris Buchanan and the editor (insert embarassing comment here) and we watched the final cut together. Now, this is spoiler free but I have noted a few of the differences between the cuts for posterity and will post that later. This is therefore more about what was happening around those 96 minutes of movie excellence (at least that's what my review card said).

First up, a few of us met in the pub across the road from the cinema. It was, shall we say, rustic. There I managed to put poor Zol's mind at ease by handing over his ticket. He in return gave me a surfeit of excellent Serenity goodies that I must put to good use, including a Jayne hat. There was a good dozen of us there, with people just wandering up, leading to a rather unexpected moment when a slightly nervous looking guy wandered up and asked if he was intruding; of course we said no and were about to do the usual introductions when he launched into his sales pitch for the minature torches that he was selling. Poor guy, got such a friendly welcome and yet sold nothing, must have confused him.

We then decamped across the road to the pub next door to the cinema, a rather more slinky affair. Even more people came to join us, complete with hilarious stories of random searching of train stations for Browncoats ("What's so special about brown coats" - random passerby). I then went off to check into my hotel and get changed. There were already at least three people abreast of the barriers outside the cinema a good half hour before people started to arrive.

And arrive they did, all the above coming out and waving to the crowds and posing for photos. Joss, Jewel, Sean, Adam and Nathan in particular spent a large time around the crowd where I was, signing autographs and having their picture taken. Next we all got into a very long queue to get into the cinema although it moved along nicely once the doors opened.

First out was the Festival Director who had to stall things for a few minutes before Joss came out to introduce everyone and the film. He did well and seemed very enthusiastic about Serenity's place as a film for the Edinburgh Film Festival. He also asked how many people had paid £50 for their ticket. £100. £150. £200. "And it didn't ever occur to you to ask me?"

Finally he got the signal and asked Mr Joss Whedon to step out to introduce the film. This bit was quite brief, "this is because of you", blah de blah, you know the drill. The lights dimmed and the film began...

The aftertalk:

Joss was asked to do the dance of Joy "Thank god for knee surgery" He nominated Nathan in his place. "I'm nobody's dance monkey." Joss leans over "Dance, damnit" and he did.
Adam was asked to sing Jayne and did the chorus followed by a vow not to do that in public again.
Long rambling non-question from someone in the audience basically insisting that Joss needed to put his integrity on the line about having to take paycuts to make sure it didn't turn into Star Wars for Universal. Joss pointed out that they'd all taken big paycuts to make the movie in the first place.
Slightly shorter non question from someone in the audience about how he was depressed that intelligent people were in the minority of audiences.
It was a little worrying that most of the early question were of the format "Dance/Sing/Snog for us".
A few more decent questions followed but, you know, spoilers and all, so we'll move on.
Anyway, they wrapped things up and I went out with those I came with (who refused to be seen with me in my Jayne hat. Bah.) It was interesting to hear from a few who hadn't seen one bit of the original show. They really enjoyed the movie which bodes well for its future success.

Anyway, a fabulous day and a memorable night.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:16 PM


I've said it before...

*I* am The HatMeister.

*jealous - goes off to plan SimonWho's painful death*

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 4:33 PM


I am SO *jealous* of you! I only ever saw Firefly on tape, after it had been cancelled. Seeing it on DVD was a blast because I could see them as the creator intended. Now, I've hooked my husband on the show and he can't wait for the movie.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005 3:31 PM


I'd be seen in public with you in a Jayne hat!


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