Firefly in all its glory...
Thursday, August 25, 2005

Well, here it is, my first blog. And it's just something I want to share with everyone.

I first got the DVDs at Christmas, 2003 I suppose it was. While I was on break, I watched all the episodes. Without the commentary, for some reason I just never got around to listening to it until later.

It was late one night, and I had just finished the last disc, and specifically, Here's How It Was. And then, I realized Firefly was over, and I tried to just get on with my life. I remember, I put Final Fantasy X-2 into the ol' drive, and I was thinking of playing it a bit. But somehow, I just never got around to stopping the opening music. I ended up thinking about Firefly, in all its glory, and more to the point, the way the cast and crew felt about it. And I never got past the opening music to FFX-2... I just sat there, and I pondered what a tragedy it was that Firefly was gone. And I havent listened to the score to FFX-2 since. It just reminds me of Firefly.

Anyways, recently, because my sister is home and she doesn't remember Firefly too well, (and she hadn't heard the commentaries) we went about watching the whole series again. And recently, I've been thinking, (as i've been watching Buffy for my first time) what would Firefly been like if it had actually existed a TV show, seasons upon seasons. And I realized I just couldn't imagine it as a show, it would be too amazing, too strange, to have Firefly as a living thing again.

And tonight, as I write this, my sister and I have just finished the whole series, commentaries and all, and Here's How It Was... and she went to bed, and I just sat there, took FFX-2 off my shelf, and just let the music flow. And low and behold, it brought it all back, it screamed of nothing but Firefly. And I cried somewhat, and I just sat there. And here I am now, typing this, listening to the music repeat over and over, and all I can think is, why, and what would Firefly be like if it had been allowed to continue: it's a sad fact that I have trouble comprehending it. So all I can do, is sit and listen to the music that reminds me of Firefly in all its glory.



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