Gyah! Where'd the Time GO?!
Tuesday, September 6, 2005

August 26th was my last blog? You're kidding me...now it's September 6th! Dang, that's what happens when the school year starts and I don't have enough time to stay on top of everything. And frankly, that sucks. I still notice plenty of things I want to comment on, I just never have the time to get it all down! I am happy to say, however, that I have my Malcolm Reynolds Teaching Method poster in my classroom along with the US Serenity poster...frankly, I like the Aussie one better...and Aussies want to trade?!

But things are good and I am very excited by the prospects offered to me by someone I met at the Serenity Movie board...she works in Hollywood (makeup) and is a total sweetheart and has offered to make some calls and pull some favors to get a panel of industry folk to come to NorCal and talk to my juniors when we do our independent film unit next Spring! :D

Browncoats so rock!



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