Monday, October 3, 2005

Well, I confess it; I'm a little bummed. Not by the BDM (I'll hold off on spoilers because we have a lot of Browncoats who haven't seen 'Serenity' yet), I still find the movie to be exciting...thrilling even, and I've seen it 4 times now!

No, I had my heart set on at least $15million gross and the number 1 movie in the box office.

But the fact is, it isn't so bad. We made more money per screen than the #1 movie did, and to the theater owners that actually means something! Plus we had some really great reviews, my favorite is Roger Ebert's because I know he doesn't watch TV and had never seen 'Firefly', but he totally understood 'Serenity' and really enjoyed it. Which pretty much proves to me that you do NOT have to be a fan of the TV show to enjoy the movie...you only have to pay attention and watch the movie!

So I guess I'll pin my hopes (I am an incurable optimist) on NEXT weekend! Because I am still hoping for $15million gross and the #1 box office!


Monday, October 3, 2005 5:54 PM


I'm a bit dissappointed too. As you point out the only movie that came out ahead made about 1.5X the amount but was also on about 1.5X as many screens. I'm still hopeful. I saw it less that I wanted to this weekend, but did manage to get a few people in line who walked up to see it. Afterwards I saw them and they thanked me for recommending Serenity. I'm still hopeful that the "word of mouth" will give us the boost we need.


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