What I missed the first three times - Serenity
Sunday, October 16, 2005

Saw Serenity for the fourth time today. I was very impressed, my friends kinda wanted to see it, but hemmed and hawed about it, because they hadn't seen the series yet and didn't want to be confused. I begged and pleaded and eventually convinced them with the tried and true "If you see it, I'll pay for your ticket".

They agreed, but then wouldn't let me pay.

Anyways, what I noticed that I hadn't before was this... and it was very cool, because it answered one of those little things that had been niggling at me since the first time I saw the movie and everyone else probably saw it first off, but I hadn't, not the first three times, anyway.

In the very last scene, where Mal returns to the group, *everyone* has been injured by the fight. Zoe was slashed, Jayne shot, Simon shot, Kaylee got darts in the neck, River was pulled back into the Room'O'Reavers... everyone but Inara, yet she was sitting there with this big ol' patch of blood on her face. I had just figured she'd scratched it in the tussle. And it *did* bother me, because, hey, why everyone but Inara? What did it mean?

But no...

There was actually a few seconds, it was very quick, where you see a reaver LEAP onto Inara and force her to the ground, then BITE HER FACE. Simon pulls it off her at the last second and then helps her into the room.

I so totally missed that in the first three viewings.

I wonder, does it make me somewhat disturbed and sick to be relieved that Inara got hurt?

I mean, it's not like I wanted her to be hurt, because I was so totally upset in that first scene she had with the Operative where he punched her and threw her up against the wall ("What? oh no he *didn't*! You don't HURT INARA!"), but... I don't know, it kinda bugged me that she was the only unscathed one in the fight... now it doesn't bug me anymore.

that's all, that's the entire point of this blog


Tuesday, October 25, 2005 9:51 PM


I saw th film for the fourth time this past weekend, and ended up catching most of the mistakes others have mentioned to me. I caught the reaver jumping on Inara the first time around, but some how didn't make the connection with that and the wound on her face you see later. I don't know what I thought happened, lol.

Sunday, October 16, 2005 9:24 PM


Don't feel bad. I was also relieved when I realized Inara had been injured. I caught it the second time. I wish that the makeup people had made it a bit more obvious that it was a bite. It just ended up looking like a clichely placed scrape, which is bothersome when you compare it to everyone elses gave and horriblr injuries.

What I missed the first two times that really bothered me was the line at the end when Mal mentions that the Operative has patched up his crew's/Serenity's hurt: because I mean, seriously, 1/2 of them critically wounded at the end of the fight, and then in the very next scene were fixing Serenity (comically, this didn't bother me at all in the first viewing, only the second. go figure).

Sunday, October 16, 2005 4:35 AM


Oh no!
I hope the guys in the reaver thread are wrong in some of their speculations then.


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